Today’s horoscope fish woman

Male crawfish are distinguished by benevolence, calmness, pliability, politeness, and excellent manners. If they communicate with them in the same friendly way, they will respond with a warning and gallant attitude; with loved ones they are gentle and sentimental. However, the Moon, under whose influence they are, can turn Cancer into a completely different person. Fun, cheerfulness give way to sadness, gallantry and sophistication of manners – sharpness, irritation, suspicion. An hour ago, Cancer was in a complacent mood, but now the world seems to him to be the focus of evil, and people are fiends of hell. Cancer’s bad mood is immediately passed on to those around him. Male Raku tend to exaggerate the scale of life troubles. Any trifle will see him as a serious problem, and an insignificant defeat – a whole tragedy. Rich imagination, multiplied by the vulnerability of Cancer, sometimes gives surprising results.

If you want to have a good relationship with a representative of this zodiacal sign, you need to avoid ambiguous statements and actions, try not to injure him with a careless word, not to give reason for doubts about your good intentions. If Cancer feels that he is loved and respected, and especially if he is constantly spoken out loud about it, he will be kind, cheerful, sweet and very pleasant to talk to.

For relatives of Male Cancer, it is rather difficult to keep your own words under vigilant control and not to show “unnecessary” emotions just so that this person does not lose his mood. And yet, those who genuinely love Cancer must be prepared for such a feat. In addition, the Raku man needs to constantly hear that he is loved. He responds with the same – with devoted and selfless love, which is not subject to the passage of time. Cancer is very frightened by the prospect of separation from his best friend or beloved woman, because knowing that he is remembered and cared for is his immediate need.

Women who marry Rakov must have an idea of ​​the typical character traits of their chosen ones. A spouse should always be close by, look after her husband, provide him with delicious food and comfort in the house, listen to his complaints condescendingly and patiently, take all ailments seriously. The wife of Cancer must understand that her spouse is very attached to her parents, and especially to her mother. The husband needs to feel that he is the head of the family. You should not move the things of a Cancer man to another place, laugh at his “relics” like the old collection of postage stamps and his unfashionable clothes or hairstyle. If you comply with all these conditions, Cancer-man will be quite happy.

At the same time, a woman living with Cancer should not rush to the other extreme and allow her husband to deprive her of her individuality. There is a big risk to become a slave of his interests, desires and principles. If the spouse of Cancer gives him the opportunity to completely suppress himself as a person, then breaking out of clingy claws will be a very difficult task. In this case, her freedom will be very, very limited.

Today's horoscope fish woman

If a woman decided to link her life with a man born under the constellation Rakov, then she must also bear in mind the fact that the man is very hard and parting with his stepfather for a long time. It’s not just hot love for parents: Cancers can’t stand the change that is inevitable when it comes to creating a new family nest.

For Cancers, there is one more feature that is not too pleasant for the fair sex: they believe that women are lower than men, and man’s virtues are initially higher than women. In the life of Cancer men usually there is more than one love (and especially they are attracted by young girls and women). But even passionate passion does not prevent them from arrogantly believing that a woman should seek their favor, and not vice versa.

Before deciding to marry, Cancer must finally be convinced that this woman is his ideal. He comes to this conclusion by tireless comparisons with other candidates for this vacancy. All the time he comes close to different women – and constantly mercilessly pushes away from himself "unpromising", not paying attention to their experiences, tears and resentment. In this case, no Cancer-man does not consider himself to be arrogant persons or egoists. He simply believes that he knows the price for himself and the price for a woman who, regardless of personal merits, is always lower.

But it is worthwhile for Cancer to find the girl or woman he had been looking for for a long time, as he was undergoing amazing metamorphosis. All his snobbery and arrogance disappear somewhere, giving way to docility and a whole range of emotions spilling out onto the chosen one. Cancer with his characteristic tenacity begins to seek its location, surrounding attention and even pursuing. The final chord of this story is, in most cases, marriage: Cancers do not just give up and get their way, although they treat marriage as an attempt on their personal freedom.

Today's horoscope fish woman

The house for the representatives of this sign is a real fortress in which they can hide from the everyday storms. This is a place where they not only live – here they indulge in dreams, become themselves, reveal themselves, as far as possible for their secretive natures. Crayfish are good hosts who can do almost everything around the house, including cooking. As a rule, wealth reigns in their homes. Men of this sign can not be called misers, but they will not go to unjustified expenses. They should always have a certain amount of money. Thanks to him, Cancer feels independent of possible future troubles. It is noteworthy that even close ones may not be aware of the presence of such a “strategic reserve”, because cautious and distrustful, not boastful Cancers often do not exaggerate the size of their income, but, on the contrary, downplay it.

As for his fatherly qualities, Cancers are very attached to their children. They are patient, gentle and caring. Even the most modest successes of the offspring give rise to great joy and pride in Papa Cancer. The child of a man born under this zodiac constellation is always under reliable protection and protection. The father tries to keep the children next to him and his wife, not letting them go too far from him. Cancers, as already mentioned, for the rest of their lives remain very attached to their parental home and want their children to behave in the same way in the future.

Spouse of Cancer is always on the sidelines in the family. She is supposed to be a good housewife, a homebody, and when needed, a nanny and a nurse. In addition, the wife of Cancer should not shirk, under various pretexts, of marital duties and should be ready to provide intimate services at any moment. Cancer-man believes that it can afford to change his wife, because, in his concept, the purpose of the weaker sex is to please the strong. The words "loyalty", "devotion" for him are most often an empty sound.

Men of this sign are very passionate, sensual, erotic, skillful in bed joys, but because of their spiritual device they get used to putting their own pleasure at the forefront. Feelings of partners interest them much less.

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