What to cook in a pan grill

New season 2011/2012.

This season, exclusively for the Russian market, Skeppshult has released a limited batch of bottle holders. The bold choice of a combination of cast iron and wood as materials for the stand will surely attract the attention of your guests, and the refined design will not leave anyone indifferent (Art. 0520). The assortment has also been expanded due to the cast-iron stand for the New Year’s fir (art. 0555) and the rectangular grill pan of a very convenient size – 32×22 cm (art. 0129T). In addition, the design of the fondue set has been reworked – it has become even more convenient, and the burner can be installed and taken out at any time – now you do not need to remove the kettle (art. 0085).

What to cook in a pan grill

For the first time in Skeppshult: folding handles.

In the New Year, Skeppshult pleases all fans of cast-iron cookware with a unique new development: for the first time in the world, high-quality cast-iron cookware appears folding handles. The unique mechanism for cast iron frying pans with folding handles was developed by the Swedish design agency Carl Carl. Such frying pans and stewpots do not take up much space on the table, they are easily removed in any cabinet, and if desired, just like the entire range of cast-iron frying pans, hang on a hook. Moreover, the magnets built into the handle do not allow the two parts of the handle to hang out at the crucial moment, holding them together securely. The series, called Excellence (English – perfection) presents two positions: a frying pan (art. 0280E) and a skillet (art. 0285E).

New positions to the beginning of the season

Meet the newest from Skeppshult!

In the new year, Skeppshult is in a hurry to make happy with the news! The assortment range is expanded with an updated stew-pan (art. 0285S), 28 cm in diameter. Unlike its twin brother (art. 0285T), so popular in Russia, it has a silicone handle that allows it to be used in the oven. The range of dishes for grading has been significantly expanded: they are now available in three new diameters: 18 cm (art. 0060),

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