17 week of pregnancy

17 week of pregnancy – how many months?

Four months of pregnancy is over – the fifth month of your pregnancy begins. The week 17 has already gone – the first week of the fifth month. What awaits you with the baby?

17 week of pregnancy

Fruit (development, size)

The fetus at the 17th week of pregnancy will overcome new stages in its development. In particular, from this week his own immune system will work – in the body, immunoglobulin and interferon are already produced. The kid is able to defend against mother’s infections, and this is very important (although, naturally, it is undesirable for you to get sick right now for many reasons).

The fetus at the 17th week of pregnancy begins to grow fat. Under the skin, a prototype of the future fat layer is formed, which will participate in heat exchange processes. The skin itself is covered with original lubricant – a white-cream-colored substance that performs a protective function. Increases the sensitivity of the skin of children, in particular in the abdomen and buttocks.

The baby’s heart completes its development and diligently pumps blood, the adrenal glands secrete vital hormones, the pituitary is activated. The girl has a uterus.

At week 17, the laying of the permanent teeth of the unborn child begins: each of them will be located immediately behind his milky “predecessor”.

The coccyx-parietal size of the fetus at the 17th week of pregnancy reaches an average of 13 cm, and the weight can reach up to 140 g. The crumb is as big as the open palm of an adult. It grows and develops very quickly and, at the 17th week of pregnancy, it already hears sounds coming from outside, it recognizes voices, it senses your emotions and mood. Now you are responsible not only for his physical development, but also for emotional and mental. Communicate with the child, tell him poems and fairy tales, sing songs or just turn on the music of different genres, consult with him, share the lived joyful events. It is very important to involve the future father in the conversation: the baby will remember now and begin to recognize his voice.

17 week of pregnancy

The baby is very inquisitive and active. And, perhaps, it is time to feel the first movements of the fetus.

Feelings (stirring) in the 17th week of pregnancy

The first movements of the fetus women usually feel for a period of between 16 and 22 weeks. Secondary and slim mothers start to feel their babies earlier. They describe these incredible sensations in different ways: like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings, like a worm’s stirring, like a touch of a cat’s paw, like a splashing fish.

Take care of yourself. Avoid stressful situations, overwork, extreme temperature changes and especially overcooling, try to minimize the effect of any radiation on your body. Be alert to all signals and new symptoms. Now the load on the heart, blood vessels and kidneys will be especially noticeable. The urge to urinate will be more frequent, there is a risk of inflammation of the urinary tract. Due to ever-increasing blood volumes, nosebleeds or gums may bleed, a feeling of internal heat and lack of air may appear.

As soon as you feel unwell, immediately drop everything and go to rest. If there are bad signs, then you should certainly consult with your doctor about this.

17 week of pregnancy

Do not be afraid of occasionally appearing weak pain in the uterus – it is constantly growing, and now it is more up than to the side. Many new discomforts will be connected with this: heartburn, frequent urination, shortness of breath. The uterus takes up more and more space, so the internal organs are forced to make room and slightly parting.

The uterus at 17 weeks of pregnancy is felt at a distance of 3.8-5 cm below the navel. The height of the bottom of the uterus usually corresponds to the gestational age in centimeters, that is, it should now rise at an average level of 17 cm above the pubis.

In connection with the growth of the uterus, begin to look for new comfortable postures for sleeping: it is no longer recommended to sleep on your back and abdomen (in the first case, the weight of the uterus puts pressure on the vena cava, blocking access of the blood to the fetus, in the second – the uterus is under strong pressure).

The growth of the uterus and fetus can not but affect your appearance – the stomach at the 17th week of pregnancy is noticeably rounded and grows. Do not worry if everything is different with you: if the fetus is located near the back wall of the uterus or too low, the tummy can only now begin to protrude.

All the most important events take place in it, so you can experience many different sensations related to the stomach: the first movements of the fetus, minor pains or the first heaviness associated with an increase in size. But know that, normally, the stomach should not hurt – this should pay attention.

The pain in the 17th week of pregnancy is also mostly associated with the stomach, and more specifically with the uterus. Due to its enhanced growth, the uterine retention ligaments are sufficiently tight. It is these processes that can cause pain in your stomach, lower abdomen, as during menstruation. They can be aching or sweep when turning and changing positions. Try to move more smoothly, do not make sudden movements, and with increased pain, rest a bit.

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