With myoma you can get pregnant
The disease, which is familiar to almost half of women after 35 years of
What does a child's stomach hurt?
If the child has a stomach ache, most parents treat this fact calmly enough.
Braces for children
In what cases are braces required for children and how much does it cost?
What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy before the delay? At the first signs
Treatment of diathesis in children
What is diathesis? Usually, the term “diathesis” implies that a child has any skin
Causes of constipation in infants
Constipation in infants is quite common due to the imperfection of the gastrointestinal tract
Herpes in children on the body
Herpes is an acute viral disease that is found in almost every organism in
From head to pregnant
What can you drink for headaches during pregnancy and how to relieve pain without
How many babies sleep
How much should a newborn sleep? Indicators can fluctuate significantly. But let them not
Sign of ectopic pregnancy
What happens in the ladies During normal processes, the ovum must exit from the
Infectious diseases in children
Choose one correct answer: 1. Expressed neurotropic possess: 2. flu viruses 2. Convulsive syndrome
Genital herpes during pregnancy
One of the most dangerous viral diseases is genital herpes during pregnancy. The virus
What medications can you take while pregnant with a cold? Ideally, future moms do
Can I get pregnant with myoma
Women can have many hormonal diseases that affect their reproductive system. One of these
Breastfeeding temperature
Increased body temperature is a surprise for a nursing mother. No matter how a