3 cesarean at what time do

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I gave birth to extra. the seam from the navel to the bottom. moved away from anesthesia hard and painful, because the total was. sore throat and tormented cough, and the inability to even cough, because you have a seam.

girls, if possible, be yourself. I and my neighbors, who were Caesarians, barely walked along the wall, and those who gave birth themselves already “running” and looked great! all that is natural is better for the body. Cesarean section – only according to indications!

I also plan to have a COP (back problems), but the doctor said how you would feel the pull will start and come, you need to open the throat, so that all the blood can go out easily and not clean later!

I also have to have a pks … The doctor says, choose a date between 38-39 weeks … I can not figure out how better, sooner or later?

I chose a date of 39 weeks, I would have gone longer, but I was not allowed.

They did not wait for me at 40 weeks, and Caesarean was done at the DA, after the new year I went to the hospital myself, although the direction was December 27

And what back problems if not a secret? I haven’t dealt with this issue yet, but there are also a lot of back problems … I don’t know which doctor is better to go … a surgeon / neuropathologist or anyone.

spina bifide (nonunion of the vertebra) was at the neuropathologist, he wrote the direction for cesarean, perhaps this is not an absolute indicator to the COP, but I still have a narrow pelvis and already at 28 weeks ultrasound said that a large child, so I asked the neuropathologist for another direction to give, but he did not resist saying “this is better.” and indeed he was born 3930 kg., 52 cm. She herself definitely would not have given birth

Thank. And then in

Thank you very much. And then I’m really afraid to give birth with such a bouquet.

3 cesarean at what time do

you look on feeling. The second COP I had planned. at 39 weeks and 3 days … I probably would have passed, but uterine blood flow has already been reduced .. = (although doctors say that at 39 weeks – the child is already ready for childbirth … see how you feel =)

And how did you give birth to the first one? Heavy?

There is no first, the childbirth itself was quite normal, well, as for the back, I did not feel anything. But then, after giving birth, after 2 years I went to the doctors with back pain, it turned out that the tailbone was bent during labor … the pelvic bones moved … lordosis increased … Now I read about it, you can of course give birth to this, but I don’t want to risk neither the child’s health, nor her own … I read a lot about the fact that the child’s curved tailbone could hurt the head badly.

When she was on conservation, the girl also had such a diagnosis – so, as our doctors found out, then it is definitely her to cesarean

3 cesarean at what time do

I just gave birth first in a maternity hospital specializing in EP … and they forced me to give birth there with gestosis and pressure of 180/120 … then I didn’t understand anything at all … hurts my head … I don’t know how to skate … I don’t know how the maternity hospital heaped up after repair … But they have this fad about the EP … I read that they even put girls with indications for the COP, and as a result they wait for the onset of labor and force themselves to give birth … Fun.

Girls, and I have a second pregnancy! the first ended cesarean, just the neck was opened with only 3 fingers, although the contractions were already every 30 seconds! Generally made an emergency cesarean! 3 years have passed since then, now there are no signs of a cesarean, but they said in the LCD so as not to put the doctors in a fright we are doing a planned cesarean! Although the uzist says you have to try it yourself, the seam is good! Now I have 33 weeks … So I think what to do! But I really want to give birth myself.

I have a term of June 1, on May 26, they said they go to bed, they examine the day, two, and Caesarean, and I hoped that it would be early at 38, but alas.

on 37 did, it was all fun, after the anesthesia went away they put painkillers at my first request, there was nothing terrible, I am satisfied!

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