The recipe for tasty okroshka

Herring under a fur coat is a classic of the New Year genre. Spectacular, easy to prepare and very tasty winter salad. Even with cleaning and soaking the fish, you can now not bother – to make a “fur coat”, you can take the finished fillet. The only difficulty is the eternal confusion about which layer is followed by. And it happens that you have already made a herring a hundred times and still can’t remember exactly how to cook herring under a fur coat. Step-by-step recipe – the most successful solution to this problem. Every year, December 31, I open my own recipe to refresh my memory. And calmly moving in steps. First the herring, then the onion … And so on. See for yourself. I showed here the most difficult version of cooking salad – in portioned form. And if you do it in a large opaque dish, then cooking herring under a fur coat takes less energy from you, if only because you won’t need to push anything anywhere, for fear: what if it doesn’t fit? …

  • 1 herring (or packing of the finished fillet),
  • 1 small onion,
  • 2 potatoes,
  • 1 carrot,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 2 medium or 3 small beets,
  • mayonnaise.

Step-by-step recipe how to cook herring under a fur coat

Vegetables and eggs for salad should be boiled, not peeling. Beets I cook in a separate pan. First, it boils longer (on average, about one and a half hours). And secondly, it can color the rest of the products, and then the fur coat we get all the same beet color.

The recipe for tasty okroshka

Herring under a fur coat – layered salad with a well-defined set of products. However, the culinary opinions were divided about the first layer. Someone starts a “fur coat” with a layer of potatoes, and someone starts with a herring. I tried this and that, and I like it better when the first layer is fish. The benefit of the recipe allows for such discrepancies.

If you have unpeeled herring, then first you need to cut it and remove all the bones. If you took the finished fillet, then there are no bones in it, and you can immediately cut it into small cubes.

The recipe for tasty okroshka

We spread herring evenly on the bottom of the salad bowl. I use two forms for snacks, because I do not have a flat salad bowl.

On the herring lay out a layer of finely chopped onions. Level and cover with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Now you can hide herring on a fur coat. We start with the potato layer. All products we will rub on a coarse grater. After the potato grater becomes sticky. And hands too. So it is better to wash and grater before continuing to prepare the salad. Level the potatoes and cover with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

It was the turn of carrots. Clean, three grated, spread on a layer of potatoes, cover with mayonnaise.

As for eggs, there is a tradition to separate the whites from the yolks – finely chopped yolks sprinkle herring under a fur coat on top as decoration. I almost never do this, because on the festive table the “fur coat” is adjacent to the “Mimosa” salad, which must be sprinkled with yolks on a mandatory basis (otherwise it will not be “mimosa”). So I rub the eggs on the grate and lay them on top of the carrots. And again, cover with mayonnaise.

And the final layer of our “fur coat” is beetroot.

The recipe for tasty okroshka

We act carefully so as not to smudge all around. Mayonnaise I smear a little longer so that the top of the salad becomes so pinkish burgundy.

Because I serve herring under a fur coat without decorations. So it looks, in my opinion, the most appetizing, attracting the attention of guests with its multi-colored layers.

Why is herring under a fur coat and not in a coat? The history of the name.

As a child I was sure that the herring was dressed in a fur coat so that it would not freeze in the winter. Salad is winter. And when I recently decided to ask why the salad is so called, it laughed well. It turns out that herring has a glorious revolutionary past under a fur coat. “Fur coat” in this case is not a fur winter coat at all, but an abbreviation, an abbreviation consisting of the first letters of the name “Chauvinism and decadence – baikot and anathema.” Short for: "

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