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When dreams come true

Dreams on days on days of the week

Sleep is a mystery, which man has been studying for more than one century. It is believed that dreams carry some special information that can provide answers to many questions and predict the near future. However, not all dreams come true in the same way. The embodiment of some occurs already the next day of sleep, the other – after many years. Some dreams do not come true at all, forcing us to consider them meaningless.

The fact is that the accuracy of sleep depends on the day of the week on which we saw it. The primary sign of the fulfillment of sleep is the lunar day, when a dream occurred, according to the lunar calendar.

In the Phase of the Moon section today you can accurately calculate online what today is a lunar day for your city and region. The list of the performance of dreams on lunar days is located immediately after dreams on days of the week.

33 weeks of pregnancy twins

Dreams from Sunday to Monday

Dreams from Sunday to Monday carry the psychological and emotional characteristics of the sleeper. Through the pictures that appeared during sleep, you can analyze the degree of congestion, acute experiences and the state of the nervous system.

The stronger the load on the psyche in life, the weirder and more incomprehensible dreams are. As a rule, they do not come true in reality. However, if this happens, the incident will not be fateful. It is recommended not to pay much attention to dreams that came at the beginning of the working week.

Sleep from Monday to Tuesday

Sleep Day from Monday to Tuesday expresses the creativity of the dreamer. As a rule, he is bright and emotional. Here it is worth paying attention to the omens, which the dream wanted to convey.

If the night has caused you a lot of pleasant impressions, then today you can safely begin to implement new ideas, actively get to work. Or did you wake up with an unpleasant residue on your soul, then taking on new undertakings is undesirable.

To see victory in a dream that night is considered a prophetic omen. The implementation of such scenes occurs over the next ten days. If more time has passed, then you should not wait for the embodiment.

Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday

Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday is full of activity and an abundance of various subjects. Find the only correct semantic thread in this chaos is almost impossible. Such dreams do not come true in reality. However, there is a small likelihood of certain parts of dreams that never contain anything bad.

Dreams predicting illness. How to predict illness using sleep, read here!

Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday

The dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are of great importance. Chances are good that this particular night will help find a solution to a long-standing task, answer important questions. A vision can have a truly crucial meaning, showing methods of overcoming the financial crisis or ways to solve conflicts.

Sleep from Thursday to Friday

The next night is important for those who are interested in personal life more than work. Sleep from Thursday to Friday prophetic. The fact is that during this period there is an aggravation of intuition, which demonstrates the results through dreams. All the plots that you will be able to remember in the morning, will find a place in real life. The value of the emotional background of Friday night demonstrates future good or bad events. If you dreamed of something pleasant, then in life you should expect good luck.

Sleep from Friday to Saturday

Sleeping from Friday to Saturday can also be used in reality. The abundance of happy events and pleasant impressions donated by Morpheus, speaks of receiving a lot of positive emotions in the coming days. Often, visions on this night characterize the events of the near future, not only for the dreamer himself, but also for his close friends or family members.

Sleep from Saturday to Sunday

A dream from Saturday to Sunday comes true on the same day. The events that he foreshadows depend on the mood of the dream. If you have seen something good, then you should definitely wait for the embodiment. In the case of a negative color vision, it may not manifest itself in real life.

Dreams on moon days

The main criterion for determining the dream is a lunar day, in which a dream occurred. To find out what today is a lunar day, you need to look at the section “Phase of the moon today“Or section”Moon horoscope“. Then you can watch the interpretation of a dream by dream book.

  1. Dreams come true on days of the week
  2. Execution of dreams on the dates of the month
  3. When prophetic dreams
  4. When prophetic dreams come true
  1. On this day, dreams are joyful, overflowing with good emotions, which ensures a great mood in the morning. Chance to sleep is great in real life.
  1. As a rule, this night dreams of prophetic dreams. But the events that they foreshadow, are only joyful emotions.
  1. The dreams that appeared on this night do not contain any secret meaning. They are not an omen, and do not come true in real life.
  1. The dream seen that night will surely be fulfilled. The events that he foretells can be both good and bad.
  1. The dreams that came on that night will surely come true. On the current day, space sends man warnings or warnings, the easiest way to do this is through a dream.
  1. Today’s dream will show you the outcome of exciting events. If you made a risky decision, its effects will be displayed this night.
  1. Dreams or pictures of this night can take place in real life. But do not wait for their imminent implementation.
  1. The dream will be fulfilled with the same probability as it will not be fulfilled. Chances are equal for both options.
  1. Do not neglect the omens seen on this night. Appeared pictures are of great importance in your life. Try to understand as accurately as possible the meaning of the appeared vision.
  1. The dream seen this night does not contain a special meaning. You should not pay attention to him more than a reflection of your mood. Most likely, the dream shows the current state of the nervous system.
  1. The mood of the dream you see reflects the events that will happen to you three days later. If a happy event happened in a dream, that after three days you should wait for good luck, if you saw something bad at night, then after three days you should not expect joy.
  1. Sleep tends to be fulfilled on the seventh day after the night on which it was seen. The events that occurred in the dream, exactly happen in life a week later.
  1. A dream has a fateful meaning. Events will take place ten days later. Something radically changes your life. Mood changes are impossible to guess, they can be both good and unpleasant.
  1. The fulfillment of this dream is worth waiting for soon enough. Changes in life he can bring both good and bad. In any case, you do not have to suffer for a long time in expectations.
  1. The dream that appeared this night will surely be fulfilled in reality. Moreover, you can see him very soon. Perhaps on the same day of sleep. The emotions that the realization of this dream will bring you depend only on the mood of the vision itself.
  1. The fulfillment of this dream will come soon enough. Moreover, you will surely know that all the events that took place came to you in a dream. Perhaps the feeling of deja vu.
  1. The dream that came on this night is prophetic. It will be fulfilled on the nineteenth day after it was seen. Events in reality will best fit your dream.
  1. The fulfillment of the dream dreamed today should not be expected earlier than nineteen days later. It will happen in the twentieth. The impressions received from the performance of sleep, will best match the emotions that you have felt this morning.
  1. The events seen this night are authentic. You can trust everything the vision has shown you. This will help make the right decisions in the future. It is possible that you will understand the true meaning of sleep only on the eighth day after the last night.
  1. The mood of the seen dream, as a rule, is joyful. Most often, he foreshadows an improvement in financial status, recovery from possible illnesses or success in personal life.
  1. The dream is prophetic and will be fulfilled after a short time. Try not to forget the vision in order to do the right thing in its implementation.

33 weeks of pregnancy twins

  1. Sleep has no meaning. It’s really not worth waiting for.
  1. Regardless of what events dreamed of this night, they will not materialize. Do not give them great importance.
  1. The dream seen today describes the events that will take place eleven days later. You can fully trust what you see.
  1. The dream seen that night does not contain any special meaning. Most likely, there were some everyday actions in it. For example, shopping or cleaning. The implementation of sleep is obvious, but it will not bring any changes in your life.
  1. Sleep has no emotional load. If you see something bad, then you can completely relax. Negative events will not find a place in real life.
  1. On this night, only good dreams. It’s not a fact that they will be fulfilled in real life, but they will ensure a good mood in the morning. Try not to place great hopes on joyful events.
  1. The dream seen this night is prophetic. However, its implementation in real life should not be expected soon. The dream will find its application only on the twenty-fourth day after you saw it.
  1. The dream seen this night has no meaning. Most likely, you do not even remember him in the morning. It is not necessary to attach great importance to pictures, even if you remember that some important events occurred in the dream. Most likely, this is just a reflection of your experiences.
  2. Dream, seen that night, prophetic. The execution of the events shown to you by Morpheus should not be expected soon. As a rule, they find their embodiment in real life not earlier than a month after you saw them.

Execution of sleep on the dates of the month

Dreams filled with a special meaning and considered to be prophetic can be seen on certain days of the week and according to calendar dates. And every day has its value. This must be taken into account when interpreting the dreamed character.

Every day, or rather, the night of the month has its omen:

1 night: dreams seen this night always come true, and, as a rule, bring good news;

2 night: this is the night of empty, bodily dreams;

3 night: everything that dreamed soon will come true, and the value of what he saw is fair, that is, can serve as advice, or criticism, or caution;

4 night: good dreams, but come true not soon;

5 night: everything dreamed necessarily comes true, and in accuracy. This is a night of good dreams;

6th night: the performance of the person who dreamed this night can be expected after 12 days;

7 night: keep in secret all that you saw in your dream that night. Perhaps this will bring happiness;

8 night: did you really want something and saw it in a dream? So your dreams will come true;

9 night: this night is important for those who are important to succeed in some business or undertaking. Dreams will come true;

10 night: sleep promises a difficult situation. There may be problems at work or family problems;

11 night: dreaming this night promises joy and happiness;

12th night: the dreams that are observed on the 12th are fulfilled quickly and safely;

13th night: the “ominous” number promises that the dream will come true, but, alas, will bring problems and disappointments;

14 night: sleep will not bring good news, but they do not touch the personal life;

15th night: good dreams coming true soon;

16 night: if you managed to see something in a dream, then forget it. This is the night of bodily visions;

17th night: in 20 days, dreams will come true and bring success;

18th night: dreams are joyful, especially for those who like to buy new things or replenish a piggy bank;

19th night: be attentive, dreams of this night warn about disturbances in the family;

20th night: everything dreamed on the eve of the 20th comes true, but you can’t share it with anyone during sleep;

21 nights: dreams of this night help to realize the desired;

22nd night: great dreams: come true soon and easily and never foreshadow troubles;

23 night: accurate dreams, which are almost always embodied in reality;

24th night: dreams promise joy in the near future;

25 night: the interpretation of these dreams often promises a lie or a deception. Be alert, all this can happen very soon!

26 night: this night you can see a lot of funny and fun. But, unfortunately, the probability of realization in life is small;

27th night: bodily or empty dreams;

28 night: wait for confirmation of “sleepy” events for 30 days;

29th night: it is very rare to dream something interesting, and even that will not come true – an empty dream;

30th night: the probability of fantastic events seen in a dream is small;

31 nights: these are dreams of love and pleasure. Can promise and victory on the amorous front. Shipped within 15 days.

When prophetic dreams

Even in ancient times, sages and philosophers believed that dreams are sent to man, so that he could see a completely different world, expand the boundaries of knowledge. In fact, when we fall asleep, we freely travel vast distances, traveling across countries and continents. In addition, sleep is a real “time machine” that allows you to return to childhood, adolescence and any time period of life. In a dream, it is possible to meet with friends and relatives, many of whom are far away, or have died.

It is believed that in a dream the soul can leave the body, and independently go on spatial and temporary travel. However, even in this state, the body and soul are inseparably linked by an invisible thread. Sometimes, the soul wanders into the worlds of the unknown, otherworldly. In these cases, the dream, seen in moments of similar wandering, may be special or prophetic.

According to the healer from the Old Believers Maria Fedorovskaya, dreams can be bodily, or empty. This means that the soul has not flown so far from the body, and therefore it sees and feels that it is disturbing the sleeper. Such dreams never come true and are only a reflection of everyday worries. An example of physical dreams, consider nightmares. Fortunately, all the horrors seen in a dream never come true. To get rid of heavy thoughts caused by them, you just need to drink water and sleep.

Many people say that they do not dream. This is not true. Modern science has established that every night, an average person “observes” 4 to 5 dreams. But when he wakes up, sometimes he cannot remember any of them. Perhaps, therefore, our body protects itself from oversupply of excess information.

And only in rare cases dreams are sent to us, which we not only remember, but also intuitively realize their significance. The only problem is that prophetic dreams do not come true immediately. Sometimes a dream and an event in real life share a decade.

Dreams — visions — are a special kind of prophetic message, surely coming true. In them, the sleeper is able to see Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the other Saints. Visions are signs of communication with certain higher forces that can promise either protection and patronage, or warn of retribution for some unworthy offenses.

To see such dreams can be extremely rare and not everyone. It is important to understand and carefully decipher their meaning. After all, they are the truths and they surely come true regardless of the day of the week when they were seen. They can not be “drained into the water”, that is, to make sure that the prophecy sent to the sleeper does not materialize.

Such dreams are considered to be God’s revelations, and the words heard asleep, the warnings of his Guardian Angels, which on the one hand may promise protection and protection, on the other, may be signs of awakening in a person who has seen such a dream of unusual abilities.

Dreams – fortune telling – these are visions of a sleeper, in those cases when he, going to bed, carried out a special ritual in advance or said special words. For example, the most common option, the sentence: “I sleep in a new place, dream about the bridegroom …”. Such dreams come true in almost all cases.

Dreams – signs. For their correct interpretation, you need to have experience or special books – dream books. The fact is that everything seen asleep is a set of characters. For example, pancakes – to the letter; Twisting the hair with your finger – to a headache. Such dreams do not always come true. As a rule, only on certain days of the week.

It is believed that young children, in the first twelve months of their lives, have prophetic dreams, in which the crumbs can see their future. And if the baby laughs during sleep, then he is amused by the angels.

What days can prophetic dreams be?

Not every bright dream that is remembered is considered prophetic. Specials come only on certain days of the week, or coincide with the dates of church holidays. The exception is dreams – visions, which were discussed above. But these are rare, indeed, prophetic dreams that an ordinary person sees 1–2 times in his life.

Most likely to see a prophetic dream during the week, which separates the two church holidays Christmas (January 7) and the Baptism of the Lord (January 19). These seven days, surrounded by many signs and signs, are called Wishes. It is believed that during this period the souls of the deceased ancestors roam among the living, and among them are other otherworldly beings, both angels and evil spirits. Therefore, all these unusual “guests” can tell the future of man. Including in dreams.

All Christmas dreams are prophetic. And each night of the week following Christmas, it carries special “sleepy” prophecies. For example, falling asleep on the night of January 7-8, you can learn about the plans of insidious rivals or competitors. On the eve of the 10th, dreams will be told about a family, about the fate of loved ones. The next night is about health and moral well-being. And from January 11 to January 12, the probable “perspectives” of business development and career advancement are dreamed of.

Falling asleep on the eve of the 14th, you can guess the answer to any question that torments you. Plunging into the arms of Morpheus from January 14 to January 15, it is possible to get information about the right way to build relationships with a rival or competitor. The next night, do not guess anything. However, the dream, seen on the eve of January 17, will tell all sorts of difficulties that will lie in wait for the next year.

The next night will bring information about love relationships, about the possibility of marriage, about family and children.

Guessing on Christmas dreams, one must not forget to repent. Trying to predict fate, that is, wondering if a person willfully or unwittingly activates the forces of darkness and all kinds of evil. And she will ask for a fee for her services..

Prophets can be dreams seen on the eve of any holiday celebrated by the church. Their peculiarity is a quick incarnation. In ancient times, even the proverb was popular: “A festive dream – before dinner.”

It is believed that falling asleep on the night of the 3rd of any month, you can see the prophetic, prophetic dream. Some interpreters are sure that such dreams are “fair and soon coming true”. But all that dreamed of peacefully resting from the 24th to the 25th can be disregarded. It is a night of empty, unrealized dreams.

Of particular importance is the dream from Thursday to Friday. On this day of Passion Week, Jesus was crucified. It is believed that on this day of the week it makes no sense to plan the start of important matters – it is likely that they will be fraught with failures and failures.

At the same time, the fifth day of the week is considered mystical, activating the hidden, secret powers of a person. For example, intuition.

Especially powerful energy, have on Fridays, anticipating some church holidays. Dreams that have dreamed up on such Great Fridays can predict fate and a number of other events.

The calendar of Good Fridays begins with:

  • 1 week of Great Lent.
  • The next will be April 7, the eve of the feast of the Annunciation,
  • 3 – I preceded the Palm,
  • 4 – I will be before the feast of the Ascension of the Lord,
  • 5 – I am before the Trinity,
  • The 6th is on the 7th of June (before Christmas of John the Baptist),
  • The 7th (August 2) precedes the holiday of Elijah the Prophet,
  • 8th (August 28) – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
  • 9 – I falls before the Day of Archangel Michael (September 19),
  • 10th (November 14th) is the Day of Saints Cosmas and Damian,
  • 11th – I will have a great Friday before January 7th
  • 12th, I, respectively, before Baptism (January 19).

These 12 Fridays are also called nominal. Each of them has its own name. For example, Epiphany, Blagoveshchenskaya, Voznesenskaya. Orthodox people should fast on Fridays. And it is especially strictly necessary to observe the post on these Great or Named Fridays, bearing special meaning and grace.

Seeing amazing prophetic dreams is possible not only on Fridays. Everything that dreamed on other days of the week also has its own meaning and special significance.

On Monday night, it is permissible to guess at what will be asleep. They say that the moon “peeps” this night. It helps to solve complex and important issues that concern a sleeping person in life. If, what dreamed on Monday night, is remembered with difficulty, then this is most likely an empty or physical dream. And if throughout the whole night you saw the same symbols, then it is worth deciphering them. So you can get important information that will help a person or warn him about the problem, trouble.

Anything that dreams on Tuesday eve does not come true, and does not have much. Except for cases when Tuesday in the calendar falls on the 3rd number.

But the next night is of interest. The dream seen on the eve of the environment can be surprisingly realistic, filled with details, signs, and symbols. You can not understand it literally. Interpretations differ markedly from what they see.

For example, if you see yourself as the beloved woman of a rich man, it means that you need to support your loved ones. If you dream that you are receiving guests, then there is no reason to compile about the external data, and the impression made on people.

All that is “broadcast” asleep from Wednesday to Thursday or from Friday to Saturday, you can forget. These are bodily dreams that have no sacred meaning. Although, some interpreters believe that on the eve of Thursday, the patron saint of which Jupiter is, should receive useful information regarding the professional sphere. Such a dream comes true on the day of the Sun – on Sunday.

When do prophetic dreams come true?

Traditionally, we sleep at night, believing that sleep helps the cells of our brain to rest and restore energy reserves. But this is a fallacy! As scientists have found, the brain during sleep works with greater intensity than during wakefulness. This is an active physiological process, during which a lot of information is processed.

Much depends on the phase and time of sleep. So, everything that dreamed during the day, when an adult person sleeps no more than 1-2 hours, or just sleeps, is a “product” of fast or paradoxical sleep, in which the brain actively analyzes the data obtained. Therefore, daytime sleep should not be considered prophetic. Exceptions are visions with the prophecies of the Saints.

Evening and night dreams are often bodily, do not contain much meaning. There is a simple explanation for this, falling asleep, the person continues to think about the events of the passing day or is making plans for the future. Mystical revelations of the soul that sets out on a journey through the sacred worlds have no place yet. And not so far she was able to get away from the body.

But in the morning the most interesting and important thing happens. The soul is free. The brain of a sleeping person is free from everyday thoughts and is ready to receive information from mysterious worlds.

What to do to fulfill the dream?

Paradoxically, while we are in a sleeping state, we understand everything. We are not surprised by the most fantastic transformations, words and actions. And in reality, we understand all their absurdity and irrationality. Therefore, it is not always possible to tell a dream clearly and in detail, and not to everyone. More often people remember only fragments.

It is important to remember that only those dreams that are remembered come true.. If there is a goal to keep in mind the events predicted in the realm of Morpheus, then one can experience ancient folk ways:

  • a small pebble is laid under the head (under the pillow);
  • fall asleep, turning on the right side, but not on the stomach;
  • upon awakening, you do not need to look out of the window or gaze at the flame;
  • You can bite the corner of the pillow in the morning.

The most important condition:

for 3 days you can not tell anyone that dreamed of. And even better to hide the information you received.

How to prevent the predicted trouble?

Here you should do the opposite. That is, you need to talk about what dreams the most people. Make it better before noon. If in order to make a dream come true one cannot look at the flame, then, to forget about sleep, on the contrary, it is necessary to gaze at the fire, for example in a furnace, at a candle, or, in extreme cases, lighters.

Some experienced people advise to hit the window three times. And if a bad dream dreamed at night and there is still a few hours for rest, then it is best to turn the pillowcase over, turn the pillow over to the other side.

In some villages there was a tradition to lay a stone upon entering a house. He served as a kind of “lightning rod” from all sorts of misfortunes and misfortunes. For example, they believed that a person with bad thoughts could not penetrate a dwelling protected by a stone. The stone will help to avoid epidemics and other diseases. It was customary for the stone to tell the most terrible dreams so that this “protector” would do everything so that the bad prophecy would never be fulfilled. In the absence of such a special stone, you can retell a bad dream to an ordinary pebble.

It is necessary to “drive out” a bad dream from the house by opening the front door, putting the left foot out of the threshold and order all bad visions to leave home.

A simple but effective water conspiracy is popular among the ways of guaranteeing deliverance from bad omens. Go to the source, for example to the key, or open a water tap, and say three times: “Water, take all my sorrows and misfortunes …”.

To prevent the incarnation of bad dreams and, conversely, to increase the chances of realizing good omens will help the dream trap. It is a ring of bent willow twig, in the center of which is wound, like a web of thread. Invented such a trap by the ancient Indians, who believed that the spider, spinning its threads, never entangled in them. But it successfully catches prey and protects itself from enemies.

It is believed that the trap helps to preserve good dreams, and the bad “leak” through the holes in the trap network.

Popular dream books:

Is it possible to change the fate, contrary to the prediction?

Some scientists believe that there is nothing mysterious, supernatural in dreams. Skeptics argue that cases where events have dreamed of in dreams, and then exactly embodied in reality, just coincidences.

Other scientists are not so categorical, and believe that in a dream, new information does not enter our brain, but work is under way on what is stored in its “stores”. The mystery is why visions are so fantastic, and how the events of the future can be, can foresee a sleeper. Here is an example from the field of official medicine, which with a fair amount of mistrust refers to the interpretation of dreams and the possibility of their realization. At the beginning of the 20th century, a patient complained to the French neuropathologist Jean Lermit who complained that a snake had bitten him in a dream. The vision was so bright that the person stopped sleeping. The doctor decided he was dealing with a mental disorder. However, a few days later, an ulcer developed at the site of the bite.

For centuries, on all continents of our planet, people of different faiths, in one way or another, have received and recorded the experience of interpreting dreams. A famous healer from Russian Old Believers Fedorovskaya Maria, warns that knowing what will happen in the future is a big responsibility. Moreover, the dream will concern not only the sleeper, but also his close people.

The more often we try to interpret our dreams and decipher the symbols seen in them, the more we provoke a “dialogue” with certain secret forces that are far from being good in all cases. They can provoke a curious person into negative actions. In addition, the desire to interpret each dream as a prophetic, can change the “scenario” of fate, and not for the better. After all, without having the proper experience, without repenting sincerely for “fortune telling,” (to which the interpretation of dreams refers), a simple person will make mistakes. Errors that can not be fixed.

Therefore, with all the variety of dream books that can be bought today in the form of books, or found on the Internet, you need to remember that deciphering the typical characters of dreams is still not so simple. And not everyone is given to the uninitiated.

It must be remembered that the value of what he saw in a dream depends on the state of human health, on his age, and marital status. The same “plot”, dreamed of a young girl or married lady, may be embodied in a completely different way in the future.

The main thing to remember is that prophetic dreams, it is rather a warning, a warning, than a “strictly written script” of the future. You need to listen to this unusually received advice, in which case the events will develop differently, and their outcome will be positive. No wonder they say, who is warned, he is armed. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to forget or erase a bad dream (this was mentioned a little higher)

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