Tortilla sauce

Delivery hours:

Tortilla sauce


2 – 700 – 790 single delivery number. Additional numbers: 8-922-240-49-79, 8−922−354−45−14, 8-922-64-88-558, 8-922-330-14-49.

Payment by cards in a cafe and delivery. (When paying by delivery card, notify the operator of your intention to pay with the card.)

Delivery throughout the city only fresh dishes prepared after receipt of your order.

A wide range of promotions, cumulative discounts for regular customers.

The delivery restaurant “Banzai” is pleased to offer you a large selection of Japanese, Italian and delicious pan-Asian dishes with free delivery: sushi, rolls, pizza, hot dishes, salads and snacks, and a variety of drinks.

Make an order for a single number 2-700-790 or fill out the order form on our website! When ordering through the site, our operator will call you back and clarify the contents of the order.

Delivery is carried out throughout the city of Perm, even in the most remote areas. Our rolls are one of the most delicious and large in the city! All beloved Philadelphia, California, Unagi Onigara and many other rolls and sushi with salmon, smoked salmon, eel, tuna, flying fish roe … just do not list!

Tortilla sauce

– one of the most interesting! From the well-known Margarita, to the hearty and burning Diablo! The ideal ratio of price, taste, satisfaction and quality is the favorite of many – Sicily pizza (bacon, smoked chicken breast, mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese) – we recommend!

All dishes are prepared only after receipt of your order!

The pizza is delivered in thermo bags that keep the pizza out of the oven warm.

All orders on the Japanese menu (sushi, rolls, sets, sashimi, assorted sushi, baked rolls, free rolls and

For completeness, order desserts and drinks! Good appetite.

Restaurant delivery "Banzai": order and delivery of sushi in Perm

Free pizza delivery (Perm) to your home or office not only saves personal time, but also makes you happy with fresh and high-quality products.

The delivery restaurant “Banzai” offers its visitors and customers a variety of dishes of Japanese, Italian and Pan-Asian cuisine.

You can order delicious rolls with delivery in Perm, sushi, sashimi, sets, assorted, various salads, soups, as well as hot dishes, pizza, tortillas, desserts and drinks (non-alcoholic) from us. Banzai sushi is distinguished by its large size and various ingredients that have great taste. In addition, sushi delivery (Perm) is carried out every day without holidays.

Sushi delivery (Perm) is a great way out for those who are waiting for guests or are going to spend a romantic evening with a loved one. You can order rolls in Perm with delivery and take advantage of promotions. If you have a birthday, we give you a 20% discount on the main menu and a 10% discount, which is valid not only on this holiday date, but also a day before and six days after the birthday. There is a 15% takeaway discount on the main menu and a 10% discount on all points!

  • fast and free delivery for a minimum order amount of four hundred rubles;
  • Meals are prepared immediately after receipt of the order;
  • pizza delivery (Perm) in thermo bags;
  • friendly staff; professional chefs;
  • fresh, high-quality products;
  • delivery of rolls in Perm, even to the most remote areas;
  • discounts, promotions, nice bonuses;
  • order picking with additional ingredients (soy sauce, chopsticks, napkins) is included in the price, you do not need to pay extra.

With us you can experience the full flavor of Japanese cuisine. Pizza made according to Italian technology will be a wonderful dinner not only in the office, but also at home. Delicious tortillas, as well as hearty pan-Asian dishes with noodles or rice!

You do not have to wait long to enjoy fresh, healthy food. Enough to place an order on our website

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