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How to cook: Kiev cake – recipe and tips from Grandma Emma

Kiev cake is not only a symbol of the city of Kiev, but also a celebration of taste and feast. This is a wonderful gift, a wonderful souvenir and a bright memory of visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The main difference of Kiev cake from other air nut cakes is that Kiev cake is made on sour squirrels, which gives Kiev cake a special tenderness.


Step-by-step recipe: Kiev cake

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Recipes Reviews – Kiev cake

An interesting recipe! I did not even know that the Kiev cake is prepared this way. Probably it’s just yummy, be sure to try to bake. Rather, some holiday to show off the art and cook a real Kiev cake! It’s a pity I don’t have such a pastry bag to decorate cakes too beautifully, but now my husband knows what to give me.

What to cook from egg yolks

My mother loves this cake very much. He says that he reminds her how her father cared for her. They will soon have the 30th anniversary of living together, and I decided to prepare the Kiev cake as a gift for them. I found the recipe here – it is just great! The cake was tender and nutty. Cashew is just perfect for it. Mom was very surprised, said it was a wonderful gift!

Preparing a cake in Kiev for this recipe. How great that recipe Kiev cake with photos and video! Everything is very clearly described and shown. I didn’t know that the dough for the second cake should be whipped just before baking, now I know how to make the air cake – meringues! I really liked this recipe for Kiev cake!

Wonderful, my favorite Kiev cake! I tried a real cake from Kiev, and thanks to this recipe, I know how to make Kiev cake! It seemed to me very difficult – to make such beauty myself, but everything worked out. Loved the cream on the yolks. I think it’s great for this cake.

Cake Kiev Recipe with photos and video – how lovely. I like the recipes on this site – everything is very clear, and the dishes are very interesting. This cake is not for every day, but for the most-most pleasant occasions. Preparing for a long time, but it’s worth it!

What to cook from egg yolks

Awesome Kiev cake recipe is very affordable. The cake is difficult to prepare, and here you need a clear guide. Preparing this cake according to this recipe – the guests really liked it. The husband was delighted, said he was proud of me!

Thank you for the recipe of Kiev cake! Delicate cream in combination with crispy crust is exactly what we all love true Kiev cake for. Not a single celebration in our family is complete without this delicacy. I am glad that after years, we can always feel this indescribable taste thanks to your recipe.

We were able to find a detailed and real recipe for Kiev cake only from you. Immediately prepared and this is exactly what you need. Sweet and tender, with air meringues and nuts, everything is like in my favorite cake since childhood. We will cook now only according to your recipe.

Kiev cake is the best cake I have ever made. Thanks to your recipe, now baking Kiev cake at home is not a problem for any hostess. The cake is obtained as from the picture, beautiful and tasty. Because of the detailed recipe, every housewife can cook this miracle at home. I baked and did not regret!

What to cook from egg yolks

Tried with the family a lot of different cakes, almost all bake itself. Until now, they only bought Kiev cake, but at last they found you how to make Kiev cake at home. Now we will not buy it in the store, it makes no sense to overpay when you can bake the same at home and it will turn out to be a hundred times better!

For a long time I was looking for a real Kiev cake whose recipe was almost impossible to find on the Internet. All that was not the same delicacy, the taste of which has been known since childhood. And suddenly I stumbled upon your recipe and immediately decided to try making it at home. To be honest, I didn’t even hope that it would turn out the very same Kiev recipe cake with a photo that is very convenient to cook at home. Everything is clearly painted, and the most important thing is, after all, the very same cake that I have been looking for for a long time. Thank you for the real authentic recipe, now I will delight myself and my guests for every holiday.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the people who shared the recipe of Kiev cake and put it on the net, now you can not go shopping in search of a fresh cake, but simply bake it in your kitchen. Air cream and crispy crust are a terrific combination that I adore. Before that, I was afraid to bake myself, suddenly it would not work, but you found a Kiev recipe cake, which is not difficult to cook and it turns out much better than the store. There were no problems in cooking, everything is simple and clear, thank you again!

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