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Fruit smoothies have gained popularity with their aroma, sweet taste and high nutritional value. They are saturated with many useful and essential plant substances, among which a large proportion of compounds with antioxidant action. Drunk fruit smoothie in the morning.

Fruit smoothies have gained popularity with their aroma, sweet taste and high nutritional value. They are saturated with many useful and essential plant substances, among which a large proportion of compounds with antioxidant action. A fruit smoothie drunk in the morning will give a boost of energy and vitality for the whole day. If milk, yogurt, tofu, or soy milk is used as the basis of a fruit smoothie, then each portion consumed will enrich your body with the utmost importance for maintaining bone strength with calcium.

Caution: excess sugar! The flesh of the fruit is extremely rich in sugars, which, when consumed in food, are split with the release of the necessary energy for life. In diabetes, hypoglycemia and yeast infections, fruits and juices should be used with caution. Excessive consumption of these products can lead to an increase in blood sugar. In juices reconstituted from concentrates, the sugar content can be very large. For example, the sugar content in unsweetened apple juice can be up to 10% by weight. In the manufacture of juice on an industrial scale, it additionally add sugar.

Choose fruits for the season It is most expedient to prepare a smoothie from seasonal fruits. During the ripening season, fruits are marketed in large quantities, absolutely fresh and at a low price. The fruits harvested at this time contain the maximum amount of vitamins, microelements and other nutrients. Of course, preference should be given to fruits grown in a natural ecological way without the use of chemicals. When buying fruits, pay attention that they are optimally mature and free from any skin defects. When cooking smoothies from immature fruits, the texture of the drink is rough, bitter and will leave an impression of chalky suspension. In addition, a smoothie of unripe fruit can weaken and lead to stomach cramps. In the pulp of overripe fruit fermentation processes can occur, also leading to loosening and spasms. Soft fruits ripen when stored in a paper bag at room temperature. Peaches, apricots, pears, plums and avocados usually take two to three days to ripen. For further storage of ripe fruit, place them in the refrigerator.

Using frozen fruit If you use frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit when making a smoothie, the drink will be cool, and its consistency will be more uniform and thick. The best option is to combine frozen and fresh fruits in appropriate proportions. To save, you can buy a large amount of fruit in the season and freeze. Before freezing, it is desirable to divide the entire amount into portions. You can simply buy already frozen fruit. This is a winter version when there is no season for fresh fruit. It is preferable to use frozen fruit, which are not added sugar. Spots and stains on the bags indicate that there has been a thawing and repeated freezing. Do not buy such packaging.

Independent freezing of fruit Before freezing, the fruit must be peeled, freed from seeds or seeds and cut. Berries need to sort, wash and dry. Freeze only whole, dense berries. To freeze, put the prepared fruits or berries in a single layer. When the fruits are firm, pack them in bags. Sign the packages and specify the date of freezing. Frozen fruits in the freezer can be stored for no more than six months. For a portion of smoothies, 3-4 slices of frozen fruit or 125 g of frozen berries are enough. They can be defrosted placed in a blender.

Nutritious drink A smoothie made from fruits contains a complex of vitamins, mineral components, enzymes and fiber, which is so necessary for proper digestion, as well as water and a number of essential substances that can only be obtained from herbal products. Juices are devoid of fiber, while all the fiber contained in fruits goes into a smoothie.

Fruit Juices Often fruit juices serve as a liquid basis for fruit smoothies. It is better to give preference to juice from fresh fruits grown in environmentally friendly conditions. Freshly squeezed juice can not be stored. If not possible to prepare their own juice. That fit the juice without adding sugar, which can be bought in the store. You can also stock up on unsweetened frozen natural juices of various kinds.

Use canned fruit. To be able to prepare a variety of smoothies between fruit ripening seasons, canned fruits can be used. According to research data, the nutritional value of canned fruit remains high. As shown by the work of Ken Sammons, an associate professor at the Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts, in a smoothie made from fresh fruit and in a canned smoothie many of the vitamins are contained in similar quantities. He argues that the nutritional value of the drink in this case is not determined by the original form of the components. A composition. But it must be borne in mind that the canned fruits on the market are accompanied by a variety of additives, some pesticides and high sugar content. It is advisable to choose fruits, canned in its own juice or with the addition of water, but without sugar. You can buy such canned goods in specialized health food stores. Using canned fruits, it is necessary to take into account that in recipes for replacing fresh fruits, canned fruits should be taken 30-40% more than indicated in the recipe. The liquid part of canned fruit, with the exception of saturated sugar syrup, can be used in the preparation of fruit smoothies, reducing the amount of other liquids that make up the smoothies by 50 ml.

Dried fruit in smoothies Dried fruits are a concentrate. They are added to the smoothies in their original form and in the form of fruit milk. In dried fruit, the relative content of sugars and fiber is higher. Therefore, smoothies that have dried fruit added will have a sweeter taste than fresh fruit smoothies. In addition, they have a more pronounced cleansing effect due to the high fiber content (for example, prunes are weaker than fresh plums). In fresh apricots, contains about 2% fiber, and dried apricots, prepared from these apricots, fiber content increases about 10 times. Peculiarities of replacing fresh fruits with dried ones: When dried fruits are used instead of fresh fruits, it is necessary to increase the amount of liquid indicated in the recipe by 50 ml. The same is true when using frozen and canned fruit. Dried fruits can be used in a smoothie and without adding liquid, if they are previously restored. Restoration of dried fruit: Place the specified amount of dried fruit in a suitable container and pour boiling water: the water must completely cover the fruit. After the fruit has absorbed the water and become soft (from 30 minutes to 1 hour), the remaining water should be drained and the fruit cut. The water remaining after the restoration of the fruit can also be used in the preparation of a smoothie.

Wheatgrain Recipes

Attention: sulfur dioxide Dried fruits that go on sale are often treated with sulfur dioxide – a kind of canning. This gas is poisonous and acts destructively on the B vitamins. Therefore, all dried fruits must be thoroughly washed before consumption and try to buy fruits that have not been subjected to such processing. Never treat with dioxide dates and figs. You can prepare dried fruits yourself. To do this, you need to buy fresh fruit in the season of ripening and dry it in the oven or in a special dryer.

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