10 week of pregnancy photo


According to the rules, a pregnant woman must register at 6 weeks. But if she did not, 10 weeks of pregnancy from conception – it’s time to do it.

What will show the ultrasound at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Fetus photo

At the 10th week of pregnancy, ultrasounds are usually not performed without any particular indications. Usually a control study is prescribed for a period between 10 and 14 weeks. But if you do an ultrasound at 10 weeks, you can see that the fetus is already like a human. If he does not sleep, then he actively moves, moves his hands and legs, and can take a finger in his mouth. The fruit is in a bubble filled with amniotic fluid.

10 week of pregnancy photo

Photo ultrasound at 10 weeks of pregnancy

Fetal development in the 10th week of pregnancy. What happens to the baby

10 week of pregnancy – a time of intensive development.

  • The nervous system and the brain develop. The nervous system is already divided into central and peripheral.
  • The fetus has already formed almost all the internal organs, the circulatory system is actively working.
  • The heart beats often – about 150 beats per minute.
  • Formed gastrointestinal tract, liver develops.
  • Develops the immune and lymphatic systems.
  • A diaphragm appears.
  • The cartilaginous rudiments of bones are replaced by real bone tissue, the rudiments of milk teeth develop. The body of the unborn child now requires a lot of calcium.
  • The child already has its own blood type – the corresponding agglutinins and agglutinogens appeared in the blood. The blood type of the child depends on the blood types of the parents, but does not necessarily coincide with one of them.
  • If it’s a boy, his testicles are already starting to produce testosterone.
  • If a girl, her ovaries produce estrogen. The external genitalia of the fetus is not yet formed.
  • Already appeared pens, legs and even fingers on them.

The weight of the fetus at 10 weeks of pregnancy is 4-5 grams, and the size of the fetus is 35-40 mm. He is still quite small, but he already has all the important internal organs, sexual characteristics are laid, although the floor cannot yet be determined. The fruit is transparent, a fluff appears on the skin.

Photos of tummies. What does the stomach look like at the 10th week of pregnancy?

10 week of pregnancy – Feelings of the future mother

  1. The abdomen is practically not growing at this time – the fruit is still too small. However, the uterus increases in size and leaves the pelvic area, so a woman may feel some heaviness and fullness in the lower abdomen.
  2. There may be nagging pains in the groin and lower abdomen – this signals a growing uterus. Her ligaments stretch, which is a bit painful.
  3. Also at the 10th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother continues to gain weight, mainly the mammary glands, the volume of the uterus, the amount of blood in the body increase. At the 10th week of pregnancy, a woman should gain 2-3 kg. If the weight began to decrease, you need to consult a doctor. Normally, this should not be.
  4. At the 10th week of pregnancy, there may be unpleasant symptoms of the digestive system, such as abdominal pain, heartburn – this is due to muscle contraction.
  5. May occur constipation. Their cause in the first trimester of pregnancy lies in the increased production of progesterone, which relaxes the muscles of the intestine.
  6. For the prevention and treatment of constipation, you need to take natural safe laxatives – dried apricots and prunes. Sleep better on the side, so as not to create a load on the intestines. If there is a need to take a laxative, you need to consult a doctor. Means such as magnesia and vaseline oil are contraindicated in pregnancy.
  7. At the 10th week of pregnancy, pigmentation increases – there may be spots on the face, darkening of the cheeks (“mask of the pregnant”), white line of the abdomen (from navel down). Along with this, hair growth increases – a fluff on a stomach, face, chest can grow. No need to worry – this is due to changes in hormonal levels and will pass on its own in the first months after birth.
  8. Enlarged and coarsened mammary glands. Montgomery nodules appear around the nipples.
  9. The future mom may be disturbed by sleepiness, frequent mood swings, nervousness, irritability. All this is connected with hormonal changes, and they – with the rapid and active development of the baby. Often, pregnant women have surprisingly vivid and colorful dreams because a particular area of ​​the cerebral cortex is activated during the birth of a child.
  10. The effects of toxemia may persist, but they gradually decrease. By the second trimester should be much easier.

10 week of pregnancy photo

Discharge at 10 weeks gestation

At the 10th week of gestation, the secretions are normal, white, or almost odorless. However, the immunity of women during pregnancy is weakened, so it may appear thrush.

If the discharge has changed – become yellow, greenish, with flakes and an unpleasant smell, you need to quickly find out the reason. If it is a matter of infection with some kind of infection, it must be cured, otherwise it may harm the unborn child. Also indicate an infection cramps and pain when urinating, genital itching.

Danger in the 10th week of pregnancy is brown or bloody discharge. If they appear and are especially accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, resembling contractions, this indicates the beginning of a miscarriage. In this case, you must call an ambulance! Delay here threatens to lose the child.

Spotting with pulling pains may indicate ectopic pregnancy. This is a very dangerous condition! If an ectopic pregnancy has not been diagnosed before, then the now-grown egg can break the fallopian tube. The rupture threatens a woman’s life, so immediate hospitalization and surgery are needed.

Tips for the future mom

10 week of pregnancy – a period when you do not need to neglect exercise. Of course, you need to do it carefully. Best of all, future mother is suitable for yoga and swimming – they have a good effect on the nervous system. Physical activity helps to keep fit and recover faster after childbirth.

The fetus now needs a lot of calcium, so you need to pay attention to the condition of the teeth and visit the dentist, if necessary.

Nutrition in the 10th week of pregnancy

Meals, as during pregnancy, should be complete. To avoid constipation, we can recommend the following.

  1. Enough to drink – up to 2 liters per day. Often, it is due to lack of fluid that constipation occurs. In addition to ordinary water, useful plum juice.
  2. Reduce the amount of tea, coffee, caffeinated beverages.
  3. In food should be fiber. It is found in wholemeal bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains.
  4. At each meal, eat a small portion of salad.
  5. Before breakfast it is good to drink a glass of warm water with lemon – it will “wake up” the intestines.
  6. You need to eat small meals, but more often.
  7. Dried fruits have a mild laxative effect: prunes and dried apricots.

Also, a woman should receive enough calcium from food, because at the 10th week the child’s bones and teeth are actively formed.

  • A pregnant woman needs from 1000 to 1300 mg of calcium per day.
  • This important element can be obtained not only from dairy products, but also from broccoli, spinach.
  • Calcium products need to be eaten several times a day, no need to try to get the entire dose in one sitting, some will not digest anyway. For example, at one meal it is enough to drink a glass of milk, or eat 40 g of cheese, or one egg, or about 80 g of fish, or 125 g of white beans.
  • Calcium supplements should be taken on the advice of a doctor.
  • For the absorption of calcium you need vitamin D, which is produced during your stay in the sun. Enough 15-30 minutes a day.

Rhesus factor and Rhesus conflict

At the 10th week of pregnancy, it is important to determine the presence of Rh-conflict between the mother and the fetus. His probability exists if his mother is Rh-negative and his father is Rh-positive. If there is a conflict, you will have to control the situation and pass tests every month, after 32 weeks – every two weeks, and from 35 weeks – every week.

Rhesus-conflict is dangerous because it can begin the rejection of the fetus by the mother’s immunity, and also because the red blood cells in the child will begin to collapse, which will lead to disruption of the development and possible death of the fetus. In addition, Rh-conflict increases the likelihood of miscarriage in the next pregnancy of the woman. In order for pregnancy and childbirth to pass without complications, in such situations they make injections of anti-rhesus immunoglobulin.

Surveys in the 10th week of pregnancy. What happens to mom

If the expectant mother is registered at week 6, then at 10 it is time for another visit to the doctor. The doctor prescribes the most common tests: a complete blood test and sugar, urine test. Special attention should be paid to blood sugar levels.

If there is a risk of miscarriage, you may need to take a hCG test. Its content grows with the development of pregnancy, and according to the dynamics of the level of hCG, the doctor can monitor whether everything is normal.

If there is a likelihood of a child with genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, for example, with Down syndrome, then a chorionic villus can be analyzed (biopsy).

10 week of pregnancy photo

The chorionic villi are protruding parts of the placenta, which coincide with the fetus by genetic material. Therefore, it is possible to find out if a child has chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome, or genetic diseases. With this test, you can check your future child for more than a hundred chromosomal and genetic diseases.

However, at the 10th week of pregnancy, when conducting this study, there is a small (about 1%) risk of miscarriage. Therefore, it is usually recommended to those women who, as a result of the first screening, showed the probability of having a child with serious disabilities. It makes sense to perform a biopsy of the chorionic villi if the woman believes that knowledge of the presence of genetic abnormalities in the fetus will affect her desire to become a mother.

Cold in the 10th week of pregnancy

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, colds are not so dangerous for the future baby. However, they occur more often, because due to the active development of the fetus, a woman’s immunity is reduced. Better in case colds consult a doctor.

At home you need to drink plenty of heat fluid, but with herbs you need to be careful, for some of them pregnancy is a contraindication. Nose should be washed with saline. The room in which there is a woman, you need to often ventilate, but not create drafts. If there is no temperature, then walks will only benefit.

Sex on the 10th week of pregnancy

If there is no threat of termination of pregnancy, the woman should not deny herself physical proximity. Of course, you need to take some caution. At the 10th week of pregnancy, intimacy with her husband will be useful for the woman and will allow for a while to forget about some unpleasant feelings associated with her new position.

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