2 months of pregnancy

Determining the sex of an animal is a difficult task even for an experienced breeder. In some situations, knowledge of gender is an integral part for further breeding. This article will discuss how to determine the sex of the rabbit.

2 months of pregnancy

General remarks

Rabbits always cause affection. Therefore, rabbits can be used in photo and video shooting. They are a talisman of love! Even the “Playboy” brand speaks about their sexual interconnection. One of the difficulties that a livestock breeder may face is determining the sex of the animal. When a joint settlement of two opposite individuals must be prepared for the emergence of rabbits. Together, individuals of the same sex get along poorly. Females become the most noisy, males begin to constantly fight among themselves. Experienced breeders recommend choosing animals older than 4 months. Such rabbits have a nervous system. At this age, it is easy to determine the sex of ears. At this age, there are more chances to leave the rabbit, without resorting to circus females. In adult animals, identification is considered the easiest task. The probability of determining sex in small rabbits is less than 90%.

At what stage of development of the rabbit do you need to know its gender?

It is not recommended to identify usastik immediately after their birth. According to external signs, determining sex is not possible. All organs are at an early stage of development and look identical. Even an experienced livestock breeder who has dedicated his work for the rest of his life will be able to determine the sex of an animal no sooner than 14-16 days after birth. The probability of determining gender will not exceed 90%. The older the animal, the more accurate the result. It is also worth noting that the determination of gender by photo is a meaningless task. Sex determination should be carried out visually with careful examination of the rabbits themselves.

Identifying animals is recommended from one month of age. It is not recommended to sell babies who are less than 30 days old. They have not had time to drink maternal milk., which contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements. This can lead to prolonged illness or death. For humanitarian reasons, in some countries it is forbidden to sell “babies”. Such a law is prescribed in the legislation. In case of its violation, a penalty is charged. Responsibility is not only the seller, but also the buyer. Therefore, if it is impossible to determine the sex of an animal when buying, it is worth discarding the animal.

It is very important to determine the sex within 30-90 days after the birth of the animal. It is in this period that the sexually mature state is achieved in ears. If in the next three months not to spread females and males – inbreeding will occur. Such intercourse will lead to disease, mutation, extinction of the species, wildness, the appearance of young with defects and low health indicators. Health will be adversely affected both by animal kinship and incompletely formed sexual organs. The natural instinct will work in males. Due to the unstable strengthened nervous system, rabbits will enter martial arts with colleagues. Thus, they prove their superiority over females. During fights they get serious wounds. This adversely affects the health of the males and the quality of their fur. Starting rabbits need to sit with a half month old.

Sexual signs

Primary symptoms

Primary called external genitals. Thanks to them, almost 100% identification guarantee occurs. Such organs are laid genetics. Their structure originally belongs to a fertilized egg before the birth of a little rabbit. The development of the genitals should be done with the help of hormones. These features include the structure associated with the circulatory system.

Secondary symptoms

Secondary is called illogical evidence. They are laid during growth and puberty. Experienced breeders can determine the sex by the shape of the body. The males have a strong, rounded body build and a massive head. They are prone to the ability to wet the area with urine. Thus, they mark the territory. The females are more fragile and tender by their appearance. They have smooth body lines, there are no two rows of nipples in the abdominal cavity. In the proportions of the croup is somewhat larger than that of the males. When identifying this way, you can easily make a mistake. This method of determining sex is considered unreliable.

These features include:

  • Fur cover;
  • Mammary gland;
  • Body proportions;
  • The structure of the skull;
  • Bone system;

How to inspect the genitals?

How to determine the sex of the rabbit every livestock breeder should know. The easiest way to determine gender in adult eared fish.

  1. The animal is placed on a flat surface.
  2. Grabbing the animal by the neck or ears, it is turned belly up. It is important that while the head of the rabbit was turned to the breeder, and his feet were on the reverse side.
  3. One hand is necessary to keep the rabbit in a calm state. The other hand must stretch the skin in the crotch area.
  4. It is necessary to press with a finger near the base of the eared tail and its anus.
  5. Thumb should push the protruding bump on the reverse side.

Sex determination

In adults

The males should have a white cylinder with a small hole in the middle. In mature specimens, the genitalia may begin to mutate or transform. Over time, the tip of the rabbit’s penis may swell. In adult rabbits, the penis is curved, pink in color. After puberty in the eared eggs, the testicles descend. They are located separately from the penis. The testicles look like two bald swellings. Inexperienced breeders can take them for a tumor.

When identifying with females, a tongue should appear in the form of a loop or cone. In mature individuals, it has a dark pink color. When viewed from the side, it has a triangular shape. A small elongated slit should be visible. When directed towards the tail, it is strongly narrowed.

Before the identification procedure, the animal must first feed or show affection. It is necessary that the animal calms down and does not consider it to be in danger.

Do rabbits up to a month

In babies, the genitals are mild. They have not had time to form. With a slight pressure on the rabbit, a small slit is visible, tapering towards the anus. In males, the genitals look like a curved bulge. In the middle of the genitals is a small depression. Sexual signs in rabbits up to a month are viewed very weakly. Even with the help of a magnifying glass, an experienced breeder will not be able to determine the sex of the eared fish with 100% confidence. In this case, the main sign of identification can be considered the distance from the genital organs to the anus. In females, this distance is small. It ranges from 0 to 2 mm. In males, the distance is longer – from 2 to 5 mm.

Small bunnies can pull the testicles inside. So they express their fear. In this period, males have only prepuces. From it grows penis. In females at the age of 1 month, the genitals have an intense hot pink hue. Over time, they begin to darken. The genitalia are triangular.

In 2 months

When examining the genitalia of the males, it will appear that only the prepuce with a small penis is present. The testicles are inside, and it is almost impossible to visually examine them. 90-100 days after birth, the testicles descend into place. If they are not, then an anomaly, mutation or trauma is possible. The female genitals increase in size. A small pink bump appears. The nervous system is formed. Females remain calmer. Males begin to show aggression and anxiety.

In 3 months

In males by this age should grow medium sized penis. As they grow older, the genitals will increase and change visually. The penis should begin to swell and become like an elongated tube. The testicles should fully descend. At 3 months, the tongue is formed in the rabbit. She has a bright pink color. Genitalia are lengthened and increased in size.

Watch a video on how to determine the sex of a rabbit

At decorative individuals

The main distinctive feature of the decorative rabbit from the usual is castration.. At 4 months, the decorative and dwarf rabbit must be neutered. Otherwise, the animal becomes too aggressive and begins to constantly mark the territory. There may be an unpleasant smell in the room. It is important to know how to determine the sex of the dwarf rabbit through visual inspection. Identification of sexual characteristics in such rabbits does not differ from the identification of ordinary animals. To do this, you only need to know the age of eared fish. Up to one month, sex is determined by the location of the genitals. From 1 to 3 months – by prepuce. Over 3 months – on the lowered testicles.

By appearance and behavior

Inexperienced breeders determine the behavior of eagles by their sex. Having seen one of the individuals trying to climb another on the back – they take the rabbit from above for the male, from below – for the female. This definition of gender is not always true. Most females with strong arousal repeat the actions of males. With the help of such maneuvers, they show superiority and primacy between their fellows.

It is forbidden to guess the sex of animals according to their habits

Behavior Differences:

  • males rub against the edges of cages and feeders. By such behavior, leaving their smell on objects, they show their territory to other individuals.
  • adult rabbits rub their chins on surrounding objects to mark their territory
  • with the help of special glands males mark the territory with caustic urine
  • females are the most noisy and clamorous, males are calmer
  • females love to dig holes and equip their homes
  • females can lose their appetite for periods
  • females can be slaughtered in nooks
  • on the photo and video females look the most elegant
  • most females love to pull down from the belly
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