Uh salad

Yalinka, Dіd Moroz, Snіguronka, Salad Olіv’ В … Vzhe not the first Rik tokata discussions, the sounds of the stench took yak novorichn symbols? I why stink?

Record holder for the development of wigadok є Dіd Moroz. Scho about nyogo tіlki did not write, especially stop the hour!

Scho vin – product radianskogo agіtpropu. Scho radyanska vlada spetsіalno yogo vigadala, abi vitіsniti Saint Nicholas. Schove chervonii kol_r yogo shubi tezh є with a tuck on chervonii prapor CPRS.

Zvіsno, Radyanska vlada vikorisovuvala Dіda Moroza at the highest interest. Ale z’yavivsya in the middle of the XIX century. I am not a new character, but a yak of mercenaries.

If the European Zvaychay put for children on the Red Yalinka and the tea

Відповідь батьків про Дідуся Frost z’_ declared not one.

Of that time periodiki know about the attribution of darunka youngsters, babies of winter, gnomes, and also low-level kazkovih characters. Ale naybіlsh believable wіvіvіvsі varіant s Frost – so we’re kind didusem in fur coats with a pair of podarunkіv for the shoulders.

Dіd Moroz is a re-enacting character, carrying the darries to the girls. Poštіvka kіntsya nineteenth century.

Yogo Peregaga Polajla in order, just as the Mav before the history – by the wisdom of the young winter winters Moroz Ivanovich, nadrukovano Volodymyr Odoєvskim 1840 fate in zbіrtsі Kazki dIdusya Iryney.

Vzhe naprikіntsі ХІХ stolіttya word obtained from Dіd Moroz bulo zalnovovzhivanim. Rіzdvyanogo dіdusya-davalnalnik depicted on the numerical poshivka, storinka thoracic journal numbers, in books. Chervona fur coat, before the speech, was the very same way.

And for kіlka rokіv before the First Holy Day, Dіd Moroz ceased to be a virtual hero поч – having rested especially in apartments and houses of children.

Bіlshoviki, attacking reіgіyu, zaboronili 1927 rock rock and іzdvyannogo Dіda Frost. In the chest of 1935, they turned, ale in the new character of the new character. Yomu saved the function of the davalnal, natom_st pobavili nezhazhano ї pre яз banding up to the people of Christ.

Did Moroz is a new character, who is more green than the new rock. Poshtivka, vidavnitstvo Mystetstvo, 1966 Rik.

Yakshcho bagnakі stalіnskogo SRSR know, who are such Dіd Moroz, then the Galicians of Bukovyna first yogi pochibili lishi Todi, if Chervona Armenia came to the land of Chervona – in 1939 and 1940 the roads were uneven. Tozh їm tsei novіrnii diyach spravdі appeared to be SADO Radjansky.

Gold Dob Dіda Moroza came psl For Friends of svitovoi – vіn viyshov for international child auditorium. V_dtod_ in his first mishka was familiar to the podarunkov not deprive the children, ale dorosim.

For pairing entertainers

Snigurka, neodmіnna fiery Dіda Moroz, z”avilis Yak new character in sichna 1937th.

Ritsch, tim, scho reabіlіtovany bіlshovikami dіdus Musiv now do not just walk around dіvkah іtі taty malyukіv, and take part at masovyh visits – to lead the new vistavi in ​​Budinki kulturi, vitti maluchu in dachyhchakhchakhshchakhshkhakhshchakhshchakhshchakhshchakhshchakhs in the village of Bashkir

For a robot with a great auditorium, the guy has a good companion. Virili dati dіdusevі companion.

Ale in yakіy yakostі? Hto tse mabuti? Vibir is not a bucket fold. Aja іsnuvala vіdoma p’єsa Oleksandra Ostrovsky Sniguronka, written 1873 rock. In the New Year the Snake is a daughter of Dіda Moroza and Spring. In addition, for the motives of p’єsi, he wrote the opera Mikola Rimsky-Korsakov. Won tezh was called a Snail і koristuvalasya great success at the eyes.

Qiu to post, otzhe, publka vzhe knew yak sibling Dida Moroz.

Schopravda, 1937 Rock Scoriguvat Rodovіd: The House is Logical, I’m Not My Daughter, I’m in P’єsi and Oper, but with Onuca. І have ridiculed the Snake ononko.

Feel the food: yakogo vіku von ma buti? On the positivs of її, the back of the image was portrayed by a little girl. Ale dvcha junior school viku can not be carried out at once with Dіd Moroz great new concerts. To this year, the Snail puffer.

1) Sn_gurochka – little girl. Poshtivka, 1939 Rik. 2) Snow leopard. Poshtivka, vidavnitstvo Radyanska Ukraine, 1972 rik

Beauty of beauty

Yalinka not once became a new one. First line of the role – friends of the tree. Svaychay put on Rіzdvo yalinka for children priyshov to us from Nіmechchini at the middle of the XIX century. To that conifer I paint a handgun called Nimitsa yalinkoyu. They were decorated with candles and apples.

With the year Yalinkovі embellished steel bіlsh visukanimi. Z’yavilisya gіrlyandi, mіshura z foil.

Vіdomyy sp_vak і composer Oleksandr Vertinsky, chitинствоminstvo passed in Kiev, zgaduvav, yak reproached äzdvinyanu krasunyu they have together in a similar nineteenth century:

They sat on a yale of crimson rooms with apple, sweetened oranges and tangerines on red garusni threads, sweated gold and hotter claps, sweetened tukerki and gingerbread – all followed pottery, I can use the pictures, we have our wok, I like the pictures, we’ve got the patterns, we’ve got the patterns, we’ve got the gingerbreads, all our sweets, all my gingerbread cookies, all our sweets, all our pictures, we’ve got the pictures, we’ve got the pictures, we’ve got the patterns. Yalinka stood oshatna, dazzling, to the stela, і bula is similar to the old queen, drawn into the pearl that brocade, proud and beautiful.

Engraving Before school on yalinku. Above the entrance is written School, and at vіknі vidnіn attire yalinka. Tizhnevik Homeland, 1902 Rik, № 51

On the cob of the twentieth century, there were a lot of competitiveness of young people – well, in beautiful non-residential schools. They begged Malachu, made gifts for them. For example, an engraving from 1902 to the image of the villagers, to lead their children to school.

In the 1920s, the bolshoviki fenced in the city линzdvian yalinku – one hour from the fence in Rіzdva. To Ale, the people of the way all the same sacred people of Christ. Townspeople gave winery to a dvirnik for movchannya, zav_shuvali vіkna, schob perehozhі not pom_til in vulitsі – і put yalinku.

Zrozumivshi, the fence was ineffectual, Radyanska Vlada of 1935 turned the bullet, ale teper yak novorichna.

On the plate: Rubati yalinku on Rіzdvo zaboroneno. Caricature of the Godless Man magazine, 1931 Rik, No. 22, p. one.

Pslya Drugo ї svіtovo ї vіini absolutely all the new svyatkuvannya in the USSR – at home, in schools, Budinki kultur, also at new TV programs – for the participation of the adornment of the Yalinki.

Uh salad

Salad pid psevdonіm

Salad Oliv’є – not radyansky wine. Yogo shutting in 1860 on Moscow’s Moscow cook Lucien Oliv, owner of the restaurant Ermtage.

U novorychnu nich in Ermіtazhі zavzhdi bouv full house. Aja Rizdvo – holy cіmeyne (methods of christians of all confessions of svyatkvali yog 25 brutes), at the time of the people of Novorichna nich people shook rosvag i useful. You can go to the rink, go to the theater for a masquerade ball, and go to the restaurant.

Ermіtazh vіdvіduvala groshovita publika. The very same new school feshku became a salad of the cook Oliv’є for an exclusive recipe. The stars are legendary thanks to the unique salad dressing. Zhoden інший the cook not міг repeat taco gusto – Oliv’є trimav singing of the recipe in a secret.

For spogadami gourmet, head of skazhadnogo ochasnogo lettuce boules obsmazhenі shmatochki m’yasa ryabchikіv that chicken. Along the edges Oliv”vikladav v_dvarnі rakі shiky, skirts calf yazika that power ікру. The center of the composition was painted by the master of the zіbrana gіrka zі shmatochkіv kartoplі, iєts і kornіshonіv.

Tse strobate rіznomanіttya vіn rowno watered vasovny vigotovlennya sauce.

For bilshovikov about letting go of salad – moving, the proletariat did not need bourgeois vitrebenok. Ale in the 1930 th years about nyogo zgadali. Vіn turned to the menu of restaurants, ala zі zmіnenoyu name Salad z dichini. The author’s friend, who was not the mate of a robnitsky-selyansky kakhozhennya, wasn’t too badly bothered.

Masovoi popular salad Oliv ‘nabuv pіslya For Drugoi svitovoi war, to which the Neabiyak sprival vidannya i peredvidannya Books about tasty and healthy food. There the salad was called either Myasny or Zimovy. Ale people all one showed: oliv’є.

In the ear of the 1950s, the Oliv salad was prepared in restaurants, restaurants and restaurants. Schopravda, for a simple recipe – for example, a few exotic ryabchik_v (on de ix kupish?) Put shmamochki zvichayno izvarki.

Salad is ideally pasted to the new table through skladnik, it was easy to charge a fee.

Uh salad

With the year of self-dominating the recipe. For example, the trigger, the yak has risen in price, or the deficitous veal, just from the raid stalls, has replaced the cheap L_karska kovbas with cheap. Інколи замість інших інгредієнтів Vikorisovuvali apple, morkvu toshko.

In this viglyadi salad before our hour. Schopravda, from the original winery of the party, Mr. Oliv’in, who has little spilny. Ale name zberіg.

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