Three crust salad

Gastronomica will professionally help you to organize your celebration

Dear guests!

If you are planning to hold a wedding, banquet or anniversary, our team of the restaurant holding Gastronomica will professionally help you to organize your celebration.

The range of our services includes:

  1. Sightseeing tour New life of an old house in the restaurant Lucien (first and second floor) in

By ordering our services you save your time, money and nerves.

We cordially congratulate you on your future celebration and from the whole of our Gastronomica holding company, let us invite you to our 19th century mansion, taste the unique pre-revolutionary cuisine, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of aristocracy and get an incredible mood from our service.

We are waiting for you in our restaurant Lucien at st. Metro Rizhskaya, Gilyarovskogo street house 65 bldg. 1 (near the hotel Holliday Inn)

Wedding ManagerSamorukov Alexander

First Wedding Food Festival "First Wedding Food Festival"

We invite you to the First Wedding Food Festival “First Wedding Food Festival”, which will be held on April 20, 2016 (on Wednesday) at 19:00

On the site of the restaurant "Lucien" at st. Metro Riga st. Gilyarovskogo house 65

restaurateurs of the Gastronomica Duet Wedding accessories holding Yulav Agency

in festive design from Barbara Art

Moscow wedding organizers, restaurant and hotel managers, photographers, decorators, musicians and artists

  • Sightseeing tour New life of an old house in the restaurant Lucien (first and second floor) in

Television and radio professors Vera Shakhova and Denis Gorshkov (hosts the programs “Kitchen in the Open Air” and the morning radio show, Carnival, Male and

We invite you to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions !:

The number of places is limited, registration is required!

Details by phone:

Rest +7 (495) 99-77-66-5, restaurant Lucien

Incredible week-end in Sky Lounge

Enchanting spectacle awaits guests Sky Lounge next weekend. First, on Saturday, September 26, the Capital Circle-2015 Festival starts. The embankments and central sights, which can be clearly seen from the height of the open Sky Lounge verandas, will shine with bright colors, especially since the weather is favorable! Nature, too, will rejoice with an interesting phenomenon – the super moon. 26, 27, and especially on September 28, the moon will rise into the sky not only with an unusually large disk, but also painted orange. We invite you to come early, as the sunsets over Moscow from the height of the Sky Lounge in the golden autumn are no less impressive. And the gastronomic feast of gourmet food Sky Longe will make the evening unforgettable!

Address: Leninsky Prospect, 32a, 22nd floor of the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Phone: +7 (495) 781 5775

Happy City Day!

Congratulations to all citizens on the Day of the city! We wish you prosperity and sunny mood! Today, in honor of the holiday, the fiery flowers of salutes will bloom in the sky over the capital at 22:30, decorating the city with an impressive outfit. We invite you to admire the beauty of the capital from a bird’s eye view and give yourself a gastronomic feast at the height of Sky Lounge!

Banquets in Lucien

A festive dinner in the style of noble receptions of the 19th century with an exquisite classic Russian-French menu is what a banquet in the Lucien restaurant is. Luxurious atmosphere in the Empire style decorates two halls on the first and second floors of the house of merchant Solodovnikov on Gilyarovsky Street. In every detail – from the laces of the cast-iron stairs and exclusive tiles, to exquisite porcelain and crystal – nobility and solidity is felt. Weddings and anniversaries, receptions of foreign delegations and solid corporate parties, friendly feasts and tea parties at a real golden samovar – whatever you choose in Lucien, your holiday will be held in Russian generously, in French elegantly!


Phone: +7 (495) 99-77-665

Three crust salad

Chanterelle season continues! Exquisite cooking versions of this specialty can be tasted in dishes from the Sky Lounge summer menu.

For example, chicken giblets salad is served with chanterelles and fresh spinach leaves, a crispy flatbread and warm gorgonzola fondue.

Pay attention to roast beef with potato salad, chanterelles and truffle sauce. Thin slices of tenderloin (from New Zealand grain-fed calves) are marinated with Dijon mustard, olive oil and spices, baked to a degree rare and served with cherry potatoes and truffle dressing. Classics – potatoes with chanterelles in the interpretation of Artyom Dobrovolsky’s brand-chef sounds relevant – cherry potatoes are baked with chanterelles and gratin sauce.

Another new, very interesting dish – crispy suckling pig. It is baked using a special technology until crisp-crisp. At the same time, the meat itself remains the most tender. Served with chanterelles and cherry potatoes.

Address: Leninsky Prospect, 32a, 22nd floor of the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Phone: +7 (495) 781 5775

Every Sunday of summer in Florentiny City Cafe – the battle of the giants!

Wild deep-water shrimp fight for the sympathy of guests with Kamchatka crabs! At a super price – 570 rubles per dish, gorgeous, large, wild, sweet Magadan shrimps (500 g) oppose phalanges of crabs (500 g)! Wasabi and Thai sauce serve as wild shrimp, wasabi and olive oil accompany phalanx of crabs! Each of these dishes has the right to win!

Become the judges, choose the best!

Address: st. Old Basmannaya, 9/1

Phone: +7 (495) 608-03-50

Chanterelle season in Florentini city cafe

Chanterelles – the sun of summer! Fragrant, bright, tasty, they generously share the vital energy of the forest. Celebrate the chanterelle season at Florentini City Cafe! Taste young fragrant potatoes with chanterelles, baked with creamy gratin sauce, order homemade telianini pasta with chanterelles fried in olive oil or seasonal chanterelle pizza with mascarpone cheese, mozzarella and parmesan. Enjoy the authentic taste of mid-summer at the Florentiny city cafe!

Address: st. Old Basmannaya, 9/1

Phone: +7 (495) 608-03-50

Lunch in Lucien

A business lunch in Lucien is not just a quick metropolitan lunch. Despite the low price (350 r for three dishes to choose from, plus a drink) – these are real Russian feasts. Judge for yourself. In the salad section there are five positions: from Caesar and classic carpaccio to Stolichny and vinaigrette. In the section of soups – soup, soup and ear. Well, hot and completely royally abundant. Among other things, there are fire burgers, fish cutlets, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, and dumplings in two versions. And all this is prepared first-class from the best products, and even served in the ceremonial interiors of the 19th century! Lunch in Lucien – on weekdays with


Three crust salad

Phone: +7 (495) 99-77-665

Summer menu

August is the most ripe, the most delicious month of the year! It was in August that the best fruits of the land and the sea Sky Lounge chefs transform into works of culinary art. For example, try the seasonal apricot salad with Parma ham and ricotta cheese. The combination of sweet, creamy and salty tastes amazing! Fans of pan-Asian cuisine can recommend a salad of “broken” cucumbers with shrimps and zucchini. Feel the style of the French Riviera by ordering baked asparagus with crab with bechamel sauce. A crispy pig baked by a special technology to an appetizing crust crisp. At the same time, the meat itself remains the most tender. Served with chanterelles and cherry potatoes.

Address: Leninsky Prospect, 32a, 22nd floor of the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Phone: +7 (495) 781 5775

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