32 week of pregnancy twins

Twin pregnancy – weekly (3 trimester)

With the onset of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, our twins have already learned a lot – they know how to hiccup, suck fingers, and even clap their eyelashes. However, this is not all! Kids continue to grow and grow further, because the most important final stage ahead is the last three months of pregnancy.

Of course, the expectant mother is already tired, because wearing twins becomes hard, besides, the little restless people are sensitively jostling with their legs. We will try to be patient and study the pregnancy of twins for 3 weeks trimester. So, we continue our nine-month journey.

28-32 week

During this period, the tummy reaches an impressive size – it becomes difficult for the mother to take a comfortable position during sleep. In addition, leg swelling, back pain and lower back may be disturbed. Still, the “double” load on the dorsal and lumbar muscles. To relieve discomfort, you should often rest your legs, lifting them up. This comfortable posture will allow you to remove the swelling and ensure the outflow of blood from the extremities.

How do babies feel? At 28 weeks, the twins reach a body weight of 1.5 kg, and the growth is about 40 cm. This week, the kids are crossing the “line” beyond which their viability will only grow. This means that in the case of early childbirth, such premature babies with proper care will be able to gradually achieve all the indicators typical of babies born on time. What external changes have happened to our little ones? Do twins continue to grow hair, and the skin is a little “smoothed” by increasing subcutaneous fat.

Kids have developed their own individual mode – sleep-food-games. Sometimes mom says at what time the children are calm, and when they are more mobile, and if you wish, you can even detect the time of the shift in classes. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, twins have a formed skeleton, although the bones still retain softness and flexibility. The pancreas also performs its function – “delivery” of insulin into the body.

32-36 weeks

Here and childbirth is not far off … Future mother can feel false contractions, which are also called training. Of course, it is better to report this to the doctor – especially if the pains are painful. So, the tummy already delivers a lot of inconvenience, getting sleep is becoming increasingly difficult. Many moms are looking forward to giving birth, counting the weeks. In the meantime, it remains often to run to the toilet, as the pressure on the bladder increases. Sometimes at this time colostrum appears in the chest, which begins to stand out in thin streams.

As is known, this is the “first” and very high-calorie milk containing high concentration of immunoglobulins for protection against diseases. In addition, in colostrum there are beneficial bacteria necessary for newborns. It should be remembered that twins at 36 weeks may well begin to “ask” for the light. Therefore, it is better for moms now to tune in for the upcoming birth – natural or cesarean section (to be agreed with the doctor). Our twins, or twins, weigh about 2500 grams by this time, and their height has already reached 45 cm. They have a high level of motor development, which gradually replaces reflexes.

36-40 weeks

So, we reach the last frontier – 40 weeks. However, twins are usually not “fall short” by the full term, but are born about 2 weeks earlier. Soon the frequent walking “in a small way”, back pain and swelling, as well as an impressive tummy will be left behind – you will become a happy and proud mother of twins. So, we listen to our body and expect signs of labor activity – pressure in the pelvic region, discharge of a “traffic jam”, contractions.

At 38 weeks, the twins are already ready for birth and have reached a weight of about 3,700 grams with a height of 47-55 cm. Yes, and it is time – the kids have grown a lot, gained weight and are already cramped in the “house”. The internal and external organs of children are fully developed and ready for “work” outside the uterus. As a rule, twins or twins are born with a slightly lower body mass than babies are lonely. However, then all indicators are aligned. So, with a “double” birth! From now on, happy changes begin in your life!

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Thirty two weeks: do not forget the ultrasound

32 week of pregnancy – it’s time to make the last ultrasound from the list of three mandatory. It is this study that will give your doctor as much information as possible about how the delivery will take place.

Why do you need a third ultrasound?

The ultrasound at 32 weeks gestation is needed to clarify a number of factors that determine not only how birth takes place, but also their approximate time, the presence or absence of complications in a pregnant woman or pathologies in a baby. During the study, the doctor pays special attention to the following characteristics:

  • the size of the child – an indicator such as the weight of the fetus will determine the subsequent lifestyle of the pregnant woman. For example, if a baby is very large, a woman may be recommended a diet, because a child whose weight is large will be harder to be born. If you have twins in the uterus, and the babies are underweight, you will be advised to increase the amount of protein in the diet.
  • during pregnancy, almost reaching the border at 33 weeks, it is important location of the fetus in the uterus (meaning previa). Indeed, in many respects it determines whether the birth will be natural or the baby will be born by caesarean section. Especially important in this regard, ultrasound for women who are expected to have twins.
  • age of the placenta – based on this parameter, you can determine whether the birth will be premature. For example, if you were given closer to 33 weeks of the 3rd degree of maturity of this body, it means that no more than two weeks left before the birth. First of all, the planned ultrasound is aimed at identifying precisely this characteristic.
  • The “well-being” of the cervix depends on how tightly the neck is locked, the necessity of the intervention of the doctor during pregnancy depends. Perhaps if the cervical canal is ajar, there is a need to establish a special ring or even hospitalization.
  • the location of the umbilical cord – it determines the possible presence of hypoxia in the fetus, as well as whether it will be possible for a woman to give birth herself even during normal labor. After all, if a child has a triple cord entanglement, for example, then in the process of birth he may die from asphyxiation
  • type and volume of amniotic fluid – these parameters may indicate the presence of pathologies in a pregnant woman or fetus, indicate water leakage, be a sign of possible suffering of a child
  • the state of the fetal organs is the most important indicator that determines the vital activity of the crumbs. On the basis of it, it is determined whether the baby will need additional medical aid after birth, as well as whether the intervention of the doctor is necessary at this stage of the child’s development.

No excess calcium

What progress did the baby achieve by the beginning of 33 weeks? First of all, it has grown significantly and is stronger: the child’s weight reaches 1800 grams by this pregnancy period and 42 cm in height. During the scheduled ultrasound, you will receive a photo of the baby’s face, because his image is not placed on the monitor screen for a long time. In the following weeks, the fetus continues to actively add weight and grow – from here in this period a large increase in weight in the future mother.

But you will not show the main achievements of the crumbs in the photo, meanwhile the organs and systems of the child are already functioning – now their task until the end of the pregnancy will be improvement. Closer to 33 weeks, this is especially true for endocrine glands. Only two systems will actively complete their development when the baby is born – immune and nervous.

The photo of the child shows that his skin has become light pink, his cheeks are rounded, very soon it will be possible to look at the folds on the legs and arms. By this time many children already have hair on their heads, though they are very rare. If you have already figured out how to name a child, then it’s time to actively use the name so that the baby gets used to its sound.

The bones and skull of the fetus closer to week 33 are still soft, but soon they will get stronger. However, it is not necessary to take a great interest in calcium in this period, since in case of an overdose of this macrocell, a spring can be overgrown on the head of a child. This is unacceptable – after all, the baby has yet to overcome the birth canal.

Kid: life on schedule

By the beginning of week 33, the fetus sleeps and wakes up according to a schedule invented by itself, but the moments when these two states alternate, more and more duplicate each other day by day. Simply put, the baby begins to sleep or stay awake at the same intervals, preferring to stay in the realm of dreams.

Studies have shown that the fetus at this stage of pregnancy almost half of the time of dreams – up to 40% – spends in the phase of restful sleep, that is, almost does not move. The rest of the time, he can wave his arms and legs, but at the same time see dreams – this is how the phase of active sleep manifests itself. Increased motor activity in waking moments takes only 1/10 days. And 2-3% of the time a child, without falling asleep, spends in a state of rest, as if studying his surroundings.

Soon, by the way, there will be an increase in just the last period, because, due to crowding, the baby will be pushed far less often – he will prefer to contemplate more. In addition, at week 32, the fetus is already in the main presentation, which also slightly slows down its activity. In the meantime, he “knocks” in the tummy at least 4-6 times per hour. If you are expecting twins, then you can feel the movements in several places at once.

Pain and swelling

By the beginning of week 33, the woman will feel pain in the ribs – after all, the height of the uterine base relative to the pubic symphysis is already 32 cm (12 cm higher than the navel level). In the photo of mummies at this stage of pregnancy, it is clear that the stomach is rounded so much that it rests against the ribs, as a result of which the lower ones can even move apart. In addition, the kid is trying: since now his legs are constantly resting on your ribs, he does not miss the opportunity to once again kick mom there.

Exactly by the beginning of 33 weeks, the expectant mother can notice the appearance of small edemas, which can increase her weight – this will primarily affect her arms and legs, her face. In such a manifestation and at such a time, they can be quite natural (in pregnant women, the body is “obliged” to retain some of the fluid), but it is worthwhile to alert them if they do not pass within a day. Consult your doctor – perhaps you develop preeclampsia.

If this danger has not touched you, but the swelling still bother you, follow a number of rules:

  • walk and swim more, because it is these measures that make the body fluid move
  • Do not consume too much salt, but do not exclude it completely – both can cause serious edema.
  • it is undesirable to sit or stand in your case for a long time, it is better to rest lying on a hard surface
  • in any position of the body, try to constantly unload legs that are hard to “carry” extra weight – for this (for example, during sleep), place special rollers under them so that they are always on a small hill.

New details

In the photo of pregnant women, it can be noted that the line that appeared on the stomach has become even clearer, and the umbilical “fossa” has practically disappeared. Now a woman especially often manifests all sorts of problems with the gastrointestinal tract – does not let go of heartburn, and also becomes regular belching.

Constipation can be the main problem of this period of pregnancy. It is important to avoid them at the beginning of 33 weeks, because it is undesirable to “try” for a long time during trips to the toilet, making maximum efforts. This primarily concerns, of course, women who are expected to have twins. Pay attention to the fact that pregnant women are contraindicated laxative, which can cause dehydration and cause generic activity.

The pains in the legs, back and lower back are intensified. This is explained by the fact that in the body, because of the growing fetus, the center of gravity shifts, and the mommy’s weight increases – this week the increase compared to the weight before pregnancy can be up to 12 kg. If there are twins in the mother’s stomach, the expectant mother can gain about 15 kg at this point.

32 week of pregnancy twins

If a pregnant woman will gain weight at an accelerated pace, then is it necessary to explain that the painful sensations in the places mentioned above will accompany her constantly. Continue to monitor your posture, choose hard mattresses for sleep and do exercises – this will bring visible relief. Look at the photo to understand how to sleep properly – the most physiological position is on the left side, pillows for greater comfort should be placed under the stomach and knee of the right leg.

Twins: premature birth is possible

Births at week 32 will end well in most cases, although it is possible that in the future, the appearance of the light early will not affect the health of the baby. However, now the hospitals are equipped with equipment that allows you to create ideal conditions for the care of babies born prematurely, with the possible risks reduced to zero.

Look at the photo of this equipment – in many of its parameters, the same hood looks like … a greenhouse. In it for the crumbs create a special temperature regime, a suitable level of humidity and other conditions, repeating the characteristics of life in the mother’s stomach.

It is not surprising – the premature baby will definitely need warmth and oxygen, because the lungs are “ripe” not fully, and the weight is too small. As a rule, an artificial surfactant is injected into such crumbs immediately after birth – this substance helps to make it easy for the lungs. The necessary surfactant reserve is formed closer to week 36 of an interesting situation.

At the beginning of week 33, mothers who have twins in their womb have to be especially vigilant – twins are always born prematurely, often this happens in the eighth month of pregnancy. But triplets rarely “sit up” in the stomach for up to 35 weeks; on average, each baby weighs only 1.5 kg by this time.

By the way, the probability of having a triplet is not so small: this happens in one case out of 8000; Twins will appear in every hundredth mother. Now more and more women will learn firsthand what a multiple pregnancy is, because fertilization is more and more often done artificially.

To avoid premature birth at the beginning of week 33, doctors will most likely recommend a woman who has twins, complete rest and bed rest. And all because her task is to carry babies under the heart for as long as possible by any means. It happens that some almost all pregnancies are carried out in a hospital ward. In such cases, by the way, most often twins are born by caesarean section.

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The period of 32 weeks is a new frontier, which you and your baby have reached. Behind the seventh month. There is a belief that children who were born at 7 months adapt more easily than those born at 8 months. It is not true! Each week spent in utero is important for a child and increases his chances of being born completely healthy.

32nd week, women in the position brings increasing fatigue. You want to relax more often, you practice daytime sleep. Your feelings are connected with the weight gained, you may have already added 10 kg or more.

First doctor appointment. Pregnancy

From this week, the child’s physical activity gradually diminishes, the movements become rare, but more and more sensitive. You may even think that you have twins in your stomach, because you feel the jolts in several places at once. The child is getting closer, the amount of amniotic fluid decreases with each week, so the movement of the fetus is so clearly felt. And of course, the baby has become bigger and stronger.

Your condition

Every week it gets harder for you. Stomach props diaphragm, you feel discomfort and a variety of pain. Many pregnant women have a backache. Periodically, when a child is jolted, you feel a sharp pain in the bladder, perineum, painful jolts in the area of ​​the ribs. Your baby can prevent you from falling asleep in the evenings, and now you are only sitting straight – this is more convenient for your baby. There are problems with sleep. Even if you can fall asleep in the evening, the child doesn’t wake you up at night, and even to the toilet “in a small way”, now you want more and more often. Constipation may be disturbing, but they will become a real problem in the last weeks, just before the birth.

32 week of pregnancy twins

It is important now to control your weight, as the risk of late gestosis increases. One of the main symptoms of preeclampsia are edema. You can notice their appearance on your own: shoes become cramped, rings press, fingers swell up and, you feel it clenching the hand into a fist. You should complain to your gynecologist if you add more than 500 grams in a week or notice swelling.

The delicate problem of the last months of pregnancy is hemorrhoids. It happens not at all, but if it happened, it causes a lot of trouble. It is extremely difficult to treat it during pregnancy, since most effective hemorrhoid remedies are contraindicated. Easier to prevent than to cure. Take a good habit – thorough care of the perineum; do not use toilet paper after stool, but rinse with cool water.

In the process of nutrition, it is also worth taking measures to avoid constipation. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of cool, fresh kefir, then, at breakfast, give preference to cereals. In the diet should be a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables are obligatory, it is a source of fiber, which contributes to a normal stool. Even if you really want – do not lean on the sweet.

Sex at 32 weeks gestation, swimming pool, gymnastics for pregnant women, walks in the fresh air – all of these are among your constant needs. Do not deny yourself these pleasures, remember, you are not sick, you will soon become a mother.

your child

The weight of the child reached 1800 grams. If the baby decides to be born on this period, he will survive, although he will have some difficulties with independent breathing at first. Most likely, the fetus has already turned its head down, and its legs have rested against your ribs. When he stretches and activates, it causes some discomfort.

Fortunately, now he has already formed his own mode: when the baby is asleep, he almost does not bother you, and the rest of the time, he either stays awake or reacts to your movements. The child is already quite proportional, his arms and legs are more plump, the skin is smooth and wrinkles disappear. The narrowness of the uterus forces him to remain in the fetal position, as a rule, the baby’s limbs are crossed and brought to the body. So its form approaches the ovoid, which is the uterine cavity.

When a child is born, you may be surprised that his legs are completely crooked. Often there is also a deformity of the feet, but it quickly passes, the legs straighten up by the age of one month. The kid has almost completed its development, only the lungs ripen. The brain of the child is fully formed: the crust is covered with convolutions, activity cycles, all nervous reactions and most reflexes are fixed.

A premature baby at 32 weeks gestation is quite capable of emotionally screaming. The child has learned to see well, now his organ of vision, with each passing day, is becoming more and more perfect, the pupils react to light. The level of his neuropsychic development, by this time, is quite high. He clearly reacts to the voice of the mother, this indicates that the baby not only has dreams, but also remembers everything that he hears in utero. We know about this, because children are sometimes born on this term. Births at 32 weeks of pregnancy are no longer so dangerous, even those newborns who were born in not the most favorable conditions survive.

The only significant problem of premature babies is the need for warmth and oxygen therapy. Their lungs, at this time, have not fully matured and will be able to help them by introducing an artificial surfactant, right after birth, right into the trachea. This substance is necessary for the expansion of the lungs after childbirth, and normally produced by the baby, in sufficient quantities, to 35-36 weeks of pregnancy.

Your tummy

The belly rose 32-34 cm above the womb. It gives you a lot of inconvenience, especially at night, when the little inhabitant scolds him.

Now you are not comfortable lying on your back – dizziness or nausea appears. What happens when this happens? The uterus with all its weight squeezes the inferior vena cava, through which blood from the lower part of the body flows to the heart. It is very harmful, because blood circulation in the mother’s legs and in the placenta suffers; the general blood flow is disturbed. The optimal posture is the position on the left side. The inferior vena cava passes not in the center of the body, but is displaced just to the right of the spine, therefore, in the pose on the left side, it does not feel the pressure of the uterus at all. In this position, putting a pillow under the knee of the upper leg, it is worth sleeping. You will like this pose, so it will be comfortable for you and the fetus.

Some women, especially large and tall, still have a small belly. This is due to the structure of the pelvis, so to say, the uterus has enough space in the abdominal cavity, so as not to stretch the front abdominal wall. But in some cases, if the abdomen is small and the uterus does not meet the time limit, this may be a sign of low water or fetal malnutrition.

Analyzes and surveys

So it’s time for your third scheduled ultrasound. The weight of the child and its dimensions do not allow to see it entirely, and most likely, you can not even understand what the monitor shows. Only with a 3D ultrasound, baby parts are perfectly distinguishable for parents and for a specialist.

Ultrasound in 32 weeks gestation is supposed to go through to all pregnant women, and it is of great importance for predicting the outcome of your position. Already, they can tell you how the delivery will take place approximately. Almost all children by this date take the final position in the uterus, the placenta no longer migrates. If the placenta previa is detected on this ultrasound, it is likely to remain until delivery, and a cesarean section will be recommended.

The estimated weight of the fetus is 1800 grams and height is 42 cm, although the weight may be 200 grams more or less.

The measurement parameters of the fetus during ultrasound are called fetometry (fetometry – from the word fetus the fetus). What troubles can be detected with ultrasound?

The placenta should be in the bottom or on the wall of the uterus, not less than 5 cm above the internal os. If its edge is lower, it is called a low placentation, if the edge partially overlaps the internal pharynx – this is a partial placenta previa, when the pharynx overlaps, the full pathology is called full placenta previa. Depending on the severity of presentation, the decision is made on the possibility of independent delivery or cesarean section. In addition to the localization of the placenta, its functional state is assessed. Depending on the presence of calcifications, the thickness of the placenta and the state of blood flow in it there are 3 degrees of maturity of the placenta. The thickness of the placenta is one of the most important indicators, usually exceeding 2 cm. If the degree of maturity of the placenta does not correspond to the gestational age, the question arises about the presence of fetoplacental insufficiency.

On this ultrasound, often revealed fetal umbilical cord. In most cases, there is no threat to the child, but if the entanglement interrupts the blood flow, it can be dangerous.

The discrepancy between height and fetal gestation, gestation, abnormal presentation, developmental abnormalities, tumors are the most frequently detected abnormalities. The weight and size of the fetus may vary in different pregnant women, but there is still a certain limit of the norm, at the intersection of which they speak of intrauterine hypotrophy of the fetus. For evaluation, use the so-called centile tables. If at the 32nd week you were told that the child has pelvic presentation, do not worry ahead of time, there is still time for a reversal, only 3% of babies are left to give birth to the ass down.

32 week of pregnancy twins

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, the cervix is ​​tightly closed and has a cylindrical shape. Ultrasounds can see signs of cervical ripening, shortening and smoothing, which may indicate a risk of preterm birth.

The amount of amniotic fluid decreases, and now does not exceed one and a half liters. Ultrasound can reveal both high water and low water. To estimate the amount of amniotic fluid, IAI is used – the amniotic fluid index. The doctor measures the free areas in the uterus (the lumens formed by the amniotic fluid between the baby and the uterus wall) in 4 places, summarizes and divides them into 4. The IAG number of weeks can be found in special tables, including on our website.

6. Pathology of the uterine scar after cesarean section

A transferred cesarean section permanently leaves a scar on the wall of the uterus. In your position, weakening and stretching of the scar is possible, in extreme cases, the threat of rupture of the uterus along the scar is created. Ultrasound assesses the thickness and viability of the uterine scar. The results of the ultrasound are recorded in the protocol, and, as a rule, based on the information received, your obstetrician-gynecologist draws up a delivery plan.

Other tests at 32 weeks of pregnancy are prescribed as usual.

Possible complaints and problems

Pain, in the last months of an interesting position, is a typical case. The enlarged uterus together with the baby causes the center of gravity of the body to shift, and you are constantly experiencing a large load – back and pelvis aches. And the jolts of the child can be a real torment. Sometimes a baby can kick you so accurately that a sharp pain pierces the bladder or liver. But all these pains are not dangerous, caution should be shown only if the stomach pulls. The tone of the uterus, in many women at this time, increases periodically; the stomach becomes stony, and there may be discomfort in the lower back and lower abdomen. It should be noted that this is, in most cases, the norm – false contractions. But if they often 5 times in an hour and interfere with their business, it can speak about the threat of premature birth. Urgently call an ambulance.

Another problem you might throw a pregnancy is edema. Often they are localized on the back of the feet, ankles, fingers. Edema can be due to both venous insufficiency and the development of late toxicosis.

Edema – a reason to urgently report them to your doctor.

Nausea at 32 weeks gestation or still worries, or visits many pregnant women for the first time. It begins due to the fact that the uterus props up and displaces the internal organs, making it difficult for them to work. Because of this, there may be shortness of breath. They help fight nausea: a balanced diet, exclusion from the diet of sweets, coffee, soda and other irritating mucous products. If you are constantly sick, you can try the knee-elbow posture after eating, it helps a lot.

And of course, like in any other period, a cold at week 32 can happen to any woman. Now acute respiratory viral infections are almost not dangerous, just remember that you need to be treated under the supervision of a physician. It does not matter, just a runny nose and cough, or a rather high temperature.

Preterm labor usually begins suddenly, often with the discharge of amniotic fluid. Unexpected diarrhea at 32 weeks of gestation, unusual discharge (water can flow as a stream, and literally drip off), complaints that the stomach hurts, and the pain is shingles and more frequent – true signs of a catastrophe, call an ambulance immediately.

Worth the guard in two cases. If there were discharge, which was not previously, for example, brown or bloody. And if training fights violate your state of health, repeating more often 5 times per hour, and their lying position does not stop. So, too, preterm labor often begins.

With multiple babies, you probably already in the hospital. With the twins often have to go to save. Full term gestation with twins is a rarity, twins often rush to the light ahead of time. Now the doctors probably decided on the plan of childbirth. Do not be afraid of cesarean section, and do not be afraid of natural childbirth. Sometimes it happens that an independent birth is initially planned, but after the birth of the first child, the second, in a suddenly very free uterus, unfolds across, and then a cesarean section is done on the second fetus. Be mentally prepared for anything, and remember, the task of doctors is to preserve the health of all three.

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31 weeks of pregnancy

It’s time to take care of yourself. You suddenly noticed that your appearance has changed for the better, but you behave awkwardly. Walk carefully because you have not seen your own feet for a long time. Your tummy raised high makes you slightly tilt the body back when walking. This unhurried waddling gait, with its back straight, is typical of all pregnant women. Hair pleases you with its appearance, they have become surprisingly thick.

30 week of pregnancy

Mommies, it’s time to think about how to avoid extra pounds, and at the same time, it is important not to miss, if suddenly in the body begins a fluid retention associated with late toxicosis. You need a balanced diet with a restriction of flour and sweet. Now there is an intensive gain of weight and a fruit, adhere, recommended by the doctor, diets. Remember, to give birth to a child weighing 4-5 kg ​​is much more difficult than a baby with a normal weight in

29 week of pregnancy

The 29th week of obstetric pregnancy for the majority of women is the last days before maternity leave. Most likely, at the end of this week you will receive a long-awaited sick leave, opening the way to constant communication with the baby, when they no longer distract work and all that troublesome, “external” life.

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