Warm Bean Salad

Guilty, did not write for a long time, although something and cooked. Something from the cooked did not work at all (marmalade, homemade cheese), something just did not like. Hop sourdough for bread turned out well, and I will tell you about it today. And the bread itself has already baked without a drop of yeast, only on this sourdough alone. It turned out great, but I’ll write about this in a separate article a little later.

We have hops this year – well, just heaps, as Matroskin said. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to him before, but now I see everywhere.

I drive along a street in the village – there are also hop on either side of the road. Maybe, well, it is a blogging, I will be bagging hops and trading :) Who needs hops?

Why did I start paying attention to him? Yes, because after reading the article of Nina’s acquaintance about the hop ferment for bread, the thought stuck in me that I had to try this kovashnya.

Well, that waited until the wild grew so ripe. Vidali what a handsome man:

So, for the leaven you need:

  • a glass of hops;
  • flour;
  • sugar or honey;
  • half a liter of water.

I took the hops fresh, just ripped off – on the way home from a run I jerked into a bag. Can and dry to use. Water brought to a boil, natramboval into the glass (250 ml) hop cones and poured into boiling water.

He put on a weak fire and cooked another 15 minutes without a lid. Broth strained after two, no three – I do not remember, in general, after several layers of gauze. The remaining hops are well pressed.

He added a teaspoon of honey to the broth, although there was probably a dessert one – I scooped it up well, with a covering. No honey – put a tablespoon of sugar.

And flour a few spoons to make a dough, like thick sour cream.

Here you have all the hop sourdough. Now you need to ferment.

And we already have, you know, cold outside and cool in the kitchen. But I found a warm place – put the container with sourdough on the refrigerator, to its back wall, where warm air rises from the grille.

In the morning I put it, loosely covered the lid, and in the evening she gave a large number of bubbles and began to increase in volume. The next morning (one day after preparation), the starter culture doubled in volume (maybe more) and looked like this:

The smell is sour-honey. In the evening (after a day and a half after preparation), the fermentation stopped, then the water was cut off from above.

For some reason I thought of a more violent reaction. Well, okay, in this form, tightly closed the lid and put it in the fridge.

When he was baking bread, he mixed well the picker, since there was some water on top, he took five tablespoons of leaven on a loaf weighing 750-800 grams. And in the container he added half a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of flour with a slide, did not add water – and so it was watery.

Gave fermented in a warm place and again put in the refrigerator. They say that so hop sourdough can be used indefinitely. We’ll see, however.

The remaining hops, I dried in the shade and folded in a bag – for the future.

Warm Bean Salad

That’s all I wanted to say on the merits. And not in essence … Recently, more and more thoughts have come that I am not doing what I need. It seems everything is fine, the blog has a high attendance, there is some income …

But, in my heart it is somehow not good, a precipitate of falsehood and artificiality. On some sites I take recipes, I reproduce myself …

What a sin to conceal – initially the blog was doing for a living. Here, the other day cooked "Changeling" with bananas and caramel:

And then baked potatoes with cream sauce:

Warm Bean Salad

I didn’t really like them.

But earlier I would have published an article about this – there is a photo, you can compose something. And now, after a year and a half, the soul does not lie … In general, I am thinking – what to do next, I want to go to the beekeepers in the monastery. What do you think? The site will not lead until I stop, the next post will be about how to bake unleavened bread.

Best regards, dear readers, see you soon!

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