21 weeks of pregnancy

What happens to the baby?

At the 21st week of pregnancy, a white-cream grease appears on the tiny body of the child. It is formed from fallen vellus hair, skin cells and the secretion of the sebaceous glands. The lubricant mainly fills the skin folds, protecting it from irritating the amniotic fluid, in which the baby will stay until birth.

Antibodies are transferred from mother to baby, which will protect him from the infections she has had. This is formed by the so-called passive immunity.

The baby itself is growing very actively and already reaches 25.9 cm in length and weighs 416 g (now it can be compared with the fruit grapefruit)

All the organs of the endocrine system, the pituitary, the epiphysis, the adrenal glands, the pancreas, the thyroid and the parathyroid glands, are already fully functioning in the child. They produce the hormones necessary for normal growth and development.

This week, the crumbs appear vestibular apparatus. Its purpose is to determine the position of the body in space.

What happens to mother: sensations

In the 21st week of pregnancy, most women feel well: they are full of strength and energy, and the belly and baby in it are not so big as to cause serious discomfort for the mother.

21 weeks of pregnancy

Some expectant mothers may have heartburn. It occurs because the enlarged uterus is pressing on the stomach, shifting it up from the usual position. This leads to the throwing of its acidic contents into the esophagus, which provokes unpleasant sensations.

Other women note that the skin on the sides began to itch. The reason is the same – a growing belly stretches the skin.

Stomach. The equator of your pregnancy is passed, and your stomach is difficult to hide from those around you, because every week it gets bigger. You are happy to enjoy the movements of the baby, as a rule, their activity is manifested in the evening when you go to bed, but during the day your child reminds of himself, sometimes quite actively. After consulting with the gynecologist, you can start wearing a antenatal bandage, which you can buy at the pharmacy, he will support a growing belly and reduce the load on the lower back. If you have not yet purchased clothes for pregnant women, then it is time – your everyday wardrobe will squeeze the stomach, which is undesirable.

Uterus. At week 21, the uterus rises about 1 centimeter above the navel, and the height of its bottom is 21 centimeters from the pubis. As it grows, the uterus continues to prop up all your internal organs, thereby making it difficult for them to function normally and cause new discomfort. Dyspnea is associated, it becomes harder to breathe, there is discomfort in the stomach after eating. Now is the time to do respiratory gymnastics, which will teach you proper breathing and will help you during childbirth, when it is important to be able to hold your breath and thus help yourself and the baby.

Pains The growth of the uterus is accompanied by stretching of the ligaments, which can cause nagging pains from the sides, which are not constant and not intense. The appearance of severe abdominal pain, cramping character with back pain is a symptom of uterus hypertonia. If you are worried about these pains, contact your doctor, he will prescribe a treatment for you; It is usually recommended to drink magnesium. As you progress to childbirth, certain pains will constantly torment you: the load on the spine due to abdominal growth, pain in the pelvic region due to sprains of the articular ligaments and preparation of the pelvic bones for childbirth, pain in the legs due to venous stasis and periodic convulsions – you will have to put up with all of this, help yourself with adequate physical exertion, go swimming and rest more.

Liquid discharge, clear, odorless, their number may increase, but if they literally pour out, you should be wary, as this may leak water. Therefore, if you are confused by something, make a test for water leakage (test pads are sold at the pharmacy) or contact the maternity hospital where you will be seen and also will have a rapid diagnosis for water leakage. Itching and heavy white discharge may be a manifestation of thrush – consult a doctor to treat before delivery and not to infect the baby. The appearance of bloody discharge from the genital tract, especially accompanied by pulling or sharp pain in the lower abdomen, is a reason for urgent hospitalization.

Heartburn. One of the unpleasant consequences of pregnancy, usually associated with the growing up uterus, which in the process of pushing the other internal organs to the side. Refuse fried, plentifully flavored spices, pickled and smoked food. Also refrain from sour fruits and drinks, do not drink sparkling water. Try not to lean forward immediately after eating. If you have heartburn before bedtime, place another pillow under your head. If you do not feel relief, consult a doctor.

In some pregnant women, the calf muscles periodically convulse. This is also worth telling the specialist leading the pregnancy. To quickly stop cramps, it is recommended to lie on a horizontal surface, stretch your legs and pull your toes toward you.

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