Waffle Pastry Recipe

This step by step master – class with photos will teach you how to make a delicious gingerbread house with your own hands at home! Author – Antonina Bodyagina, who lives now in Egypt and even there she was able to make such beauty for us!

Waffle Pastry Recipe

This recipe is amazing, the aroma of this house is so maddening, attractive that you want to immediately eat everything! But do not do this! The most wonderful thing is that the brightest taste and aroma opens at 2-3 weeks! Then your house will start to emit such a flavor that you will immediately understand – it’s time! If you cook this house for Christmas, by the end of January it will delight you with both taste and aroma! Immediately after baking, as soon as the dough cools, it becomes hard, but at the time of ripening it becomes soft, sometimes even the roof fails – it will be soft and melt in your mouth. This recipe for a gingerbread house is suitable for beginner housewives!

Dough for the house

For the preparation of this test will require: 500 gr. honey, 2 eggs, 500 gr. sugar, 300 gr. oil, 50 gr. cocoa, 2

1. In a large container (heat resistant) lay out honey, sugar and butter. We put on a slow fire and heat, stirring. Make sure not to boil !! We are waiting for the sugar to completely dissolve – we take the mixture into a spoon and pour it back, so that there are no sugar crystals in the mixture! Remove from heat and leave to cool until warm.

2. Mix half of the flour with spices, baking powder, zest and cocoa.

3. In the warm honey mixture, we introduce eggs, not whipped, but simply mixed until homogeneous, in 2 doses. Add rum / cognac.

4. Gradually stir the spiced flour with a spoon into the honey mixture. Next, begin to add a little more flour, but not all. Bring the dough to a tight and elastic state. And put the dough in the bag in the fridge, rest in bed. So the properties of the dough will be revealed. Usually, the dough is piled overnight, the next day you can begin to add the rest of the flour. Flour is mixed into the dough to the state when it is elastic, but not hard.

All flour specified in the recipe is not recommended to interfere. I had cases when much less flour was needed, and once more flour came in than in the basic recipe. So it turns out because of other components – for example, because of the quality of honey.

Well, the dough is ready, you can take up the house! We take absolutely any house pattern! I made very small and made the template myself. If you find it difficult to draw a pattern for a gingerbread house, you can take it ready in the previous article How to make a gingerbread house, roe and gingerbread recipe, a master class. or count in the cells and draw the same on the notebook sheet.

Roll out the dough, and remember that it should be at least 5 mm. Otherwise, then the two will be very tough and never become soft. Lay out the template and cut out the details. We put them on parchment.

If during baking it turned out that it was slightly burnt, do not be discouraged.

Everything, preparations are ready! There is enough dough for making 4 small gingerbread houses or 1 large one with various decorations such as Christmas trees, small fences and

We will combine and decorate blanks with icing.

How to make sugar icing for a gingerbread house: I take the following ratio: for 1 protein about 200-250 grams of powdered sugar. Why about, because proteins are different too, we must look at the mass. But to draw a conclusion is enough or not it is not necessary immediately, as they began to beat with a mixer, and after 3 minutes, when the mass turns white, and if on liquid, add more powder! Powder must be used only purchased! Otherwise, you will come across large particles and the color will not be white. In the industrial production of powder, additional cleaning units and special equipment are used, which makes sooooo fine grinding. By the way, it is best to additionally sift the purchased powder through organza, then the icing will be perfect.

It is necessary to beat up until soft peaks, if it turns out too liquid – then everything will flow, if it is too thick, it is difficult to apply and will not stick to the blanks.

You can apply the glaze on the blanks in several ways: using purchased pastry bags, using ordinary sharp-edged bags, using a syringe, or cream nozzles.

I have different attachments – however, for those who are passionate, I recommend to buy them! Great potential for creativity opens! Therefore, I will tell you how I decorate with these tips.

Glaze nozzles

Nozzles can also be placed in a pastry bag, but I think this is a waste of money. Because these packages are disposable, then only throw them away))) I suggest to make kornets from parchment (you have it, since you baked it!)

How to make a cornet – a bag for the glaze with your own hands:

Waffle Pastry Recipe

We cut a triangular piece from your paper roll,

then always fold in the direction of the bend of the paper! We fold each time twice

and cut into triangles. It turns out 4 triangles. We cut carefully, then the quality of the made cornet depends on it.

Next, take one triangle, and in the direction in which he wraps himself, we wrap the edge,

and connect with the corner.

Similarly, we do with another edge, leading it to the same corner.

The resulting edge is wrapped inside,

neatly cut in two places and wrap a piece on the outside to fix.

So, we are ready to assemble the gingerbread house, we have blanks, frosting, and cornets.

How to build a gingerbread house! Cut off the corner of the cornet, insert the nozzle into it and apply glaze with a spoon. Wrap the edge and fasten.

We begin to paint the details, this time I first made out the blanks and only after I assembled, but you can also paint the already assembled house.

When painting everything depends on your imagination, you can make a complex drawing with the image of flowers or brickwork, I had a simple drawing accessible to everyone! On the roof I made an imitation of the tile, and I decorated the sides with simple curlicues. It looks beautiful, if you cover the entire side wall with icing, let it dry and make a painting on top, but there is a lot of icing, and I had a house for children!

When the registration of blanks is completed, you must give time to dry, you can drink tea))))

Then you can start to build a house! You can assemble a house like on a gingerbread base, or just like me, on any other stand – I have disposable plates. They begin to collect from one of the end parts and sidewalls – glaze is applied and, as it were, glued to each other. If the icing is thin, it will be difficult to glue,

We collect gingerbread house

Glue all 4 sides, and let them dry out – I gave about 20 minutes!

We collect gingerbread house

Next, we begin to impose a roof, before this missed the junction points! Carefully, without pressing,

We collect gingerbread house

For some time, hold both sides of the roof so that they do not roll down, and leave a little dry. After that, you can start making snow decoration of the remaining glaze! Do not forget to make the type of icicles from the roof!

This time my windows are empty, for lack of opportunity to buy marmalade in Egypt. But if there is such an opportunity, we buy either monophonic large pieces, or straight piece (sold in large supermarkets, briquette). We cut off, or we take already ready marmalade, and we paste on the glaze in place of the window! After drying, you can decorate the window with snow decor. It is also possible to make shutters for windows from the cut out part and glue them to glaze as well.

We decorate the gingerbread house

On top of your gingerbread house can be powdered with powdered sugar – snowball. Our gingerbread house is ready with your own hands.

If you make the house is not small, then you can put inside a flashlight, or a garland, and then your house will be lit with beautiful windows, fragrant house!

Sincerely, Antonina Bodyagina tonya_bodyagina @

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