13-14 week of pregnancy

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Among all methods of weight loss diets that provide effective weight loss for a relatively short period are the most popular. At the same time, too short diet programs do not give the desired result and often have a negative effect on health, and long-term nutrition systems aimed at weight correction are usually lacking in strength, patience and time. That is why a diet for 20 days, in which the plumb line averages 20 kg, is considered optimal both in terms of effectiveness and duration.

Effective diets for 20 days

There are a large number of weight loss systems lasting 20 days, because for such a period you can normalize weight on a variety of diets – from very strict to sparing. As a rule, their result starts from minus 15 kg and higher, depending on the rules, restrictions and individual characteristics of the body losing weight. The most effective in terms of weight loss are such 20-day methods as rigid Chinese, urgent Twenties, Skinny, Super- and even Non-Hungry Diet. Each of them has its own characteristics that must be considered in order to choose the best weight loss option for yourself.

The most stringent 20-day weight loss method is considered one of the variants of the Chinese diet, designed specifically for such a duration. It has a very limited range of products, therefore it is rather difficult to follow. But the results are really impressive – for the first week it takes 8-10 kg, and for the entire period – up to 20 kg of excess weight.

Essence and rules

The Chinese diet for 20 days requires strict compliance with the following requirements:

  • use at least 2 liters of pure water and green tea every day;
  • vegetable salads should be based on arugula and leaf lettuce;
  • evening meal cannot be later than 19:00;
  • it is desirable to refuse physical exertion, having limited to easy morning exercises and pedestrian walks.

In addition, the entire period of weight loss is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complexes, in order to compensate for the lack of necessary substances with a rather poor diet.

The hardest thing on a rigid Chinese diet is maintained the first week. But it is she who is most pleased with her plumb, which significantly increases the motivation and effectiveness of the whole technique.

Especially fast weight loss is observed when the initial body weight is too high. The more extra pounds, the sooner they go.

Sample menu

Diet with this method of weight loss is divided into 3 stages:

  • 1 week – the daily diet consists of 3 eggs and 3 oranges, which must be consumed in 3 doses (1 boiled egg and 1 citrus each);
  • 2 week – it is allowed to eat any porridges cooked on water (except semolina and barley) in unlimited quantities;
  • the last 6 days – the use of fruits and vegetables in fresh or cooked form with the addition of a small amount of olive oil and salt.

The first 2 weeks you can drink only clean water and green tea, at the 3 stage you can add to the drink natural freshly prepared juices.

Eggs are a source of protein and fat. Due to their unique composition, they quickly saturate and provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness. Oranges make the diet rich in vitamins, many micro and macro elements, and also help speed up metabolism and reduce cholesterol, which is especially important if there are eggs in the menu. However, these two products are quite strong allergens, so using this system of weight loss is allowed in the absence of individual intolerance to its components and only after consulting with a specialist.

According to nutritionists, the Chinese diet for 20 days, including 7-day meals with only eggs and oranges, is one of the toughest and most extreme methods of losing weight. At the same time, it provides a systematic weight loss due to the burning of its own fat and protects muscles and skin from sagging due to sufficient intake of protein. However, it should be borne in mind that food is a big stress for the body, which can lead to the development of gastrointestinal diseases and a quick return of weight after switching to the usual menu. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to another, less stringent, but equally effective 20-day weight loss method, which is called an urgent “Twenty-five”.

Urgent “Twenties”

Weight loss on the system of “Twelve” is suitable for those who need to urgently get rid of 20 kg of excess weight. It should be borne in mind that such accelerated weight loss is allowed only in the absence of any other serious health problems other than obesity.

Essence and rules

During all 20 days of the diet, you must follow three rules:

  • use at least 3 liters of pure water per day;
  • eat small meals;
  • strictly follow the menu below.

In contrast to all the other 20-day weight loss methods listed here, the weight loss of which usually ranges from 15 to 20 kg, Twenty-five allows you to quickly get rid of at least 20 extra pounds.

Sample menu

An important condition for effective weight loss on “Twenty-five” is the strict observance of the following menu:

  • 7:00 – 250 ml of tomato juice;
  • for all other meals – 2 liters of skim milk, 200 grams of whole grain bread.
  • 7:00 – natural coffee, 50 g of whole-grain bread with a thin layer of butter;
  • 9:00 – 100 g of boiled fish;
  • 11:00 – 200 ml of lean meat broth;
  • 13:00 – 50 g of whole grain bread, 200 ml of low-fat kefir;
  • 15:00 – tea with 1 tsp. honey;
  • 17:00 – 150 g of boiled meat;
  • 19:00 – 50 g of whole grain bread with a thin layer of butter and a slice of hard cheese.
  • 7:00 – 200 ml of kefir;
  • 9:00 – orange;
  • 11:00 – beet salad with 1 tsp. olive oil;
  • 13:00 – 200 ml of vegetable soup;
  • 15:00 – 100 g of curd mass;
  • 5:00 pm – 2 apples;
  • 19:00 – vinaigrette, 50 grams of whole grain bread.
  • 7:00 – 200 ml of fresh vegetables;
  • 9:00 – 50 g whole grain bread, 1 apple;
  • 11:00 – 2 boiled eggs or scrambled eggs;
  • 13:00 – 200 ml of kefir;
  • 15:00 – 200 g cabbage salad with 1 tsp. olive oil;
  • 17:00 – orange;
  • 19:00 – 200 ml of natural yoghurt with 1 tsp. honey
  • Throughout the day, only vegetables (except starchy) are consumed in an amount of not more than 2 kg.

The meal schedule for the time can be shifted, but in any case dinner should take place no later than 19:00. During the application of the urgent “Twenties” it is necessary to take multivitamin complexes and be constantly monitored by a doctor. If the menu of this system of weight loss does not fit the composition of dishes, you can use a similar method with a slightly different diet – the so-called “Skinny” diet.

A diet for 20 days with the significant name “Skinny” is one of the most popular weight loss methods in the world. It was developed by American nutritionists specifically for people with a large excess of body weight, but because of its simplicity and effectiveness, it became popular among those who want to lose weight in a relatively short time.

Essence and rules

This nutritional system is based on a diet with a minimum calorie content, which makes it quite difficult to comply with and may adversely affect health due to insufficient nutrient supply. Therefore, the authors of “Skinny” methods strongly recommend to consult with a doctor before starting it, and to take vitamin and mineral preparations during the compliance period.

Unlike traditional diets, which usually require physical activity, this diet program, on the contrary, should be conducted while ensuring proper rest and careful attention to the body’s signals.

In addition, the “Skinny” diet has several important advantages:

  • is very effective – minus 20 kg in 20 days;
  • not associated with high financial costs;
  • not related to calorie counting;
  • based on available products;
  • does not require the preparation of complex dishes.

The main disadvantage of this technique is the constant feeling of hunger and the associated negative impact on the physical and mental state.

Sample menu

Diet “Skinny” power system is very scarce. The recommended daily amount of food should be divided into 4-5 receptions. Juices should be freshly prepared, preference should be given to orange, grapefruit or apple. In addition, it is necessary to drink up to 2 liters of liquid a day, including clean water, green tea, an unsaturated decoction of dried fruit.

Menu “skinny” diet should be:

  • 1st day – 200 ml of kefir, 1 l of milk;
  • 2nd – 200 g of curd mass, 1 l of fresh fruit;
  • 3rd – 200 g of potatoes “in uniform”;
  • 4th – 200 g of boiled lean fish, 800 ml of fresh fruit;
  • 5th – 1 kg of green unsweetened apples;
  • 6th – 200 g of lean meat, 1 l of fresh fruit;
  • 7th – 200 g of curd mass, 800 ml of kefir (yogurt);
  • 8th – 200 g of curd mass, 300 g of vegetable stew, 100 g of white meat;
  • 9th – 200 g of curd mass, 1 l of fresh fruit;
  • 10th – 200 g of seafood, 1 l of fresh fruit;
  • 11th – 4 medium-sized potatoes, 800 ml of fresh fruit;
  • 12th — 5 green unsweetened apples;
  • 13th – 200 g of meat, 1 l of fresh fruit;
  • 14th – 1 liter of kefir;
  • The 15th is any of the rations of the previous day;
  • 16th – 5 green unsweetened apples;
  • 17th – 200 g white meat, 800 ml of milk;
  • 18th – 1 liter of kefir;
  • 19th – 200 g of curd mass;
  • 20th – 1 liter of kefir, 1 apple.

In this diet there are several almost hungry days that are fast and very stressful for the body against the background of such a low-calorie diet. This leads to a significant slowdown in metabolism, and this not only adversely affects health, but also can lead to the fact that the weight lost after returning to a normal diet can quickly return. To prevent this, you need to smoothly get out of the diet and continue to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.

Super diet

Since almost all diets designed for 20 days and a loss of 20 kg, are among the most successful in terms of the ratio of the result and duration, their creators assign them the appropriate names. Diet “Super” is no exception. It is really super-effective, as it allows every day to get rid of 1 extra kilogram. Moreover, weight loss is evenly throughout the entire process of losing weight.

Essence and rules

A feature of this technique is that its daily diet is made up of only one product in the amount of 1 kg. According to doctors, such a food system is unsafe for the body, but many of those who want to lose weight decide to take risks for the sake of a beautiful and slim figure. In any case, especially in the presence of health problems, you should not make a decision on your own, but rather contact a specialist.

To maximize weight loss, you should follow these guidelines:

  • the whole amount of the product selected for the day should be divided into 4–6 servings so that there is often a warning of the appearance of too much hunger;
  • the last meal should be no later than 18:00;
  • one should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water in order to “fool” the appetite and ensure effective elimination of decomposition products from the body.

The basis of the ration of such a technique consists of vegetables, apples and dairy products. The “apple” days are the most frequent, they are repeated in the menu every other day.

Sample menu

In addition to this rule – 1 kg of products per day, in the preparation of the diet should be borne in mind that all dairy and lactic acid products should be skimmed, and their number is 1.5 liters per day.

As an example, you can take this version of the products:

  • For the 1st day – kefir;
  • 2nd — apples;
  • 3rd – boiled potatoes “in uniform”;
  • 4th – apples;
  • 5th – fresh cabbage;
  • 6th – apples;
  • 7th – kefir;
  • 8th – apples;
  • 9th – boiled beets;
  • 10th – apples;
  • 11th – cottage cheese;
  • On the 12th — apples;
  • On the 13th, raw carrots;
  • 14th – apples;
  • 15th – fresh cucumbers;
  • 16th – apples;
  • On the 17th, milk;
  • On the 18th, apples;
  • 19th – kefir;
  • 20th – apples.

At first glance, to sustain such a diet is quite difficult. But if you tune in morally and create strong motivation, then you can really lose 20 kg in less than 3 weeks.

Another 20-day technique with a promising name that truly reflects its essence is the “Real” diet. Compared with all the weight loss systems described above, it is safer and more gentle to the body, but it also allows you to lose no more than 5 kg in a specified period of time. The main thing is to correctly combine proper nutrition with sports loads, which are mandatory in this program.

Essence and rules

Overweight is the result of too high-calorie food, metabolic disorders, the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive tract. The real diet for 20 days aims to eliminate the cause and consequences of all these problems. For this you need:

  • adjust diet, change eating habits, plan food intake so that breakfast is the most nutritious and nutritious, and dinner takes place 4 hours before bedtime;
  • lead an active lifestyle, give enough time to physical exertion, but they should be moderate and not overload the body;
  • not to strive for rapid weight loss, which causes severe damage to health, but to determine your calorie rate, which will speed up the breakdown of fat and normalize weight;
  • use the principle of alternation for losing weight, skipping one of the main meals daily;
  • thoroughly clean the body by holding regular days of discharge along with the use of sufficient (at least 2 liters) amount of fluid per day.

To lose weight was comfortable and effective, you need to find the right motivation, determine a reasonable framework for losing weight, plan a daily menu and training schedule. You should not seek rapid weight loss, which can lead to deep depression and the rapid return of the lost kilograms.

In addition, rapid weight loss disrupts all internal processes and causes the appearance of cosmetic defects – flabbiness and sagging skin, hair loss, brittle nails.

Sample menu

The diet of the “Real” diet is made up of low-calorie healthy products that provide active burning of their own fat reserves, and also have a positive effect on the immune system and do not create a stressful situation for the body during the period of weight loss. These products include:

  • from vegetables – cabbage and asparagus (broccoli), tomatoes, cucumbers, greens;
  • from legumes – beans;
  • from cereals – rice, buckwheat;
  • from proteins – eggs, chicken breast, sea fish, fat-free lactic acid products;
  • from fruit – all not starchy and not very sweet;
  • from drinks – green tea.

Of these products, you can make your own menu, using for heat treatment healthy cooking methods – cooking, steaming, grilling. Also an important condition for effective weight loss on this program is the principle of alternation, in which every day you need to give up breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sample menu may be as follows.

  • breakfast – 100 g of cottage cheese mass, apple, green tea;
  • lunch – 200 g of boiled chicken breast, 3 tbsp. l boiled rice, vegetable salad;
  • dinner is absent.
  • breakfast – scrambled eggs of 2 eggs, 100 ml of yogurt, pear;
  • lunch is absent;
  • dinner – 200 g of boiled fish, vegetable or fruit salad.
  • no breakfast;
  • lunch – 150 g boiled beans or buckwheat cereal, vegetable sliced, 200 ml of kefir;
  • dinner – 200 g of chicken fillet or curd mass, green tea, any fruit.

If you have a strong feeling of hunger while skipping meals, you can drink a glass of fresh fruit or sour-milk drink.

Weight loss on the “Real” diet is not very big, but stable. In this dietary courses can be repeated several times to achieve the desired body weight.

“Not a starved”

The method of losing weight with the very encouraging name “Not Hungry”, according to its supporters, really helps to effectively lose weight without absolutely starving. As a result of a 20-day observance of such a diet, the promised weight loss is about 1 kg per day, that is, you can get rid of 20 kg in just a specified period of weight loss.

Essence and rules

The main advantage of the “not a starved” diet for 20 days – no restrictions in the volume of servings and the amount of food consumed. But you can only use authorized products. Also, “starvation” diet is best done in the winter, when there is no abundance of fruit, because they are completely excluded.

The allowed are:

  • meat and fish, but only natural (sausage and other purchased products with artificial additives are prohibited);
  • eggs;
  • vegetables – exclusively red and green (especially banned carrots and beets).

Prohibited is all that is not in this list. Cooking methods are allowed any, including smoking and frying with the use of fat. For dressing salad used vegetable oil.

Eating is necessary every 3 hours. In the breaks you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day.

An important condition for losing weight on the “starvation” diet is strict adherence to the drinking regime. If less than 2 liters of pure water is drunk per day, the loss of excess weight will slow down significantly.

In the first 2-3 days there is a high probability of overeating, but it does not bring much harm with this technique. The main thing is to use only authorized products.

Sample menu

To make a “non-starved” diet at its discretion. Despite the rather limited number of permissible products, they are basic in human nutrition, therefore they allow to prepare a wide range of various dishes.

A sample menu option might be:

  • breakfast – scrambled eggs with vegetables and green onions, unsweetened tea or coffee;
  • Lunch – vegetable salad, meat in any form;
  • lunch – soup in meat or vegetable broth, salad, meat or fish dish;
  • lunch – vegetable stew with meat;
  • dinner – fish in any form, vegetable salad;
  • for the night – eggs, vegetables.

The “starvation” power system is quite high-calorific, so it does not require a special exit, and the weight after its termination does not return. But keep in mind that after 20 days of weight loss, weight usually stops. Therefore, you need to take a break on a healthy balanced diet, and then the course can be repeated again.

In addition to the above independent dietary techniques, designed for 20 days, there are many options for popular weight loss programs that can be very effective just for such a duration.

20-day versions of popular diets

Such well-known nutrition systems, such as the Kremlin, the protein, the English, the diet of astronauts, Elena Malysheva, and many other techniques designed for fairly long-term observance, are very popular all over the world. At the same time, they can be quite effectively used throughout the entire 20 days, and many of them even have some simplified 20-day versions. They can be a great solution for those who do not dare immediately go on too long and difficult process of losing weight or wants to determine how this or that diet will fit the individual characteristics of the body.


The Kremlin’s slimming method has long and firmly held the leading position among the most popular diets. This is due to the fact that it allows you to get rid of 5–8 kg per week without starving, and if the 20-day option is observed, the weight loss can be 15–18 kg. In this case, the greater the initial body weight, the faster it is lost. But, since the Kremlin diet is one of the protein diets, it has a number of contraindications and is only suitable for healthy people who are overweight. This technique is not particularly recommended for kidney diseases and during pregnancy.

Essence and rules

The essence of the Kremlin diet is the almost complete rejection of high carbohydrate foods, which are the main suppliers of energy. By limiting their use, you can force the body to extract it from its own fat deposits, which will ensure an active process of losing weight.

The uniqueness of the Kremlin technique is the absence of the need to count traditional grams or calories. It uses a special table of points (or u. E. – carbohydrate units, which correspond to the number of pure carbohydrates in grams), assigned only to products containing carbohydrates.

For weight loss, you need to make your daily diet in such a way as not to exceed the norm of 40 y. e., and in compliance with the 20-day option – 20 y. e. After reaching the desired weight for its further retention, the daily rate of points can be increased to 40–60.

To lose weight as efficiently as possible, it is recommended that you take in 20 g of carbohydrates at the expense of healthy foods, especially vegetables. They are suppliers of fiber, vitamins and trace elements, therefore, ensure the normal functioning of the intestine, which is most important when observing the protein slimming program.

All products containing a lot of carbohydrates, for the period of weight loss should be excluded. Forbidden on the Kremlin diet include:

  • any sweets;
  • bakery products;
  • cereals, pasta;
  • potatoes.

Such a diet program is ideal for people who are accustomed to eating animal proteins, primarily meat, fish, eggs, hard cheese, because they can be consumed in any quantities, without limiting the amount of servings and the frequency of their intake. This completely eliminates the appearance of hunger, characteristic of most other diet programs.

A mandatory requirement of the Kremlin diet is to drink plenty of liquids – you need to drink at least 2 liters of useful liquid (pure water, herbal infusions, rosehip broth) per day. This will ensure the maintenance of the necessary water-salt balance and active excretion of decomposition products.

Sample menu

Another big advantage of the Kremlin diet is a varied and free menu that you can make yourself by combining various foods within the acceptable carbohydrate range. At first, this approach seems complicated, but after a few days everything becomes clear, and the table is quickly remembered.

The basis for the preparation of the daily diet can take an example of a menu containing 20 y. e .:

13-14 week of pregnancy

  • breakfast – 150 g of curd mass (5 in. e.), scrambled eggs with sausage (2 in. e.), unsweetened coffee or tea (0 in. e.);
  • lunch – 100 g of vegetable cutting with olive oil dressing (4 cu. E.), 200 g of fish, baked with mushrooms (1 cu. E.), herbal extract (0 cu. E.);
  • Snack – 30 g nuts (4

By planning the daily menu, you can change the dishes depending on personal food preferences. At the same time products that do not contain carbohydrates, can be consumed indefinitely and at any time. There are no instructions on fats; on the contrary, it is believed that the fatter a product is, the less carbohydrates it contains. But for health it is better to use more useful vegetable oils. Also, do not go to extremes and completely abandon carbohydrates, so as not to harm health. The more balanced the menu, the more comfortable the diet will be for the body.


The astronauts diet has no relation to space technologies, although there is an opinion that astronauts fed on such a system before sending space if their weight did not meet the established requirements. But, most likely, this method of losing weight is called so because of the need to have the same strong, as in astronauts, health and great strength of will inherent in the people of this profession, which allows them to withstand all limitations.

Essence and rules

“Cosmic” weight loss, calculated for 20 days, is based on two principles – protein nutrition and a decrease in caloric intake. This allows you to achieve high efficiency in terms of normalization of body weight, while avoiding muscular dystrophy. With careful observance of the rules of the program for 20 days, you can get rid of 20 kg.

The diet of astronauts is quite strict, has a large number of restrictions, different monotonous and very poor menu. Therefore, it will be very difficult and stressful for the body to sustain it for 20 days.

During the period of losing weight you must follow a few mandatory rules:

  • completely abandon products containing fiber and carbohydrates;
  • do not use any flavorings – salt, sugar, seasonings, as well as vegetable oils and animal fats;
  • use at least 2.5 liters of clean drinking water;
  • set a 4-time diet, occasionally using a glass of low-fat kefir as a snack;
  • reduce physical activity due to too low energy value of the diet, giving the body a feasible load (best of all – walking);
  • Be sure to take vitamin and mineral complexes.

To lose weight on the astronauts can not be in the presence of any chronic diseases or other serious health problems, as well as during pregnancy or lactation. But even in completely healthy people, similar methods of losing weight can cause the development of a metabolic disorder – ketoacidosis, so they can be observed no more than once a year and not more than 20 days.

Required menu

The diet of the “astronauts” is very monotonous and does not change during the whole process of losing weight. Food should be taken at the same time 4 times a day, without deviating from the following menu:

  • breakfast – 1 egg (boiled or fried without fat), 200 ml of lactic acid drink, a cup of coffee without sugar;
  • lunch – 300 g of chicken meat, 500 ml of chicken broth, 200 ml of lactic acid drink, a cup of coffee (optional);
  • snack – 200 ml of lactic acid drink, tea or coffee;
  • dinner – 200 g of curd mass, 200 ml of lactic acid drink.

Adjustments to the menu can not be made. All milk products must be non-fat. To sustain 20 days of feeding according to the indicated scheme is rather difficult, but still possible. After this, it is extremely important to get out of the diet correctly:

  • first you need to add porridge to breakfast, oatmeal is best, and for dinner – vegetable or fruit salad;
  • After 3-4 days for lunch, you can enter vegetables or fruits;
  • a few days later – porridge for garnish.

All junk food is recommended to give up as long as possible in order to consolidate the results achieved and to develop the correct eating habits.

Pure protein

A diet on animal protein is a real find for those who love meat, fish and milk. All protein methods of weight loss are considered the most effective both in terms of the weight lost and in the comfort of compliance. They allow you to feel vigor and activity during the whole process of losing weight, without suffering at the same time a constant feeling of hunger.

Essence and rules

The action of the 20-day protein diet is designed to saturate the body with high-protein foods, minimizing the amount of carbohydrates consumed, which will cause metabolic stress and energy deficit. In such conditions, the body will begin to draw energy from its fat depots, extracting glycogen stores. In this case, weight loss will first be due to the removal of excess fluid, and then – burning fat and partly muscle mass.

Diet during the period of weight loss in the protein system will be very limited in terms of the range of products, but the portions remain quite large. Due to this, as well as due to a longer digestion of protein foods, hunger on such a diet is practically absent.

The protein method has few rules and requirements:

  • you need to eat food 5-6 times a day, the last meal – at least 2 hours before bedtime;
  • all foods must be lean;
  • It is obligatory to use at least 2 liters of pure water;
  • the whole period of losing weight you need to take a multivitamin.

The result of compliance with these rules and protein nutrition will be a loss of 15–20 kg in 20 days. In this case, it is prohibited to exceed the specified period in order not to provoke a serious deterioration in health. It should also be borne in mind that eating large amounts of protein puts a considerable burden on the kidneys, creates an imbalance of vitamins and minerals, and can cause disruption of the GIT.

Sample menu

The diet of the 20-day protein diet is divided into two periods. In the first 6 days of the menu should be as follows:

  • breakfast – unsweetened tea or coffee;
  • lunch – 2–3 boiled eggs, 1 apple;
  • lunch – boiled lean meat;
  • snack – hard cheese;
  • dinner – skim kefir.

A feature of these days is the complete rejection of water. That is, the rule of mandatory abundant drinking is not valid here.

In the next 14 days the menu changes. In the example, only 3 meals are given, but they should be 5-6 by adding snacks, for which 200 ml of nonfat kefir can be used. If the menu does not specify the allowable volume of servings, then the dish can be eaten indefinitely (until light saturation).

  • morning – unsweetened coffee;
  • dinner – 2–3 boiled eggs, 150 grams of stewed cabbage;
  • evening – boiled fish.
  • morning – unsweetened coffee;
  • lunch – 150 grams of vegetable salad, boiled fish;
  • evening – boiled lean meat.
  • morning – unsweetened coffee;
  • lunch – 150 g stewed zucchini, boiled lean meat;
  • evening – 2-3 boiled eggs, boiled fish.
  • morning – unsweetened coffee;
  • lunch – 1 raw egg, hard cheese;
  • evening – 200 grams of vegetable salad, boiled lean meat or fish.
  • morning – water with lemon juice;
  • dinner – boiled fish, 200 ml of tomato fresh;
  • evening – 2 boiled eggs, 200 g of vegetable salad.
  • morning – unsweetened coffee or 1 apple;
  • lunch – boiled chicken, 200 g cabbage salad;
  • evening – 2 boiled eggs, boiled fish.
  • morning – coffee without sugar;
  • lunch – boiled meat, apple;
  • Evening – 200 grams of vegetable salad, lean meat or steamed fish.

In addition to these products daily (except for the first 6 days) it is necessary to drink up to 2 liters of plain water between meals and snacks. This method of losing weight is extremely effective, and in compliance is difficult only the first few days. Then the body gets used to the new diet and the discomfort is almost not felt.


The name of this method of weight loss is associated with the image of slim, well-groomed, with excellent taste of Englishwomen. And this largely corresponds to the essence of the English diet – it allows you to quickly bring the figure in order and maintain it in perfect condition.

The big advantage of the English diet is the absence of negative symptoms inherent in almost all low-calorie methods of weight loss – feelings of constant hunger, loss of strength and deterioration of mood. Rather, on the contrary, the body with such nutrition works more clearly and harmoniously, which has a positive effect on appearance and well-being.

In the process of losing weight, a regular supply of sufficient amount of protein and fiber is provided, and the need for fat is replenished from its own reserves, which ensures weight loss. In addition, by eating healthy foods, many vital processes normalize, resulting in regulated sugar and cholesterol levels, pressure stabilizes, toxins, radionuclides and other harmful substances are eliminated, and the digestive tract and many other systems improve.

Essence and rules

This version of the 20-day program of nutrition is based on the use of protein and vegetable products in compliance with the daily caloric intake, which should not exceed 1000 kcal.

There are 5 basic principles of weight loss in English:

  1. Compliance with the drinking regime – the amount of water drunk per day should not be less than 2 liters.
  2. Eating a minimum amount of salt (preferably sea) or replacing it with dry spices.
  3. Cooking in healthy ways only – by steaming, stewing, boiling, baking on the grill.
  4. Refusal to eat after 19 hours.
  5. Reception at night 1 tbsp. l olive oil to cleanse the intestines during sleep.

During the period of weight loss on the English dietary program, you should use only approved products and take vitamin-mineral complexes to fill the missing nutrients.

This method of losing weight is also called the “Thin Waist” diet and the Queen’s diet. In this case, the first name very accurately reflects its essence, and the second, on the contrary, does not quite correspond to reality, since Elizabeth II adheres to several different diets, however, also based on protein-vegetable nutrition.

Sample menu

By product set, the 20-day English system is lacto-ovo-vegetarian, that is, it is allowed to eat plant foods, eggs, and dairy products.

The list of approved products includes:

  • vegetables – celery, carrots, beets, sweet peppers, beans, asparagus, pumpkin, eggplants;
  • fruits – apples, pears, lemons, kiwi, pineapples;
  • nuts – pine, walnuts, hazelnuts;
  • cereals – buckwheat, oat, rice;
  • skimmed milk and dairy products;
  • eggs;
  • garlic, onions, dry spices, herbs.

Virtually everything else for 20 days must be discarded.

You need to start losing weight after preloading, which will prepare the digestive system for a new diet. Immediately before entering the diet for 2 days, you need to switch to water and kefir (a total of at least 2 liters of liquid should be obtained). Only 2 slices of whole grain bread are allowed for solid foods.

To make a menu for 1000 kcal, you can choose dishes from the proposed options for the main meals.

Breakfast options (200 kcal):

  1. 100 g oatmeal porridge cooked in milk from 1 tbsp. l raisins, 200 ml of fresh fruit or vegetables;
  2. 1 egg, a slice of bran bread, 100 ml of fresh juice;
  3. an apple, 100 g of rice or cereal, 200 ml of milk;
  4. 200 g of fruit slices, seasoned with a small amount of yogurt.

Dinner options (300 kcal):

  1. 1 potato, boiled or baked in its skin, 100 g of vegetable cutting, 100 g of curd mass, 1 any fruit;
  2. 200 ml of decoction of vegetables, 25 g of cheese, bran flour flour, apple;
  3. 50 g of bean puree, 2 slices of bran bread, 100 g of fruit slices, seasoned with lemon juice;
  4. 2 eggs, fried with vegetables without oil, 50 g of cheese, pear.

Dinner options (500 Kcal):

  1. 200 g of bean puree with 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil, 100 g fruit sliced;
  2. 200 ml of vegetable soup, 30 g cheese, 2 slices of bran bread, 50 g dried apricots;
  3. 200 g of cabbage, stewed with 1 tbsp. l butter, 200 ml of any lactic acid drink, 1 baked apple with curd filling;
  4. 150 g baked vegetables, 2 potatoes, boiled or baked with the skin, 100 g unsweetened curd dessert.

Composing a daily ration of these options, you should make it as diverse and balanced as possible. With the exact implementation of all the rules and recommendations for 20 days, you can lose 12-15 kg of excess weight.

The diet of Elena Malysheva is a special nutrition system specifically designed for weight loss. It can be observed any period of time, depending on the desire, willpower and the ultimate goal of losing weight. So, for 20 days losing weight on this technique, you can quite simply get rid of 10-15 kg of excess weight.

Essence and rules

The diet program of Dr. Malysheva is aimed at losing weight without suffering and hunger, eating tasty the most simple and affordable products. At the same time it is necessary to follow a few simple and very clear rules:

  • observe 5-times diet in small portions;
  • calculate the daily caloric intake, which should be 1175–1200 kcal;
  • take vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • drink plenty (from 2 liters) of clean water;
  • prevent the emergence of a strong feeling of hunger to prevent the appearance of stress, discomfort, weakening of immunity, drowsiness, apathy;
  • often be in the open air, maintain a good mood.

When choosing products, you should abandon flour products, sweets, alcohol, any fats, as well as rice, potatoes, beets, carrots.

Sample menu

The diet of the diet of Elena Malysheva is based on the following scheme:

  • breakfast – 200 ml of nonfat yogurt, a portion of oatmeal is not fast, but not boiled, but steamed with boiling water and retains almost all vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances;
  • Lunch – some fruits (for example, 2 apples or 2 oranges, or 1 citrus and some berries);
  • dinner – low-fat protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, cheese);
  • afternoon tea – fruit, as for lunch;
  • dinner (only until 19:00) – vegetable salads, low-fat dairy drinks.

With a very active lifestyle, high physical exertion and sports, you must independently regulate your diet, increasing the caloric intake to the required level in order to prevent depletion of the body.

In fact, the nutritional methodology of Elena Malysheva is not a special menu, but the correct distribution of products throughout the day. You can cook dishes on your own, but necessarily in healthy ways without the use of fat, a large amount of spices and flavorings.


The nutrition program, which implies the alternation of rations with the content of proteins and carbohydrates separately, as well as the so-called “mixed” days, is considered quite balanced and healthy. It allows you to meet the needs of the body in all nutrients and provides only burning fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

Protein-carbohydrate diet for 20 days is very popular, especially among athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. It allows you to effortlessly get rid of 8–10 kg of excess weight over a specified period, and with enhanced sports activities, weight loss can be much more.

Essence and rules

As a result of the 20-day alternation of protein and carbohydrate nutrition, there is a significant acceleration of metabolic processes and the body begins to intensively break down its own fat reserves to obtain the necessary energy. At the same time, an increased intake of proteins protects the muscle mass from splitting, and the skin from sagging.

The principle of powering this system is as follows:

  • the first and second days of the diet are proteinaceous, high-protein foods are included in their diet, and carbohydrates are reduced to a minimum;
  • the third day is carbohydrate, only food rich in carbohydrates is consumed;
  • the fourth day is mixed, meals include the use of proteins and carbohydrates.

In such a scheme, glycogen is actively lost in the first 2 days and the splitting of fat cells begins. If this period is delayed, the burning of muscles will begin, which the high-carbohydrate day is intended to prevent. However, for the full replenishment of glycogen reserves of one day is not enough, so another day is introduced into the diet – a moderate day, in the diet of which both carbohydrates and proteins are included in order to normalize their level in the body.

Thus, one cycle of the protein-carbohydrate alternation consists of 4 days, and in the diet for 20 days they are repeated 5 times. This time is enough for the most effective unwinding of metabolism, while remaining in good physical tone.

Sample menu

In drawing up the appropriate diet should:

  • on protein days, use mainly protein products, calculating the required amount of pure protein using the formula: the available weight multiplied by 3 (in grams), and the amount of pure carbohydrates – the desired weight multiplied by 0.5 (in grams);
  • on carbohydrate days – include in the diet complex carbohydrates at the rate of 5 g per 1 kg of the available weight, as well as some protein – 1 g per 1 kg, respectively;
  • on mixed days, take the same amount of carbohydrates and proteins: 2 g per 1 kg of your weight.

As sources of protein it is recommended to use:

  • white meat;
  • low-fat fish;
  • cheeses up to 30% fat;
  • defatted milk products;
  • eggs (mainly proteins);
  • seafood.

The best sources of complex carbohydrates for carbohydrate days are:

  • porridges;
  • non-starchy vegetables;
  • mushrooms;
  • whole wheat bread.

On mixed days, it is recommended to eat foods that are considered neutral in protein and carbohydrate content. These include:

  • lean red meat;
  • dark poultry meat;
  • Soy meat;
  • cottage cheese;
  • cold-smoked non-fat products;
  • Brussels sprouts;
  • green pea;
  • asparagus;
  • apricots, peaches, plums;
  • berries;
  • dried fruits.

On any day of the cycle, dishes should be cooked by boiling, stewing, steaming, baking or frying without fat.

The basis for compiling a protein-carbohydrate diet can be taken as an example of the basic menu below.

For protein days:

  • breakfast – a small portion of vegetable salad with vegetable oil, 2 eggs, cottage cheese;
  • dinner – chicken breast or lean beef, some vegetable stew or boiled beans;
  • dinner – fish, some vegetable salad.

For carbohydrate days:

  • breakfast – a portion of oatmeal with raisins, 2 slices of whole-grain bread;
  • lunch – vegetable salad, half chicken breast, a portion of boiled rice;
  • dinner – pasta from durum flour with unsweetened sauce or low-fat gravy.

For moderate days:

  • breakfast – oatmeal with raisins, cottage cheese, tea or coffee without sugar;
  • Lunch – a portion of boiled buckwheat, vegetable salad, lean meat;
  • dinner – lean fish, vegetable stew.

Fats in the diet do not necessarily exclude completely, but it is recommended to give preference to cold-pressed vegetable oils.

The most effective protein-carbohydrate weight loss program works in conjunction with intensive sports activities that are best carried out on mixed and carbohydrate days.

It should be borne in mind that 20 days is the optimal period for this technique, because with longer application the body gets used to this diet, which can lead to weight loss.

Therefore, it is recommended to take 10-day breaks, and then again you can repeat the course an unlimited number of times.

“Striped” diet – a unique technique that allows you to lose weight without giving up your usual diet. This rather unusual way of losing weight is not debilitating and allows you to independently set the duration of the course depending on the required weight loss. Depending on the severity of compliance for 20 days, you can lose from 5 to 20 kg of overweight. In addition, the best results can be achieved only with serious physical activity, but the body needs to be given such a load only on unloading days.

Essence and rules

The basis of the “Striped” system of weight loss is the alternation of days on a normal diet with unloading on kefir. The effectiveness of this nutritional scheme is due to the excellent nutritional properties of this fermented milk drink and its ability to well satisfy hunger, while possessing a low calorie content. Due to the alternation of the usual diet with unloading the body begins to successfully burn fat, but at the same time does not have time to experience a shortage of essential nutrients.

The best results on the “Striped” diet can be achieved if at the same time alternating with the transition to proper nutrition. The use of too high-calorie or harmful products for the figure on “ordinary” days can significantly reduce the effect of “kefir”.

Weight reduction on such a power supply system is not too fast, which minimizes the likelihood of stress for the body, eliminates possible breakdowns and makes the achieved result very stable.

Replacing the usual ration with unloading on kefir according to the 1/1 scheme ensures a reduction in calories consumed in 20 days by about 50%, which significantly activates the burning of subcutaneous fat and weight loss in general. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to give up the established eating habits and change lifestyle.

A “striped” diet for 20 days is not suitable only in cases where there is intolerance to fermented milk products or diseases of the digestive tract.

Sample menu

There are 2 options for “striped” slimming – sparing and hard. The menu of the unloading day in both cases remains unchanged – 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt, taken evenly throughout the day. The diet of a typical day does not change with the gentle option – in fact, everything that is customary can be consumed.

The hard version imposes restrictions on the non-loading day menu. Most often, it is used when you need to get rid of a large number of extra pounds in a short time.

A sample menu of a strict “Striped” diet should be as follows:

  • breakfast – 100 g of curd mass or 200 ml of kefir, a portion of oatmeal on water;
  • lunch – 50 g almond nuts, 1 green unsweetened apple;
  • lunch – 200 ml of vegetable soup, 150 g of boiled chicken breast or veal, 200 g of cabbage casserole;
  • afternoon tea – 200 g of curd mass, 1–2 fruits to choose from;
  • dinner – 200 g of fish, 200 g of non-starchy vegetables in any form.

Observe the above menu can not be very strict. But it should be borne in mind that the speed of getting rid of extra pounds depends solely on food on normal days. Therefore, in any case, it is recommended to limit the consumption or eliminate from the diet sweet, flour, fatty and other harmful products for the figure. Complex carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, dried fruits) should be consumed in the morning, and vegetables and dairy products should be used for dinner. To maintain the achieved weight for a long time, after completing the process of losing weight, it is recommended to switch to proper nutrition and arrange kefir discharge day once a week.

The buckwheat diet is a fairly rigid mono-diet, but at the same time it has gained great popularity among those losing weight all over the world due to its fast and effective weight loss. Its observance for 20 days is the maximum duration allowed by nutritionists, but subject to the additional introduction of kefir into the diet. During this period of time on a buckwheat-kefir diet, you can lose 20 kg or even more.

Essence and rules

The basis of buckwheat slimming is prepared by the method of steaming buckwheat, which in the case of mono-diets is the only component of the diet, and when more gentle option is combined with kefir. The effectiveness of this technique due to the fact that the body in such a limited diet begins to actively break down internal fats to provide themselves with energy.

To minimize metabolic stress for the body, you must first spend a few fasting days on buckwheat. This will help determine the impact of such a diet on health and well-being, as well as to determine their readiness to comply with such a limited diet.

Like all low-carb protein mono-diet, buckwheat weight loss method is not suitable for people with poor health, as well as for children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

The diet of the 20-day option on buckwheat with kefir is a very effective combination of products, providing an optimal proportion of proteins and carbohydrates. Buckwheat porridge is tasty, I am healthy and very nutritious, therefore it excludes the appearance of a strong feeling of hunger. And the fiber contained in it actively absorbs and removes toxins, providing a quality cleansing of the body. Kefir, in turn, also helps to saturate and at the same time supplies a certain amount of protein needed to maintain muscle tissue during the period of weight loss.

Sample menu

To weight loss was not only quick, but also the most useful, buckwheat must be prepared according to a special recipe. To do this, pour 1 cup of cereal with 2 cups of boiling water and wrap a warm blanket for the night or insist in a thermos for 2 hours. Kefir should be no more than 1% fat and one-day, as more mature acquires a bonding effect.

To draw up a daily ration, it is allowed to take 1 l of kefir and buckwheat in unlimited quantities. But usually the amount specified in the recipe is enough (1 cup of dry cereal). Kefir and porridge can be consumed together or separately, divided into equal portions and distributed throughout the day. In addition, for the day you need to drink at least 2 liters of pure water, including unsweetened green tea. It is imperative that the entire period of weight loss is necessary to take vitamin and mineral complexes in order to compensate for the shortage of necessary substances.

If it is very difficult to withstand this diet, you can somewhat diversify the daily menu with some useful products:

  • dried fruits – several pieces of dried apricots or prunes are allowed;
  • savory fruit – no more than 2 pieces (or 200 g) with the exception of grapes, bananas, melons, watermelon;
  • vegetables – only fresh cabbage, raw or boiled beets;
  • greens – any taste;
  • honey – no more than 1 hour l add to water or tea.

The introduction of these components is not too reduce the effectiveness of the technique, but will help avoid disruptions and minimize the stress from too limited nutrition.

To leave such a diet should be smoothly within a month. First, light healthy products are introduced – vegetables, eggs, then – lean fish, white meat. All this period, buckwheat and kefir should remain the main components of the diet.

Effective “20/20”

The “20/20” diet is an effective comprehensive program of a balanced but low-calorie diet. As practice shows, the diet is fully consistent with the name – “20/20” – and actually allows you to lose 20 kg in 20 days.

Essence and rules

This technique is based on simple, but rather strict principles:

  • fractional diet is established – often in small portions;
  • any meals after 19:00 are excluded;
  • strictly maintained drinking mode – between meals, you need to drink only clean water or herbal infusions with a total amount of at least 2 liters;
  • sports are mandatory for all 18 days after a 2-day fasting period, but the load should be moderate;
  • The way out of weight loss should be smooth, with further adherence to the principles of proper nutrition and rejection of the habit of overeating;
  • the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes is obligatory; with most diets, it is recommended to take a multivitamin;
  • without consulting a doctor, the diet does not start.

Refer to this method of losing weight can not more than 1 time in 6 months.

With strict adherence to the principles and rules of the diet “20/20” will indeed be very effective. But for its observance it will take a lot of restraint and willpower. A big disadvantage of this method of normalizing body weight is the lack of saturation and a constant feeling of hunger. Also, the 20/20 diet is not suitable for people with chronic diseases and other health problems, as well as in children, adolescents, elderly, during pregnancy or lactation. In general, doctors do not approve of such methods of losing weight and do not recommend adhering to such strict diets with very fast weight loss.

The very essence of the “20/20” diet is to divide the entire slimming period into 3 stages, each of which lasts 2 days:

  • hungry (unloading);
  • protein (active);
  • vegetable (stabilizing).

The first hungry stage is used only once at the very beginning of the diet. The other two, protein and vegetable, alternate for the remaining 18-day period.

During the entire period of weight loss, it is forbidden to consume alcohol, carbonated drinks, potatoes, flour and bakery products, sweets. Everything else is possible, but in small quantities. The main thing – strict adherence to the order and the menu by day. This will allow for 20 days to lose weight and adjust the figure.

Diet menu for 20 days

A diet of two hungry days begins, in each of which you need to consume 1.5 liters of milk (kefir) and 200 ml of tomato fresch with a slice of black bread. During these days, the body will either change to the new regime, or will react negatively to it and then this method of losing weight will have to be abandoned.

For the protein and vegetable period, a detailed menu has been drawn up for each day, which is desirable to strictly observe, but if necessary, you can make some adjustments without changing the category and calorie content of dishes.

The diet of the protein day is presented in this variation:

  • breakfast – 50 g of bran bread, 20 g of butter, 1 tsp. honey, coffee;
  • lunch – 100 ml of broth from lean fish or lean meat, 50 g of fish or meat (respectively), 50 g of bran bread;
  • Snack – 200 ml of milk 0% fat with 0.5 tsp. honey;
  • dinner – 2 eggs, 50 g of fish (meat), steamed, 50 g of cheese, 50 g of bran bread, 200 ml of kefir.

The diet of the vegetable day should be as follows:

  • breakfast – 2 fruits (preferably apples or oranges);
  • lunch – vegetable soup with the exception of potatoes, 100 g of stews or cabbage salad;
  • high tea – some vegetables;
  • dinner – 200 grams of vegetables, 50 grams of bran bread, green tea.

To diversify the specified menu is recommended to use the following recipes.

Dish recipes

Most diet menu options for 20 days suggest the separation of protein, vegetable and carbohydrate dishes. To make the diet for each day the most diverse and at the same time full, you can use the following recipes.


Weight loss on proteins is the most effective and popular, especially in 20-day weight loss programs. Therefore, protein recipes will be relevant for most of these diets.

Chicken Breast Kefir

Cut the breast into small pieces, pour kefir, mixed in half with water. If allowed by diet, salt, pepper, add spices and herbs. Keep in the refrigerator for 4–5 hours or leave overnight. Then put the mass on a preheated pan and simmer for 10 minutes.

Chop the fillets in a blender, add 200 g of curd mass, 2-3 cloves of garlic, salt a little, pepper and mix well again with a blender. Put the mass in a sleeve for baking, giving it the shape of a sausage. Bake at 180º С for 30 minutes.

Chicken breast, diced, pour 2 liters of water, boil until cooked. Cool it down. Separately, beat 5 proteins, add to the broth, add finely chopped herbs and spices. Put on the fire, boil over low heat for 2 minutes after boiling.

Omelet with cottage cheese

Mix 100 g low-fat curd mass with 2 egg whites. Add 3 tbsp. l water, finely chopped greens, salt, spices. Mix everything lightly with a whisk or fork, pour into a silicone or non-stick mold and bake in the oven until slightly rosy crust.

Any fish (cleaned and washed) rub with a mixture of lemon juice with dry spices and herbs. Place in a baking sachet or wrap in foil. Bake at 180º С for 30 minutes. Before turning off the oven, cut the foil or bag and let the fish lightly redden.

Chicken fillet in lemon

Cut the fillets into large, flat pieces. Every beat, rub with lemon juice with dry spices, salt (if desired, but not necessary). Leave to marinate for 2 hours. Fry in a pan without oil.

Boil any fish, separate from the bones, divided into small pieces. Put in a pan, pour fish broth so that it covers the fish, sprinkle with dry spices. From above, rub 1 boiled egg and 2 more proteins without yolks. Simmer under cover with a slow boil for 5 minutes.

Dissolve 15 g of gelatin in a glass of water, as indicated on the package. Add a little cocoa and sweetener to taste. Cool slightly, add 200 g of grated through a sieve of curd mass. Beat with a mixer, pour into forms. Leave in the refrigerator until freezing.


Vegetable dishes are used in many 20-day diets as sources of complex carbohydrates. At the same time, they can be included not only on purely “vegetable” or “carbohydrate” days, but in some methods and in a protein diet to make it more balanced.

Chinese cabbage rolls

Divide and boil until half ready 1 head of Peking cabbage. Separately, chop 2 grated carrots, finely chopped onion and 200 g of sliced ​​boiled green beans in a skillet without oil. Let the mixture cool, wrap in cabbage leaves, put in a saucepan, pour with diluted tomato juice, simmer for 20 minutes at a slow boil.

Take any vegetables to taste, cut into cubes. Place in a frying pan, put on a small fire and simmer until tender. You can add salt, spices, vegetable oil, if it is not prohibited by the diet.

Cut into cubes zucchini, mushrooms and peppers, finely chop the onion. All mix, add herbs, garlic, soy sauce. Put the finished mixture on the foil, wrap “bundle”. Bake in the oven on a lattice at 180º С for 30 minutes.


Meals with a high content of complex carbohydrates are in demand in special techniques, for example, protein-carbohydrate alternation, and are also excellent for correctly exiting the 20-day diet with the gradual introduction of carbohydrates into the menu. After switching to a normal diet, they can be used as healthy snacks.

Mix 40 g of oatmeal and rye flour, beat 1 egg, pour 1 tsp. olive oil. Add kefir, how much will it take to make a not very soft dough. Put it on a table sprinkled with rye flour, roll out, cover with a layer of soft curd mass, in which, if desired, you can add a sugar substitute to taste. Wrap in the form of an oyster (semicircle), bake on a baking sheet with a silicone mat or parchment until lightly browning.

Rice porridge and masha

Take 30 g of cereals – rice and mung bean (dredge mung for 2 hours). Pour some water into the pan, put grated carrots and crumbled onions. Add a little bit, pour boiling water over, cover with an even layer of mash, boil until it is half cooked. Add rice and cook porridge.

Add a little water to the instant oatmeal to form a thick mass. Sweeten with a sugar substitute or a small amount of honey. Let it brew for 30 minutes. Spread the dough in portions on a baking tray covered with parchment or silicone mat. Bake at 180º С for 15–20 minutes. Instead of sweetener, you can add a little salt and spices to get excellent diet bread.

Oatmeal not quick-cooked pour boiling water, let cool. Drain off excess water if left over. Add grated carrots, egg white and cottage cheese. Mix the mass thoroughly (preferably with a blender), lay out with a spoon on a baking sheet covered with parchment or a rug. Bake until golden brown.

Grate or cut into small cubes 2 peeled apple. Stir the oatmeal to a thick mass. Add 1 tbsp. l oat bran and slightly beaten egg white. Fry in a nonstick frying pan without oil. Apples can be replaced with bananas, then you can not add the egg.

All the above recipes can be used as a basis for your own imagination. They can change or exclude ingredients, getting completely new dishes. Also note that all of them can be used not only in the process of losing weight, but also during the exit from the diet.

Out of the diet

After the end of the diet and achieve the desired results, it is very important to return to the usual diet correctly so that the dropped pounds do not return. The main thing is to do this gradually, by entering into the menu the products prohibited by the diet program in small portions.

In addition, you must follow a few general principles that are required when leaving any 20-day diet:

  1. In the daily diet, you first need to enter useful products that will help make it as balanced as possible, and only then – all the rest. Ideally, you need to follow the principles of proper nutrition to prevent weight gain in the future.
  2. Exercise should become mandatory with a gradual increase in the intensity of training. But it is impossible to overload the body weakened by a diet with hard sport activities – it is best to use moderate activity during the entire period of release.
  3. Drinking regime should be kept the same as it was during the period of weight loss – as a rule, it is 1.5–2 liters of useful fluid per day, including clean water, herbal infusions, green tea.
  4. If vitamin-mineral complexes were taken during weight loss, they should remain in the diet and for the entire period of release, which will help the body recover faster.

There is a general rule for exit from any diet – this period in duration should correspond to the duration of the process of losing weight. Therefore, after 20 days, it is necessary to switch to a healthy balanced diet in order to maintain weight and prevent its further increase.

Reviews and results are thinner

Svetlana, 30 years old, Izhevsk

About once every six months, I sit on a 20/20 diet. I will not say that it works wonders – I lose about 7–8 kg in 20 days. But I like the principle of nutrition on which it is built, as well as the guaranteed weight loss, however, less than promised, but it is enough for me. The main thing – after the release does not gang up on all the forbidden. Then the weight keeps up – I have about six months.

Elena, 22, Moscow

My magic wand – the Kremlin diet for 20 days. Well, very good, not at all hungry, eat meat, fish, sausage and sour cream all round the clock. For 20 days on such a rich diet in some strange way it takes me 10 kg, my body tightens, no stretch marks or sagging skin. I don’t do sports, but I go to work every day on foot, which is about 5 km in both directions. But my friend is such a weight loss is not suitable, because she can not live without sweet. So sweet teeth need to look for another way.

Marina, 25 years old, Omsk

A few years ago, I really had a weight loss “in 20 days minus 20 kg.” But there are many nuances because of which I no longer want to lose weight like that. First, six months later, the weight returned with a weight gain – plus 30 kg. Secondly, during the period of losing weight, I began to look much worse. Hair, skin, nails – everything had to be restored within several months. In general, my short-term slimness cost too much. I do not recommend resorting to such radical measures. You need to lose weight gradually, maintaining health in the first place.

Vladimir, 28 years old, Moscow

I go in for sports, but not a professional “jock”, but just try to keep fit. The Kremlin diet has become a way of life for me. But first, I sat on it with strict observance of all the rules, I lost weight very well, especially considering active training. Now I just limit carbohydrates to 60 points per day – this is quite enough to maintain normal weight. And, of course, a great emphasis on proteins, but I also do not overdo it, I try to combine them with a lot of fresh vegetables. I want to say that everything is very individual. The main thing – to find “his” diet, which will be suitable in all respects. If in doubt, contact your nutritionist or fitness trainer better.

Reviews of doctors and specialists

Matvey Ilyin, Dietician, Vologda

In most cases, diets for 20 days are quite gentle and balanced, because their duration allows you not to cut the diet too much to lose weight. But I am amazed at the positive feedback on the 20/20 diet. Without any damage to health, no organism can lose such a large number of kilograms over a specified period. Of course, if the initial body weight is 200 kg and a plummet of 20 kg is only 10%, then this result is still allowed. But when in less than 3 weeks the weight falls from 70 kg to 50, then this will be a huge stress and strain on all organs, this should not be allowed in any case. Along with weight loss, you can acquire a number of serious diseases of the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system. Such a dramatic weight loss is especially harmful for women, since it can cause a hormonal failure and even infertility.

Valeria Pributkovskaya, nutritiologist, St. Petersburg

The most acceptable for a 20-day diet, I think protein-carbohydrate alternation. In such a weight loss program, the diet remains balanced, and minor deviations do not have time to cause significant harm to the processes occurring in the body. Strongly against high-protein nutrition, because it causes an irreversible blow to the kidneys and blood vessels. No harmony will replace your lost health. Weight loss on proteins can only be short-term – no more than 3 days, and always in combination with physical activity, that is, the so-called drying, which is used by athletes. For a normal person to normalize weight, you need to switch to proper nutrition and moderate physical activity. This will be enough to clean up without harm and stress to the body.

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