Ukrainian dumplings soup

Ukrainian national cuisine, according to many people, offers very rich, fatty and heavy dishes that are difficult to prepare and which are easily perceived only by the most indigenous people. But this is not at all the case. There is a sufficient amount of tasty and appetizing-looking food, besides practical in use. Proof of this fact are Ukrainian dumplings, the wealth of Ukrainian culture and cuisine. Today we will tell you about this dish.

Galushki: independent dish

Ukrainian dumplings may vary in different countries. In Belarus, for example, they make dumplings, in Ingushetia, our dish is made from corn flour. But regardless of their varieties and recipes, all the dumplings are united by one thing – we have pieces of dough that are cooked in water.

Monument to dumplings

If there is a collector of recipes, who wishes to ride through the villages of Ukraine, he will be a little surprised when faced with the fact that in every village there is a unique and unique way to cook dumplings in Ukrainian. This recipe is passed from generation to generation. But there is a place where this dish is the most praised and popular – this is the city of Poltava.

What are dumplings, products for their preparation

Outwardly, they look like Belarusian dumplings, the difference is that they are made from steeper and more dense dough. Dumplings with cottage cheese, by the way, their distant relatives. All varieties of such a dish as Ukrainian dumplings are united in the presence of the following products in their composition: butter, eggs, milk and flour. Sometimes, for a change, a specific smell or taste, herbs, spices and other ingredients are added to the dough. And by and large, those products that are always in the fridge of any housewife – milk, fine grinding of flour, chicken eggs and butter – are used for cooking dumplings.

Ukrainian dumplings soup

How to cook dumplings in Ukrainian, recipe from Poltava

In principle, our dish is prepared relatively easily and quickly. What should be done? Knead the dough, then roll it into individual harnesses and finally cut it into small squares. Many housewives do as our grandmothers did – pinch off small pieces of dough, form different twisted shapes of them and send them to boiling water. Cook these pieces about ten minutes, it will be seen from their ascent. And now we will tell you about how Ukrainian dumplings are cooked in Poltava. Recipe with a photo, so you can understand it without problems. We will need: two glasses of flour, half a glass of water, two eggs, 100 grams of oil and salt.

Soup with dumplings

Ingredients for soup, on a two-liter saucepan: chicken legs – two, potatoes – five pieces, onion – one, butter – 30 grams, bay leaf – four pieces, black pepper – eight peas, salt. On dumplings: eggs – two, milk – three tablespoons and flour. To start, cook the broth from the legs. Cut potatoes, throw in them and cook almost until tender. In a skillet, sauté the diced onion in butter and throw into the pan five minutes before it is cooked. Now how to cook dumplings for soup.

Borsch with dumplings

To make it you need: chicken or goose – half carcass, one carrot, one bulb and one beet, three potatoes, canned tomatoes – one can, cabbage – one third head, ground pepper, greens, salt, vegetable oil. For dumplings: kefir or yogurt – 300 ml, flour, soda and salt. And we proceed to cook Ukrainian borsch with dumplings. The recipe is step by step attached:

  1. Boil broth from meat. At the same time, chop the peeled vegetables: beets and cabbage – straws, onions and potatoes – diced, carrots – grated.
  2. Stew on beetroot, onion, and carrot in a frying pan heated with oil, pour tomato puree and simmer.

Cheese dumplings

Ingredients required: 100 grams of Dutch cheese, the same amount of flour and cheese, two tin spoon of butter, egg, semolina, nutmeg, salt. Now we will tell how to make real cheese dumplings, Ukrainian. Recipe with a photo to help you. Three cheese and finely grated cheese, mix and add flour, egg, salt and semolina. On the water bath, melt butter, pour it into the dough and knead to the state of tough dough. Wrap in a bag of polyethylene or food film and for 30 minutes, send in the refrigerator.

Recipe for dumplings with potatoes

There are many recipes for cooking Ukrainian national dishes. Both complex and very simple. Very often, dumplings, when served, are combined with other products. Now we will tell you about one of them. Have you heard of such a dish as potatoes with dumplings? How to cook such tasty? The main component can be made as described in the previous section, in the classic way. And then we do potatoes. We clean it, wash it and put it on the stove. In the meantime, we are cooking a stew, for which we take two carrots and onions, peel them, first three grated, and the second – cut into small cubes.

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