What to cook for a birthday hot

Ideas for celebrating a birthday in nature should be significantly different from all other options for celebration, this is undoubtedly.

What to cook for a birthday hot

I tried to collect all the most interesting things so that you could choose suitable ideas for your holiday.

We solve the most important question. Which one This is the question of who exactly organizes everything and the birthday in nature will be really memorable.

Option 1: We do everything ourselves!

Until the end of the article there will be ideas for those who are ready to arrange a memorable holiday for their loved ones. Honestly, this is not so easy, you need a clear plan of preparation and lists of necessary things, otherwise you can forget the most necessary things in the pre-holiday bustle.

1. Get ready meals so that the guests calmly wait for hot

This is a tip from years of picnic experience. People usually come to nature in the morning, few have time for breakfast, and even the road is far away …

There must be a stock of ready-to-eat foods, tea and coffee in thermoses, otherwise the preparation of a kebab does not turn into a festive wait, but a nervous process, in which coals are heated for too long, meat is fried for too long

What can be taken as a morning buffet:

• ready-made sandwiches • patties with salty and sweet fillings • pancakes with fillings • pieces of fried meat in breadcrumbs or round flat cutlets (it is convenient to make hamburgers with them) • fresh and salted vegetables • washed fruits • tea, coffee, juices

2. For grill menu

Of course, on a birthday in nature I want to see such treats, which does not happen during home feasts.

There are so many marinade recipes that I don’t venture to describe them here, just to remind you that you can cook on the grill.

• meat kebabs • chicken kebabs (by the way, there is a charming childish recipe without vinegar, and the semi-finished product can be made at home and reheated on the fire right in the foil. Children always want everything quickly) • fish on the grill • seafood • baked vegetables (zucchini, zucchini , eggplants, tomatoes, onions, Bulgarian pepper) • in the pot you can cook the soup or meat sauce with greens • pilaf

3. Do not forget:

We make a cottage (meadow, gazebo)!

There are ready-made paper decorations that can be turned into bulky balls, stars and pompons in a couple of seconds.

Ready made paper decorations

That’s the problem. All these decorations are quite LARGE and not so much to decorate the room. The price is very cozy, they are sold folded and are very easy to fold, in just a couple of seconds. Rate my work, I dedicated a separate article to each type of decoration:

What to cook for a birthday hot

Here is a selection of articles with examples:

We entertain guests!

Now we are talking about a family holiday, but there may be options here:

  1. gathered adults of different generations from 18 to 90 years
  2. at the festival many young families with small children from 1 year to 9 years
  3. families with children from 1 year to 17 years old came to visit you
  4. there are no small children, but there are teenagers aged 12-17 who are bored in an adult company

Agree, in each of these cases, the program should be different.

Free scripts for kids and teens

  • Here is a list of competitions for children from 1 year to 13 years.
  • Complete scenarios of children’s quests (the cave of the three parrots dacha quest is especially appropriate)
  • Giving up prizes for participating in contests
  • Contests for 12-14 years
  • Board games: high-quality cards for the games "Crocodile", "Mafia", "Alias", "Svintus" and

    All together: 2 to 92

    The most difficult case, the task for such a company to come up with the most difficult.

    If you feel that adults are not averse to having fun with their children, let me remind you of some time-tested fun. Yes, something will need to be bought, but then the most successful props will be used for many, many years.

  • If there is a place for outdoor games, there are always willing for volleyball, badminton and frisbee, Do not forget to throw balls, rackets and "flying" plates into the backpack. Often there is no such thing for such fun, you need something less active, read on!
  • Fanta. Just like that, people also start dancing and start reading funny poems, but in the fans there are very unexpected ones. Naturally, you also buy all sorts of funny trivia and utter the phrase “I will give this prize to a number of fanta … 5!”. In the second half of the party, for some reason, everyone is even amused by the very formulation of the assignment, and even the execution – even more so. Books with tear-off phantoms are sold in bookstores.
  • Limbo. Fun dance with a stick, which two assistants horizontally hold at a height of
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