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New Year, without exception, are looking forward to! How important it is to celebrate this fabulous holiday in an unusual, funny, fun and most importantly – to remember! What is very difficult to organize in labor collectives because of the large employment.

Thanks to our unusual, unique, exclusive congratulatory verses, even a small corporate holiday will turn into a real miracle!

Both short greetings and longer ones are presented here. For every taste and wishes! It is recommended to arrange long wishes in the form of a postcard, which will then decorate your office, or an office receptionist and at the first glance at it will cause a smile, recalling the New Year’s fairy tale, organized in your friendly team! Happy new year friends!

Choose a poem:

Congratulations from the manager for the team of subordinates

Let when the clock is twelve Exactly so many chimes strike, I will make you all smile, And not only here, but here!

Right next to the salad with cabbage, Between the sausages – it’s time to enjoy! Mandarins will fall down thickly, And for them we will not have to fight!

Happy New Year and happiness, friends! Very sincerely congratulations to all! And the achievements of new victories At work, I expect!

New Year, Santa Claus, friends! I can go on forever! Bunny, squirrels, bear, pig, Celebrate him lightly!

Forgetting all the bad things for the year Surround yourself with fun. Let that year come without hassle! I wish you all the housewarming!

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So that each of you found the treasure, won the car in the lottery, To reach the very top, Whoever wants, emigrated!

To whom it is necessary – he composed the video, He can even go on tour. And not just one country, May he go round the earth!

For me, only one thing is important, So that you do the work together! It is necessary not only for me, it is necessary for each of us!

We have dreams with you! We simply must implement them! You remember how there is in the song? "We are tied with one rope!"

The team congratulates the chef Happy New Year!

Dear, dear boss! Happy New Year we congratulate you! Respect our cart Through traffic jams, we customize you.

Happy New Year, we congratulate you, And wish you happiness too! And drink and drink from the well of our leadership! Let the elegant star over the Christmas tree Gathers friends forever!

Each of us came with desires! And kind, light wishes! Let there be a lot of health, The road is bright and smooth,

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A purse so that it is always heavy, the Collective so that it is only healthy! All the wishes come true, And the deeds are all fulfilled!

New year, New year, cute pranks! Christmas tree, holiday, reveling from night to morning! New year, new year will bring joy But we can not forget about work!

May always in the New Year all dreams come true, May you be surrounded by light and warmth! Let the bad around be quickly forgotten, You have happiness let the whole house be!

Happy New Year, with the year of the Pig! May luck always meet you! Let love manifest itself every day! Let heart knock does not stall! Let someone near you: a friend or a friend! Let it always shine in your window, Bright, warm sun!

We wish together, May it come true! Joy, happiness and success, It is necessary to divide into all!

Crackers and toys, cute little animals, Like a child, we returned To the fairy tale again plunged! Celebrate the New Year! A crowd of friends is already waiting for us!

Cool congratulations to the team of colleagues

Let all dreams come true, They do not border the fences! Be you happy And you! And you! No words, no talk.

And deeds, deeds, facts, Destiny awards us all! Who needs a car, or a yacht, Let them see them by the yard!

Let not only your wallet be replenished, May your health be added, May your luck always be smiling, Your house will be filled with happiness!

Around the elegant Christmas tree Sparkling needles, We will dance for a long time And remember all the good things.

How we worked, how we studied, How we got married, or if we got married, We went to visit someone, And we started talking

As we supported each other, We did not become a friend to a bore. How we created, get up! How to write something together!

In short, let us remember without the hassle, How we lived this year! We’ll tell about this Grandfather, And maybe even show!

Let our Frost appreciate us Put in social networks your "class"! We are waiting for you, our Santa Claus! And let us not sting nose!

Let the music sound with might and main! And we will decorate the Christmas tree-beauty! Come as soon as possible, roll our round dance!

Hello Dedushka Moroz! Where are our gifts? We know exactly what brought! For us, you do not mind!

In your magical bag Our gifts lie, Read the wishes on a piece of paper? No more of them, more beautiful!

The wishes are always simple: For the parents to live, For the schoolchildren to go to school, To leave – the leaders!

So that the salary was higher, And so that the bag does not fit! That the whole family was lucky, That the wife always smiled!

The New Year is the day of the year, When everything that you desire comes true! Write your dream, and at twelve you will guess it!

May you, despite the weather, Always be warm in the house! To pay less for water, Let it be cozy there, light!

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Let your children make you happy! Let everyone smile at you! And let with the chiming clock clock, Everyone was happy, everyone was healthy!

Quietly, quietly through the roof Santa Claus comes to us. You will never hear him, He has a quiet step, a red nose.

He is lucky for all of us wonders! Among them there are exactly mine, Accept congratulations soon! And then fly on them!

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