Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

Free Online Chicken Games, this is a chicken game. You can play, catching their eggs from the perch in the basket, trying not to miss a single one, otherwise the thin shell will break. There is also a special kind of wild chicken who learned to fly and now attack villages from the air.

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

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The name of the game Chicken in English translates as "chicken" or "chicken." Made these fun in various genres. For example, in the style of a logical arcade, where you need to find an opportunity to take the life of several chickens and break their eggs. Coops here are made of wooden, glass and metal blocks. The cursor acts as a hatchet, with which you can chop wood or break glass. Destroy the beam over the chicken’s head with it – and the metal block that fell on it will completely crush the bird. Break the glass platform holding a jumble of other parts – and they will fall down, crushing all the eggs. Initially, the game is quite easy to cope with the task, but then the chicken coops will become more reliable, and the chickens will hide more cunningly – you have to strain your mind to find an opportunity to cope with them.

Fight off birds, playing games Chicken

Some chicken games offer not such defenseless chickens. They can attack the castle of the protagonist. And he, standing on the defense wall, shoots them from a gun. You help him hold out as long as possible, protecting the fortress from destruction – when the chickens approach, the walls begin to peck, causing the level of integrity to decrease. And some of them even carry bombs with them, and they are most of all to be afraid of, because going up close to the castle, they will create a powerful explosion and cause great destruction.

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

In virtual reality, people sometimes have to fight with an organized chicken army without the support of strong walls, and right in the field – this situation was shown by the game Chicken Invaders, in which you control a farmer, scorching with a gun on a dense order of chickens. They also let in her shells, eggs, and if they fall into a farmer, he will lose one of the game lives. Your character can hide behind sheaves of hay, but from there he is not able to shoot, and for victory he will have to go out into dangerous zones again. Periodically, a rooster passes through the field – he apparently became the commander in the chicken army, so you will get more bonuses for killing him than for an ordinary chicken. When all the chickens at the level are destroyed, the same task will have to be done with more complex conditions – the chickens approach the farmer faster, and they throw more eggs.

There is also a continuation of this toy. In it, events moved into space. You control a small war machine and shoot chickens with it. They line up in the classic units of the first part or descend by parachute. Chickens participate in many other games of this section of our site.

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