Wheat belly

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight,

Find Your Path Back to Health

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Feedback from a specialist

At once I want to note that this book did not make a deep impression on me as a specialist, because I already knew everything that the author describes in it for several years. And I am ready to subscribe to almost every word. Everything that the author writes in this book is not a delusion of inflamed imagination and not just another horror story. This is what, in recent years, not only nutritionists but also many general practitioners come to the same time, being in different countries and not even communicating with each other. They are actively resisted by the conservatives of the "old school" who do not recognize the new discoveries and decisions in the field of basic dietetics. They still do not want to believe that products with the same number of calories can have different effects on metabolism and the deposition of fat reserves in the body. It is they who force young students and residents to scrupulously count these same calories and, as an icon, idolize the “food pyramid” based on flour products. You probably saw her once. This is such a triangle, filled to the eyeball by different types of products and symbolizing the "right diet". The closer to the top, the less contribution is made by the products located there in the full (in their opinion!) Diet. It already seems to me that it is as old as the pyramids of the Giza Plateau! But few people know that this pyramid was developed not at all by doctors, but by the US Department of Agriculture! Think about these words! Since when has this organization become entitled to dictate to doctors which products are more beneficial? Carbohydrates and now form the basis of the Western diet, we recall at least quick cereal breakfasts or all-pervasive muesli. These products deserve such a place of honor only on the grounds that they provide the body with a lot of energy and are practically devoid of fat.

Wheat belly

But let’s reason logically: grain is rich in starch, which consists of chains of sugar molecules (glucose).

Once in the body, the starch is broken down into glucose and water. So?

It turns out that regardless of what we ate — sugar, starch, or a combination of them — the level of sugar in the blood will rise sharply! Over the years, such carbohydrate attacks invariably lead to disruption of carbohydrate and fat metabolism and the development of diabetes. Then it is not clear why many dietitians and health workers are still openly urging us to make carbohydrate foods the basis of our diet! Those same products that contribute to the development of an enormous amount of insulin, destroying our vessels and depleting the pancreas, should (in their opinion) form the basis of our diet ?! Awesome! Think about it!

We were taught that bread is the head of everything. Since ancient times, it is one of the staple foods! He was called the breadwinner, father, spiritualized, respected. From an early age, children were told that bread should be treated carefully and with respect. All this is so! But let’s think about whether we are buying bread and eating now, which many generations of our ancestors have eaten before us?

Unfortunately, the process of making bread in our time is significantly different from how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers baked bread. Previously, for its preparation used flour from whole grains with a high content of bran, and now – refined. Not only is it able to dramatically increase blood sugar levels (which causes excess weight and diabetes mellitus), it is also poorly excreted from the body, accumulating in the intestine in the form of mucus and creating a favorable environment for the development of dangerous pathogenic microbes. We have become different, and the products we use change with us. If we want to preserve our health and good spirits until old age, the time has come to reassess the value of the products we are used to since childhood. Let us, without pity, break false stereotypes with the talented doctor and author of this book, William Davis.

Dietitian, MD, Professor,

Alexey Vladimirovich Kovalkov


Take a look at your parents ‘or grandparents’ family photo albums, and you will most likely be amazed at how thin everyone was. Women wore much smaller dresses, and men had flat bellies. Overweight at that time was measured in only a few extra pounds, and obesity was a rarity. Children were almost never fat.

Why are women of the fifties and sixties, housewives who spent most of their time at home, weighing on average 50–55 kg, men – 70–80 kg, while the weight of our contemporaries is 20, 30 and even 50 kg more?

It is known that women of that time practically did not play sports. How often does your mother put on her running shoes for a five-kilometer run? Now, on any fine day, I see dozens of women jogging, cycling or just exercising outdoors. Even 40 or 50 years ago it was almost impossible to see! Nevertheless, every year we become fatter and fatter.

Wheat belly

My wife is engaged in triathlon, and every year I watch the course of competitions, coupled with extreme physical exertion. Athletes train intensively for years to eventually successfully swim

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