Waffles recipe is simple

Simple dough for muffins

Now I will tell you a fabulous recipe. Why is that? But because the dough for the homemade cake is prepared exactly as in a fairy tale: they pomegated the barn, scratched the bottom of the chop – and now delicious homemade pastries are ready!

This recipe is the easiest, the most economical and the fastest. Moreover, the above recipe for the cake test is universal, so to speak basic. These are universal muffins: adding various ingredients (cocoa, chocolate, berries, nuts, fruits, raisins) to the finished dough you can get a new version of the cake each time. There is no limit to diversity!

Waffles recipe is simple

Every housewife, it happens, remains in the fridge a little old sour cream, a piece of butter is not the first freshness or margarine – so it is scary, but it’s a pity to throw it away! Here you will be rescued by a simple cake recipe, which is always possible.

If you follow the post – there is still a recipe for the test of lean muffins, which can be viewed at the link.

Waffles recipe is simple


Their set can change every time – for example, today you have a little mayonnaise and sour cream, and the next time – only sour cream. Margarine can be replaced with butter, and instead of 3 eggs take 2 or 4. It will still be delicious.

  • 2-3 eggs;
  • incomplete cup of sugar (about 3/4 – 150-125 g);
  • 2-4 spoons of sour cream and (or) mayonnaise;
  • 1 teaspoon of soda without top quenched with vinegar or lemon juice (
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