Taco recipe

Immediately I warn you: I’m not responsible for the consequences, because “okay, only one” to eat will not work anyway.

No, honestly, I did not want to, and did not even plan, and in general, I am on a low-carbohydrate feed (again, yeah). But the guests suddenly came to the child and after dinner they asked: “But what about dessert?”. And so look into the eyes … well, you yourself know how they do it. And I already had the cream ready (there are always leftovers and blanks in the freezer), and I remembered the waffle iron, and said: “Let there be dessert. In half an hour, huh? ” “Aha.” – the children answered, and for a short while left me dead.

While the children were noisily cutting into some kind of board game, occasionally looking into the kitchen at the smell, and I looked at the waffle-iron, then at the laptop screen with the Last Hero program turned on, I suddenly thought: all of us children of the USSR remember very well and we know these very tubules. Who remembers them with condensed milk, who with cream, someone with jam. But after all, not everyone knows where these very "Soviet tubes from childhood" come from "legs grow." Nevertheless, this delicacy is much more years old than the USSR, and its popularity is far from being limited to the territory of even the entire former Soviet Union taken together.

Picelli, namely the so-called round wafer biscuits in Italy, where they come from, is really nothing more than the oldest type of biscuit in the world!

The first pitelli appeared there in the 8th century! It was from there that the pallets scattered around the world and became popular in many other countries, including Russia.

Two Italian cities claim their invention – Salle and Colcullo. In both cities, there are even annual festivals, where pitelli are one of the main attributes.

And for many Italian mistresses of those times, the pizza was not just something ordinary. Behind their waffle irons they went to the blacksmith, and together with him developed the design of their baking molds for this cookie. Many of them even had family crests on themselves instead of the usual cells and laces and were handed down from generation to generation. Since these waffle irons were used on an open fire, they were made with very long handles so as not to burn yourself.

So, for example, looked like a waffle iron in the 18th century.

And here is the nominal insert for the waffle iron with the name Rossi

The very same word “pizza” (Pizzelle) comes from the same word as “pizza”, which means “round and flat”.

Picelli’s waffle recipes are, of course, plenty. I can not even imagine how many thousands of variations mankind could accumulate over 13 thousand years of centuries (ha ha, thanks for noticing, it means really reading :)) the existence of this simple and tasty delicacy.

Nevertheless, to this day it has reached practically unchanged composition: flour, eggs, sugar, butter. Anise and liquorice, lemon peel and, of course, vanilla were used as flavoring agents!


I suggest you try your variation of proportions for these waffles. The original recipe, which was in the box with my modern electric waffle maker, turned out to be, oddly enough, good. But for me, as usual, I am cherished, and I always look for the best even from the good. And I must admit, luck loves the brave, I managed to achieve what I was looking for. Namely, dry, crispy, thin, crumbly, and at the same time sufficiently strong waffles, which, when rolled up, are very flexible, and after cooling do not become soft back after some time.

The secret was simple, I just removed the yolks from the recipe and replaced all with proteins. Sugar reduced

Yes, and I will not tire of repeating again and again: Citizens, do not use vanillin and artificial vanilla flavoring! Get yourself natural vanilla in any way, if you ever bake anything. Whether extract, paste or pods is not important! The important thing is that you will tell me together for this advice, thank you, I promise you!

So, here are the most magical proportions.

20 waffles:

  • 150g egg white (protein 1 large egg weighs about 40g, so you need about 4 not very large eggs)
  • 6 table. spoons – 100 g – sugar (1

Squirrels combine with sugar and whisk thoroughly with a whisk. You do not need to whip anything, just dissolve slightly the sugar. Then we add everything else and mix it, just as long without interfering. The result should be quite thin dough, like about pancakes about.

We warm up the waffle iron, if you need to lubricate or sprinkle with oil – we lubricate and sprinkle.

Pour on it 1

Close and bake to the desired color.

We remove from the waffle iron and immediately, without losing a second, we turn into a straw

and wrap a clean towel. We hold it for 5 seconds and then do not unfold the towel for another minute. The tubule will quickly fix the form.

Before filling, let them cool completely. Those who can not wait, you can eat and so.


Now stuffing. I had this time meringue cream with condensed milk . How to cook it, you can read here. And take the following proportions:

  • 300g of proteins
  • 200g of sugar
  • 450g of oil
  • 1 can of boiled (4 hours) condensed milk
  • vanilla

We begin and eat we give to children! Well, okay, so be it, take one (ONE!) For the works # 128578;

Reluctant to mess with the cream? No problem! Whip cream with powdered sugar and vanilla and the best cream in the world is ready in 2 minutes!

But that is not all!

What else besides the straws can be made with waffles?

In fact, a lot of things! Here are just a few ideas.

Sandwiches with cream, condensed milk, nutella, jam, chocolate and

Ice cream, of course, ice cream!

Again, in the form of a sandwich

Traditional horn (hot waffle wrap around a homemade cardboard cone, if you do not have such a special wooden or plastic)

Baskets (put a hot waffle on an inverted glass and press lightly) or use a muffin baking dish

Or even tacos with ice cream! (put the hot waffle on the edge of a suitable cardboard box)

Taco recipe

And if a waffle cone or a basket is poured from the inside with melted chocolate and allowed to cool, they will become waterproof, and then they can be wonderfully beautiful in a fruit salad

or even some mousse or cream!

Well, in my opinion not bad!


By the way, if you live, like me, somewhere abroad and cannot find such a waffle iron in stores, do not look for it under the word “waffle maker”, they will show you a waffle iron for thick Belgian waffles or corrugations (see recipes here).

Look for either a pizza mold (Pizzelle iron)

or an ice cream cone mold (Waffle cone maker),

this is how you most quickly find what you need!

What are you stuffing your waffles with? And what else do you make from these waffles?

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