What to cook from boiled beef

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Homemade sausage from horse meat or simple, horse sausage is a meat product from the meat of a young horse.

This tasty and fragrant dish is traditional among Turkic peoples (nomadic Bashkirs, Kyrgyz, Tatars, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and Nogai).

It is called kazy and is served exclusively to the festive table.

You can make sausage from horse meat at home by stuffing the natural casing (most often horse horse) with fatty meat (from the ribs of the animal) and spices.

What to cook from boiled beef

The meat for kazi is used only from the most fattened horses, whose carcasses are distinguished by a large amount of fat.

The peculiarity of the preparation of this type of sausage is that the guts are filled not with chopped meat, but with a whole piece of horse meat.

In this way, it differs from sudzhuk sausage, for the production of which there is stuffing.

What to cook from boiled beef

The specific taste of such sausages like many cooks.

As for the benefits of kazy, then it is worth knowing that of all types of meat, horse meat is the largest amount of protein.

In addition, it contains phosphorus, potassium, copper, sodium and amino acids. And virtually no cholesterol.

Currently, purchased horse sausage is an expensive delicacy. Not everyone can afford to buy sausage from horse meat in the store.

But you can cook kazi homemade sausage yourself.

A single recipe for cooking sausages does not exist. It can be boiled, smoked, dried.

In Kazakhs and Bashkirs, it is customary to use kazy exclusively in boiled form, and among Tatars in smoked form.

Often it is boiled with meat and served to the table on one large dish.

And another sausage is served to another national dish – thinly rolled and sliced ​​dough, boiled in meat broth. It is called beshbarmak.

Some Turkic peoples make homemade sausage kazi into delicious and hearty main dishes – naryn and pilaf.

Horsemeat sausage at home is done very quickly.

A simple recipe for horse sausage

  • horse meat fresh – 1 kg
  • horse fat – 500 g
  • horse gut or any other natural shell – 50-60 cm
  • black ground pepper – 3 g
  • cumin – 25 g
  • sea ​​salt – to taste

How to make homemade sausage from horse meat:

1. Rinse the meat well and cut it with the bacon into strips 10 in length and 4 centimeters wide.

2. Put in a deep bowl and add spices pepper, cumin, salt. Grate their meat.

3. Cover the filled container with thick gauze and leave in a cool place for 2 hours.

4. While the meat product is marinating, wash the horse intestines in cool water, then soak it with large sea salt and rinse another 4-6 times, but in hot water.

5. Kazakh sausage at home is formed as well as other sausages.

To do this, pierce one end of the horse’s intestine with a toothpick to let the air out, and then tie it with a strong thread.

On the other hand, fill the natural casing with the prepared filling, alternating the meat with lard.

After filling the horse’s intestine with all the stuffing, tie up its second end with threads.

To prevent swelling and subsequent damage to the shell, pierce it with a needle in several places so that air bubbles escape.

Most of the representatives of the Turkic people eat kazy in a jerked form. But the process of cooking dried horse sausage takes a long time. So let’s just boil it.

6. Place the sausages in a large cast-iron pot (cauldron) and cover with cold water. Put on a slow fire and boil after boiling the broth for about 2 hours without adding fire, otherwise the sausage will burst.

After boiling water on the surface should form a gray foam, which must be removed skimmer.

Now you know how to cook horse meat sausage at home, and now you need to properly serve it.

After the kazi horse sausage is fully cooked, it should be carefully removed from the broth and cooled.

The finished homemade horse sausage is removed from the intestines and cut into slices no thicker than 1 centimeter.

Serve this appetizer with marinated onions.

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