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15 weeks of pregnancy earlier nauseous, but not now, I’m afraid to even think about what it is connected with.

Good day. I have 15 weeks. After lifting weights, urinary pain began to hurt. Already the third day. After I get warm, the pain goes away. Looks like it hurts and whines again. Is it dangerous? what to do? the selection is white do not bother. At the reception in a week

Good day! To exclude inflammation of the bladder (cystitis), it is necessary to pass a urine test correctly, so that vaginal secretions do not enter the urine. If you did not give up the urine shedding, I also recommend it. Abdominal pain in the bladder should be distinguished from the threat of abortion. I recommend that you contact your gynecologist in the LCD and agree on your further actions. If you write to me about the results of urine – I will definitely explain the analysis. Take care of yourself.

Hello! Tell me! Pregnancy 15-16 weeks headache for 2 months, hemoglobin 121, pressure 100/60, sometimes 90/60 therapist says this is the norm! What to do? What reasons can be?

Good day to you! What is your usual pressure? If 120/80, then for you 100/60 is low. Consult a neurologist as well. For example, a spasm of blood vessels can cause headaches. Recover! Sincerely, Kondratyuk T. R.

I have 15 weeks and three days, I can not eat anything, everything goes back, I lost weight, my stomach is not very visible.

we have 15 weeks) hooray hooray! low hemoglobin, I drink Feroglobin B-12. Soon on the ultrasound!

Hello. I have 15 weeks and 4 days, toxemia has passed, now there are pains in the pelvic part giving to the back! But I have a problem, please tell me what to do, I do not gain weight, I got registered at 6 weeks and weighed 49 kg., I weighed two weeks ago

Hello to all future moms! We also went to the 15th week. For constipation, I highly recommend a treat: prunes with walnuts mixed with sour cream and sugar. And it is tasty and helps concretely and gently.

15 weeks pregnancy forum

The placement of children in kindergarten remains one of the main problems for parents. This question probably leaves no one indifferent and deserves special attention. I am the mother of a child who, for three years, visited the private kindergarten MIRACLE d / c “Wonderful Country”, whose director is Taran Natalia Georgievna. Everything seemed to suit me: free schedule of visits, convenient location, English language training. At the end of August, I watched a television program on the Moscow 24 channel, and on August 31, 2015, we, the parents, were announced that the establishment would be suspended due to the building owner’s request. Immediately the director offered to transfer the children to the kindergarten “Amber” at Yantarny prospect, 9. Everything would be fine if it were not for one circumstance. I found out that the license for educational activity was suspended from August 17th at NCU “Wonderful Country”. It immediately turned out that the kindergarten never had any normal documents for using the premises in the building at the address Ivovaya, d. 8 and they were there illegally. There is a decision of the Arbitration Court. At the same time, I have a contract for the services of a MIRACLE until August 2016. From here and the imperative request of the general director to always pay in cash, which I had not thought about before. Further, the company has only three employees. It’s amazing how they manage to work in two places at the same time every day, and maybe in three (there is something else on “Altufevka”). It turns out that all the numerous employees that I know are always courteous and friendly – banal “illegals” working on a voluntary basis or “for an envelope.” Comrades dear, what is the demand from such employees who are not legally responsible for any situations with your child. A little uneasy when you think about an emergency … And more. Dear Natalia Georgievna, I did not consider it necessary to notify me about the suspension of the license, having successfully charged me money for September, including for educational programs. Cheated for good or just cheated? This is about our self-esteem. For me – cheated. Multiply by two, as it concerns our children. Husband calms – forget, not the worst option, we have it everywhere. And I do not want, I continue to think …

We are 15) wild vomiting toxemia from 4 weeks. 2 times lay in the hospital dripped, after still dripping at home. Improvements were minor. From 13-14.5 weeks. it was easier, even I could eat something!) but now everything is new, nausea, vomiting all day, I can not eat anything. (((tired, no strength, I’m 22.

15 weeks pregnancy forum

BUT! Forgot) -11kg) is at 175cm height and 64 weight before pregnancy)

Hello! My first pregnancy is 15 weeks. Toxicosis was not a little nauseated, and then the odors in the first months. Now I am faced with pain in the lower part of the spine, shooting, piercing point pain after a mild inclination over something. It hurts so much that it hurts to walk for some time, gives it to the lumbar region. What to do? Go to the surgeon? Or is it a pelvis so divergent and nothing is done? A few more times it was that it was painful in the lower abdomen, once on the one hand, once on the other. In the first case, she abruptly turned or stood up, and in the second night in a dream, she unsuccessfully turned from side to side. Is that possible? Or is it better to complain about this to your gynecologist? Answer, girls, who dealt with this. Surprisingly like that. And so I feel good, although there is drowsiness and laziness, I have to force myself to do this or that. Maybe due to low blood pressure. So, just have to guess))

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