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Looking for the most effective homemade face masks? In this article you will find 21 recipe masks for all occasions!


At any age, a woman tirelessly watches herself, and especially her face. It is believed that up to 25 years there is no need for applying special tools. But it is not so. Daily care is needed at any age, just need to understand which one. Mimic wrinkles, freckles, rosacea can appear on a girl’s face and at a very young age. The most effective way to care for the skin of the face has always been and there are masks with different properties. Every woman needs to know a few simple homemade recipes for all occasions. Consider the type of your skin and its needs, choose a mask specifically under the condition of your face at a particular point in time.

Recipes for facial masks at home

Moisturizing masks

It is necessary for everyone, because with the loss of moisture, skin turgor deteriorates, and wrinkles and hollows begin to appear rapidly on the forehead, then around the lips. Therefore, the following recipes should be applied at least once every 5-7 days:

  1. When oily skin should be mixed egg white with 1

    Cleansing masks

Cleansing home face masks are good for women of any age, especially with the current ecology. Cosmetics, waste products, the surrounding external influence contributes to the clogging of pores and the deterioration of the skin of the face. For facial cleansing we recommend once every few weeks to use the recipes of these masks:

  1. We need only one egg, better from poultry. First, beat the yolk and leave on the face for 10 minutes, then do the same with the protein. This mask will pull the fat, dust, sweat from the pores quickly and efficiently;
  2. A super remedy is a cleansing mask from a banana quarter. A great option for home use,

    Recipes for nourishing face masks

Nutritious masks are as necessary for our derma as food is for our stomach. Due to this, the skin absorbs all the healthy trace elements for health and radiant appearance:

  1. For oily and mixed skin types, mix the honey warmed up in a water bath (2

    Whitening masks at home

Familiar to many the problem of freckles, pigmentation, uneven color skin integument. In such cases, you should resort to using our recipes for whitening masks:

  1. Cheap and angry – cucumber mask for face whitening. Grate a small fresh cucumber and add a little of the usual baby cream. This mask is considered one of the most effective, inexpensive (in the summer period) and generally ideal for home use;
  2. Whitening properties lemon juice and liquid honey, mixed in a 1: 1 ratio. Saturate the honey mask with gauze napkins and put them on face for a quarter of an hour;
  3. Pharmaceutical chamomile with finely chopped oatmeal and defatted sour cream or vegetable oil, one part of each ingredient, relieves vascular reddening.

Anti-aging and tightening masks

These homemade face masks are suitable mainly for women over 35 years old. Lifting a mask at home is needed when the appearance of wrinkles and flabbiness of the oval face. They can also be used for prophylaxis. Council – rely on green plants. We have collected 3 of the most simple and effective recipes for masks that simply work wonders:

  1. The juice of the miraculous plant aloe mixed with olive oil 1: 1 and nourishing cream. Heat the anti-aging mask in a water bath just above room temperature and leave for 10 minutes on the face;
  2. Crushed green plantain, diluted with liquid honey and, if necessary, slightly diluted with water, lasts for at least 15 minutes and is first cleaned with a cotton pad, then wash with warm water. Such a vitamin mask will give your skin the necessary trace elements and will allow you to stay young longer;
  3. Stunning pulling mask obtained from pink clay, vitamin A ampoules and brewed natural green tea. The texture should be uniform, effective for lifting the face for about 25-30 minutes.

Refreshing and toning masks

Refreshing and toning masks are simply necessary for tired skin to restore its fragrance, radiance and velvety. They are also easy to make at home, based on recipes most ordinary ingredients:

Super Pore Mask

  1. A great option – a refreshing mask based on white clay. It is mixed with liquid honey and half 1

    Masks, scrubs and peels

A special category consists of peeling masks and scrubs. You must be careful with them, especially when the dermis is inflamed or damaged. Exfoliating particles can create even more irritation on the skin. But for a healthy person, this is a great way to renew cells and help them regenerate as soon as possible:

  1. The undoubted leader among the ingredients is coffee. It is enough to leave the thick of brewed natural ground coffee and apply it on the face before a dry crust. Then massage gently wash this exfoliating mask with warm water;
  2. A good scrub on the face will be ensured by a scrub of crushed pomegranate grains mixed with 1

To date, the shops represented a huge number of different cosmetic products for skin care of the face. There are inexpensive options, and you can buy a luxury cream and masks at exorbitant prices. But there are no guarantees of quality and what components they actually contain. The effect that will be from the shop, also predict 100% will never work. Therefore, it is best to care for your face with face masks prepared at home. It will be inexpensive, affordable and safe, because you will know which components you personally added to the composition.

All face masks have a different focus of action. But there is one general rule – they should be applied on the face that has been previously cleared of cosmetics, and kept only until you feel comfortable. At the slightest burning sensation, stinging, pricking, it is better to immediately wash the mixture. Convenient recipes from ingredients that are always at hand at home will help your face to always shine and be healthy.

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