Tasty soup

What are the basic rules for cooking the first dish that uses poultry meat? For example, is chicken soup cooked with or without giblets? Some housewives cook it without using meat pieces or fillets, of which it is better to make a full main dish. After all, rich broth can turn out to be quite tasty and from offal. In this article you will find useful tips on how to cook soup from chicken giblets, given the characteristics of the products taken. Based on these recommendations, and unusual at first glance, the composition of the dish will be one of the most beloved.

Tasty soup

What portions of poultry are commonly used to cook chicken giblets?

Many housewives, apart from the heart, the stomach and the liver, put pieces of the neck and stiff back when boiling into water, cutting off the flesh from the carcass. And some gourmets are just crazy about chicken legs and head. In the course is all at your discretion. You can cook the soup from a complete set, then extract parts that are not very attractive for serving, for example, leaving only meaty offal.

How to cook soup from chicken giblets transparent and without a specific smell?

What affects the quality of the broth? Turbidity and a particular taste of the soup can give the liver. Fleshy slices sometimes contain surplus blood within themselves, which, when boiled, will fall into the water, changing the consistency and appearance of the soup. Often, the liver can give a dish even some bitter shade. This happens because during the cutting of the bird, the gall bladder was inadvertently touched and crushed, which is attached directly to this inner part of the chicken. If you are not sure about the proper separation of offal from unnecessary "parts", it is better to put in the broth offal not in full composition. Also for the transparency of the broth, pay special attention to careful removal of the foam formed when heated. Meat is better to immerse in cold water, gradually bringing to a boil.

Chicken offal soup: a simple recipe


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