The most useful meat

Many have already tasted and appreciated such new-fashioned dishes from raw beef, like carpaccio and tartar. However, not every gourmet sure of their full security. It is possible that you are wondering whether it is permissible to savor such culinary delights, can you eat raw red meat without a risk to your health?

The most useful meat

Let’s try together to understand all this, and the campaign – and with the most frequent myths about meat.

Do I need to eat meat?

Long ago, scientists have established that a person can easily do without meat. More than 800 million vegetarians, and this is 1/6 of the world’s population, have proved this by their own example. The reality is that there is nothing in meat that one cannot live without. Another thing is that it is rich in proteins, iron and vitamin B12 – all those nutrients that are extremely difficult to obtain, sitting on a strict vegetarian diet.

Thus, meat is a valuable food source, which should be completely abandoned only with an eye on moral and ethical views or for medical reasons – kidney disease, oncological diseases.

Raw or cooked?

Now we’ll focus on the question, what kind of meat is preferable for health – raw or thermally processed? Bearing in mind, of course, beef and veal. Pork and lamb due to the content of parasites can be eaten only after heat treatment. Well, raw chicken is simply not tasty.

From the point of view of a nutritionist, when heated, the nutritional value of meat does not suffer much, since the proteins are preserved almost completely. However, it is noticed that under the influence of high temperature, those enzymes in meat that destroy the body to digest it (autolysis) are destroyed. For the assimilation of thermally processed meat the body spends its reserves of vitamins and enzymes. With frequent use is quite possible their temporary shortage, which can immediately haunt problems on the skin. A rash on the face can be caused by an overload of the body with products of incomplete processing of proteins. The liver and kidneys do not cope with the removal of harmful molecules, and they go through the skin. Raw red meat is completely digested and lacks a similar disadvantage.

On average, boiled food requires two times more than raw. For example, to assimilate 20 g of protein, you need to eat either 100 g of raw meat, or 200 g of boiled meat. It is clear that in the load of proteins from boiled meat, we get twice as much fat, which is extremely not desirable.

The most useful meatIt is also interesting to know that after consuming heat-treated food, including meat, heated above 80 ° C, the blood picture changes. The number of leukocytes sharply increases, as it happens with an infectious disease. An extra shake of the immune system is not always desirable, especially if a person has a tendency to allergic diseases. Raw meat does not give such a reaction. It is important to remember that when smoked and roasted meat, the content of mutagens in it sharply increases, which increases the risk of malignant diseases.

Harm of raw red meat

So, in favor of eating meat in its raw form, there are quite a lot of arguments. However, you should remember about the risk of infection with helminths. Very rarely, but still there are cases of infection with teniarinhoz or bull chains. A person can get sick by eating raw or insufficiently cooked or roasted meat, affected by the Finns (invasive larvae). Of course, veterinary control will never miss such meat on the market, but even expensive restaurants are not immune from this risk. By the way, steaks “with blood” are still fried for 2-3 minutes on each side at a temperature of 200 ° C. If you want to cook carpaccio or tartar at home, then freeze the meat to -15 ° C for 5 days. That is exactly what is needed according to the veterinary standard in order to fully protect oneself from being infected with a bovine chain. It should be recognized that in our time cases of infection with teniarinkhoz are very rare, since in most restaurants meat is stored in a frozen state.

Nowadays, the theory that red meat causes cancer is already debunked. It turned out that the increase in the number of oncological diseases was caused by the consumption of beef in a strongly fried form, namely, in the form of a barbecue. As we already know, heat treatment greatly increases the content of mutagens. Therefore, cancer causes not the red meat itself, but the method of its preparation.

In conclusion, I will say the following. If you are just going to try the dishes of raw meat, then for this you should choose a good restaurant, where they care about the reputation of the place. There you can eat carpaccio and steaks “with blood” without fear. In fact, it is a much healthier meal than, for example, french fries and roast beef.

The most useful meat

One of the authoritative nutritionists G. J. Biller (the author of the book “Food is the best medicine”), who at one time treated with a diet of Hollywood stars, insisted that meat should be eaten “under-fried, with blood”.

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