What can I eat with type 2 diabetes

If you regularly have high blood sugar, you need to adjust the power system. Endocrinologists develop a low carbohydrate diet based on food choices according to their glycemic index (GI), an indicator that reflects the rate at which glucose enters the blood after eating a product.

There are a number of vegetables that are not only permissible for diabetics in the daily diet, but also recommended because of their sugar-lowering properties. These include Jerusalem artichoke, or in common people called Jerusalem artichoke (earthen pear). It grows in the ground, to taste similar to fresh potatoes, has a light sweetish taste.

In order for the artichoke to bring positive properties for the body, you need to know how to use Jerusalem artichokes for diabetes. This article is dedicated to this topic. The following questions are considered – the benefits and harm of an earthen pear, how much Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten per day, how to prepare a tincture of Jerusalem artichoke for diabetes, jam from Jerusalem artichoke without sugar.

Glycemic meaning of Jerusalem artichoke

Patients with diabetes need to eat foods, the glycemic index of which reaches up to 49 units. They form the main diet. Food with an indicator of 50 – 69 units is allowed for type 2 diabetics as an exception, several days a week, not more than 100 grams. The disease itself must be in remission.

Drinks and food, the glycemic index of which is equal to or more than 70 units are prohibited by the attending physician during diet therapy, as they quickly increase the blood sugar level to unacceptable limits, causing hyperglycemia in type 1 diabetes, and in type 2 diabetes force a person to drink sugar-reducing tablets.

In some cases, the glycemic index may increase, for example, from heat treatment or changes in the consistency of the product. But this does not apply to the root of the Jerusalem artichoke. In addition to GI, it is necessary to take into account the calorie content of the product, because diabetes is often burdened by obesity.

To understand how safe is the use of Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, you need to know its performance.

How many calories, and what GI at the earthen pear:

  • 61 kcal per 100 grams of product;
  • the index is 15 units.

From this it is clear that it is perfectly safe to eat Jerusalem artichoke every day with elevated blood sugar. Per day use up to 250 grams of this vegetable in the patient’s diet.

The benefits of earthen pear

Jerusalem artichoke in type 2 diabetes helps to cure the "sweet" disease, more precisely, to minimize it. This is achieved due to the fact that the artichoke contains inulin, the natural hormone insulin. The amount of inulin per root crop accounts for 10 – 15%.

Few people know that sugar-lowering drugs are artificially made from this vegetable. You can rightly say that topinambur is effective against diabetes and as its prevention.

Reviews of insulin-dependent diabetic patients say that Jerusalem artichoke reduces the concentration of glucose in the blood to a normal rate, just two weeks of regular consumption of this vegetable, the main thing is to know how to use artichoke as a natural therapy in children and adults.

What is topinambur useful for:

  1. B vitamins;
  2. vitamin PP;
  3. vitamin C;
  4. inulin;
  5. potassium;
  6. calcium;
  7. silicon;
  8. phosphorus;
  9. magnesium;
  10. iron.

The positive properties of Jerusalem artichoke lie in the fact that the minerals in the vegetable are in a large volume. For example, there is quite a lot of iron in it, more than beet and turnip. The use of Jerusalem artichoke due to inulin not only reduces sugar, but also removes heavy radicals and half-life products from the body.

The Jerusalem artichoke is widely used in the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, both in a child and an adult. It can be used in antiemetic therapy, for getting rid of diarrhea and constipation.

What can I eat with type 2 diabetesTake Jerusalem artichoke is recommended to normalize the microflora in the intestine, to enhance the choleretic effect. The earthen pear forms an excellent support for the development of beneficial bacteria in the stomach.

Here are the main beneficial properties of the vegetable:

What can I eat with type 2 diabetes

  • treats various gastrointestinal diseases;
  • lowers bad cholesterol;
  • has a reducing effect on elevated blood sugar;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • eliminates constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea;
  • strengthens the heart muscle.

Jerusalem artichoke for diabetics is valuable in that it relieves a person from edema, improves the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system.

The benefits of Jerusalem artichoke is expressed in antioxidant properties. Doctors advise people living in cities with poor ecology to eat two roots a day, or drink 70 milliliters of juice. From the roots, you can make a decoction.

We prepare it as follows:

  1. First of all, chop one Jerusalem artichoke into small pieces and pour 800 milliliters of boiling water over it;
  2. let it brew for at least 60 minutes;
  3. after strain;
  4. cooked broth drink up to 500 milliliters per day.

Treatment with Jerusalem artichoke is effective in complex therapy for such diseases:

  • tachycardia, ischemia;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes of the first, second types;
  • hypertension.

Shows Jerusalem artichoke healing properties and in the fight against malignant neoplasms.

To get the most beneficial properties from a vegetable, you need to know how to take topinambur for diabetes.

Topinambur use

How to use Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes mellitus – this is the question many patients ask. An unambiguous recommendation is not here – you can add it to salads, make tinctures or freshly squeezed juice.

This vegetable is called a fighter with elevated blood glucose and bad cholesterol. To reduce the manifestation of a "sweet" disease, it is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach to eat one root vegetable, approximately 100 grams, or to drink 100 milliliters of juice on an empty stomach.

Topinambur is useful for diabetes mellitus, both raw and cooked. In order to preserve all the properties in the Jerusalem artichoke, the skin needs to be cleaned with a ceramic or wooden object, as the metal reacts with it and deprives the vegetable of several vitamins. Although it is possible to take an unpeeled artichoke, it is good to wash it under water.

There are preparations with Jerusalem artichoke, more precisely, based on it. They are aimed to reduce the concentration of glucose in the body, increase insulin susceptibility. List of the most popular drugs (their name):

Preparations are taken in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals, with a sufficient amount of liquid. You can also use syrup to lower blood sugar. Having taken it for quite a long time, diabetes will come to naught.

Is it possible to take an earthen pear in any form in the fight against diabetes? Quite popular to prepare diabetic tinctures. Jerusalem artichoke on vodka from diabetes does not cure the disease, but will give only a false effect.

The fact is that glucose is released from the taken alcohol longer, but it still accumulates in the body. And as soon as alcohol is split by the body, high blood sugar is provided. So tincture of Jerusalem artichoke on vodka does not affect diabetes.

The following infusion will provide low blood sugar:

  • Root one Jerusalem artichoke grated and pour a liter of boiling water;
  • insist three hours after strain.

How long to take it? It all depends on how much type 2 diabetes progresses. The minimum course will be three weeks.

This tincture not only treats "sweet" disease, but also is the prevention of this disease.

Recipes with Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke whose benefits are indisputable, must be present in the diet of both a healthy person and a diabetic. If you often eat salads, the Jerusalem artichoke will easily fit into your menu. These salad recipes will reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, bad cholesterol.

Fill the dishes you need unsweetened yogurt, low-fat creamy curd or olive oil. Occasionally it is allowed to use low-fat sour cream. Mayonnaise and shop sauces are banned due to high caloric content and white sugar content.

Apple Delight Salad is made from the following ingredients: one apple, one Jerusalem artichoke, one cucumber, 100 milliliters of unsweetened yogurt. Peel the cucumber and apple. Cut all products into cubes and fill with yogurt. Eat this salad at any meal.

For a light snack, an “unusual daikon” salad would suit:

  1. Daikon – 100 grams;
  2. one topinambur;
  3. a few sprigs of dill and parsley;
  4. one small carrot;
  5. a teaspoon of olive oil.

Peel daikon and carrots, grate on a coarse grater, topinambur in small cubes, finely chop the greens. Mix the ingredients and fill with oil.

These recipes contain few calories and will serve as a wonderful variety in the diabetic menu.

Endocrinologist tips

If a patient with an insulin-independent type of diabetes regularly eaten products with medium and high GI, his disease would quickly progress and produce irreversible complications on the target organs, such as nephropathy, glycemic coma, and others.

It is imperative to engage LFK in diabetes mellitus of any type. The main thing that physical activity was regular. Preference should be given to such sports:

Patients with normal weight do not have to count calories during diet therapy, the main thing is that food should be balanced. If a person suffers from overweight, then the daily calorie intake varies between 2000 and 2200 kcal.

Most of the menu should be vegetables. They are served as first courses, side dishes, salads. It is best not to give them long-term heat treatment, to preserve valuable vitamins and minerals.

Fruits, berries must be eaten in the first half of the day, so that the glucose from them can be processed faster by the body. It is necessary to give preference to seasonal products, in them the increased amount of useful substances.

One should not neglect the water balance, drink not less than two liters of liquid a day – teas, herbal decoctions, medicinal mineral waters. By the way, mineral water with type 2 diabetes has a positive therapeutic effect on the body.

The video in this article talks about the benefits of topinambur.

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