What can be prepared from the remaining mashed potatoes

Minced chicken – a relatively inexpensive product that is easy to prepare yourself. Cutlets from it turn out tender and juicy, but often there is one and the same dish hardly anyone wants. Therefore, any hostess does not hurt to know what to cook from minced chicken, except for meatballs. Moreover, there are at least a hundred recipes of delicious dishes from it.

Cooking features

Chicken mince make pies, casseroles and other dishes. The technology of their preparation is different, but there are general rules, which are desirable to observe in any case.

What can be prepared from the remaining mashed potatoes

  • Purchased minced chicken can be made from different parts of the chicken, include skin fragments, cartilage. All this makes it less tasty and healthy compared to homemade. For this reason, making minced chicken, if there is such an opportunity, is better on your own.
  • Do not use only chicken breast for stuffing. In this case, the product will be useful and dietary, but not too juicy. If, however, minced meat is made from lean poultry meat, its juiciness can be increased with the help of bacon, onion, and vegetables.

If you follow the instructions in each particular recipe, you will probably be able to prepare a tasty dish from it that you want to see on your table.

Potato roll with minced chicken

  • minced chicken – 1 kg;
  • potatoes – 1 kg;
  • chicken egg – 3 pcs .;
  • Bulgarian pepper –

What can be prepared from the remaining mashed potatoes

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