3 days of monthly delay

A girl may be frightened by a delay of 2–3 days for menstruation, these experiences are often unfounded. After all, the short-term absence of menstruation in due time is not a deviation from the norm. But in some cases, a cycle failure indicates disturbances in the body caused by internal or external factors. Therefore, women should always be attentive to the signals of their body and find out the cause of the changes.

What does a delay of less than a week mean?

Almost every woman at least once in her life faced with a delay of menstruation, which lasted several days. But even such a short waiting period plunges into horror, especially, this situation is frightening because of the occurrence of an unplanned pregnancy. This thought is the first to visit the female head, and every day the waiting of menstrual bleeding is becoming more and more fixed.

But the delay of menstruation less than a week refers to a completely normal phenomenon, it may mean nothing. Each organism is individual and even the usual cold or climate change can affect the arrival of menstruation. In this case, the normality can easily go into the stage of a dangerous symptom of any violations in the female body. And it depends on the additional features that are disturbing the woman, the consistency of vaginal discharge and on the very fact of whether the menstruation came on day 7–8 or not.

If the test is negative

What does an overly emotional woman do when a couple of days are delayed? Runs to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test! This auxiliary tool, even if the conception of a child has happened, will most likely produce a negative result on such a short period. Roughly speaking, rejoice or grieve early. The level of hormones in the body in the first weeks of pregnancy is not so increased that the test showed a positive result.

Therefore, it is worth suffering at least one more week and repeating the manipulation. And if the test turns out to be negative again, it can mean:

  1. Misuse. Pregnancy tests are different – differ in the level of sensitivity. Less sensitive specimens (they are not marked “holding at any time of the day”) should be used in the morning. After awakening in the body, the highest concentration of hormones.
  2. Ectopic pregnancy. With this pathology, the test will always be negative, by the second week the woman will feel pain in the lower abdomen. The appearance of a small amount of dark vaginal discharge can be confused with the onset of menstruation. Understanding ectopic pregnancy will come with other symptoms – a sharp rise in temperature, indigestion, chills.

A negative test result may be the result of a recent surgical intervention in a woman’s body or the administration of potent antibiotics. Some medications reduce the ability of hormones to multiply.

Causes of delay for 2-3 days

Monthly bleeding is a consequence of the expulsion of an unfertilized egg together with dead cells of the lining of the uterus. The interval between menstruation ranges from 28 to 35 days, it depends on the physiological characteristics of the female body. With excellent health, a delay of 2–4 days is insignificant if the monthly ones did appear on the 4–5 day. In other cases, the absence of menstruation in due time may be the first signal, indicating problems in the urogenital or endocrine systems.

Several reasons can provoke a cycle failure in a woman:

  1. Survived stress. The frantic pace of life, everyday problems and excessive emotionality keep the body under constant stress. In this state, it ceases to produce the required amount of hormones. As a result, the ovulation period shifts, there is a delay in menstruation. To stabilize the menstrual cycle, a woman should rest more and avoid negative emotions. But if the situation with the absence of menstruation is repeated every month, it is better to be examined by a gynecologist.
  2. Endocrine Disorder. The organs in the endocrine system are responsible for the normal production of hormones. If their work is disrupted for any reason, women are delayed. The menstrual cycle extends over time and can be up to 40–45 days.
  3. Weight change. Disturbance in reproductive function occurs against the background of a sharp weight loss, or, conversely, a quick set of extra pounds. Weight jumps in one direction or another lead to a hormonal failure – menstruation linger for 2–4 days.

3 days of monthly delay

The absence of menstruation occurs in different situations and depends on the actions of a woman:

  • enhanced physical training;
  • frequent visits to the solarium;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • rejection of oral contraceptives;
  • recent miscarriage or abortion;
  • the arrival of menopause;
  • intoxication of the body of alcohol or drugs;

It turns out that the causes of short-term delay of menstruation mass, it is quite difficult to recognize them yourself.

Delayed discharge

Even a slight delay in menstrual bleeding can be accompanied by a change in vaginal discharge. Their appearance depends on the processes occurring in a given period of time in a woman’s body (pregnancy or pathological changes in the genitals).

Not the appearance of menstruation in due time, accompanied by white vaginal discharge, means the onset of pregnancy. When a woman feels an unpleasant smell from the discharge and their consistency is not consistent with the norm – this is a sign of serious health problems. Such a pattern before menstruation is most often present in inflammatory processes, infection of the genital tract and hormonal failure.


After a short delay, menstruation may begin with secretions unusual for this process with brown clots. Normally, this happens only in girls in adolescence, when the menstrual cycle only stabilizes. The rest of the female brown daub appears after traumatic intercourse, during the acute infectious period, ectopic pregnancy and during menopause.


A yellow vaginal discharge with a delay of 2–3 days indicates that there are too many white blood cells and dangerous bacteria in the body. Due to their rapid vital activity, the vaginal microflora is disturbed – a cycle is lost and a yellow substance is released. In rare cases, yellowish leucorrhoea is secreted from the vagina due to inadequate hygiene and allergies.

How to cause monthly and is it worth doing?

To call for delayed menstruation a woman is in a hurry to use medications. After a single pill, menstruation begins as early as 2–4 days. But most drugs are not intended to accelerate menstruation, they are usually prescribed to stabilize the hormonal background for chronic problems. Without objective evidence and the appointment of a gynecologist, tablets for calling monthly should not be taken. After all, the consequences can be quite serious – copious uterine bleeding, impaired reproductive function, failure of the endocrine system.

It is also dangerous to use emergency drugs such as Oxytocin. Yes, only one intravenous injection of this drug will accelerate the arrival of menstruation in just 3 hours, but this manipulation can be worth the opportunity to get pregnant in the future and even life.

Folk remedies

It is better to use long-proven folk remedies – they are safe and effective in the absence of pregnancy. So, half an hour of relaxation in a hot bath with sea salt and iodine, and further sex with her husband will help to cause menstruation. If there is none (in the sense of a husband), then after a pleasant procedure, a woman should drink 1 glass of warm nettle tincture and tansy. For its preparation, you will need dry crushed raw materials in proportions of 1: 1. A mixture of herbs is poured with a glass of boiling water, the container is covered with a warm towel and infused for about 1 hour. Also to call the menstruation is suitable decoction “lavrushki” – in a glass of boiling water, drop 3 leaves and boil for 5 minutes.

The most effective remedy for the delay is considered medicinal plant Devasil. Should take 1 tbsp. l root plants, pour 1 glass of water and for 15 minutes, hold over a water bath. Take the decoction should be 50 ml 2 times a day. The very day the result will appear. But even the most useful plant has contraindications, it is not an exception. Therefore, before taking should be familiar with them.

Inexperienced young ladies, having listened to the advice of girlfriends, most often resort at first glance to the harmless way of calling menstruation – ascorbic acid. With a large dosage of this vitamin, the arrival of menstruation can be darkened by poor health, incessant bleeding and serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Disruption of the menstrual cycle will become a constant problem and it is unlikely to be solved without medical assistance.

Delay of menstruation for such a short period should not cause panic in a woman if there is no accompanying symptom. When the situation with the menstrual cycle requires clarification, then a visit to the doctor is the right decision. And before you try to cause menstruation yourself, you need to make sure that you are not pregnant. Otherwise, further health and life will be in question. The main thing for a woman is to take care of herself, listen to her feelings and react in time to changes in the body.

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