Washing hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar

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It is possible that you already know that due to its beneficial properties soda for hair has become almost indispensable tool. This tool does not contain any harmful chemicals, greatly facilitates the care of hair, and helps maintain the health of the scalp.

Use and application of soda for hair

From various sources, we now and then hear that the use of shampoos that are familiar to us is not at all beneficial, but, on the contrary, introduces us into a peculiar relationship — the more frequently we use the purchased detergent, the more the gap between each head wash will be reduced. Some are forced to wash their hair daily, most no less than every other day. And it would seem that there is bad?

However, dermatologists argue that the procedure of washing curls should be repeated only three times a month. That is, once every ten days. Now, few can boast of such exposure. Meanwhile, our grandmothers also performed this hygienic manipulation with such frequency and did not go with greasy icicles. Hair remained clean and fresh for a long period. And all because they used mostly natural products.

One of these natural shampoos is soda – for hair it is an excellent cleanser. And it is very easy to apply. In addition, sodium bicarbonate (so-called soda chemists) is the best auxiliary tool for brightening at home. And with its help you can wash off the un-liked paint. On the basis of soda make a wonderful hair scrub.

Washing hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar

The tool is simple, extremely cheap and affordable. And most importantly – natural and not harmful hair. Not recommended only soda for too dry hair. Since it itself has a drying effect. However, if you turn to it infrequently and use it in moderation, then undesirable consequences will be invisible. For curls that are prone to fat, such “shampoo” or peeling will be simply indispensable. Soda perfectly neutralizes increased greasiness.

How to wash your hair with soda?

In order to prepare the washing solution, you need to take a glass of warm water and dissolve 2 tbsp in it. l baking soda. Apply this composition to the hair and massage well. Soda hair creates the effect of soap. In fact, upon contact with skin fat, sodium salt and glycerin are obtained. This corresponds to the main components of glycerin soap. Miracles of chemistry! Washing the tool is very easy. Hair after washing becomes very clean, such a result is not obtained with the help of ordinary shampoo.

After using soda, rinse the hair with water and apple cider vinegar diluted in it (3–4 tbsp. L. Per liter of water). This rinse will wash and neutralize detergent residues, thereby adding shine and softness to hair. Although the merit of soda in this result no less.

For those who do not want to abandon the foamy purchased shampoo, you can add a solution of soda (1 p. L. In 3 stabs. L. Of water) just before washing. The goal – to enhance the washing effect, reduce hair greasiness.

Anyone who becomes frustrated by trying to wash hair with soda for the first time informs you that a full period of a month is required to fully switch to soda shampoo and reduce the break between the “head washes”. Although, if you consider that, by showing patience for only 30 days, you can achieve healthy hair, and get a hair that will stay clean and airy for a week, it’s worth it. A tempting prospect, isn’t it? So do not rush to conclusions, but gradually accustom your curls to more rare washing.

Brightening hair with soda

By itself, soda hair brightener is not. But it speeds up the process of changing the color of lemon or honey, for example. Radically, the color with the help of such tools can not be changed. But a few tones brighter become quite possible. To do this, simply wash your head with soda, as described above and rinse with a solution of the juice of one lemon in a liter of warm water. Or, instead of lemon water, apply natural honey to washed hair and leave it for several hours or even overnight. The effect of one procedure will be

Peeling and washing paint with soda

After an unsuccessful experiment with hair dye, you can turn to all sorts of purchased washes. Of course, they remove the color, but they don’t have the task to heal the curls. The soda perfectly will relieve from an objectionable color scheme, at the same time without damaging the hair structure.

A soda will come to the rescue even when, wanting to become a blonde, all of a sudden we get the color of the underwater charmer – greenish. It is enough to use it once as a scrub and the problem of green hair will disappear.

Washing hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar

For hair, soda in the form of scrub can be used not only to remove dye, but also to cleanse the skin and curls from dirt and dead cells. This is a very useful procedure. The fact is that dust, residues of laying means, dry scales clog pores, preventing normal metabolism. The latter leads to the fact that the hair becomes dull, brittle, getting less power. Soda is a very soft and delicate scrub, unlike salt, for example.

In addition, in passing, it neutralizes excess sebum. Resorting to peeling hair is not too often to prevent drying and irritation of the scalp. Twice a month will be quite enough.

Here are many uses for this simple substance. And they say that using soda you can get rid of dandruff. To do this, add it to the water for washing the head. Enough for a couple of teaspoons of 3 liters. There will be water softening and this will have a beneficial effect on the hairstyle. In any case, we are all individual. And for someone the means that others are delighted with are completely unsuitable. Perhaps you will have an opinion on this product. But you should definitely try.

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