Stretch on calf

Overweight among teenagers is not a rare occurrence. Sedentary lifestyle, represented by daily sitting at the computer, in conjunction with unhealthy diet lead to fat deposition in the thighs and lyashek.

Children of this age are very sensitive to any negative changes in their body, which causes a lot of complexes.

How to remove lyashka teenager for a week? It is necessary to adjust nutrition first and physical exercises. The young body actively splits unwanted fats, therefore, with regular workouts and changes in harmful lifestyle results will appear in 7-10 days.

Top 3 exercises for losing weight and hips

In the life of children must be present movement and sport. If it is not possible to go to the gym or the child categorically refuses to go there, it is necessary to select special exercises to perform at home.

You can train in a day or two, but if you are looking for an answer to the question of how to remove teenage girls in 3 days, then to achieve the result even faster preferably every day and connect other methods of dealing with fat, described below. The following complex of simple exercises with daily execution will remove the fat from the hips and legs in a week.

1. Swing your feet backwards.

A simple and effective exercise involving the external, internal, posterior and anterior surface of the thighs, as well as the middle and large gluteal muscle.

Stretch on calf

  1. Take the starting position: kneel down and rest your forearms on the floor;
  2. Straighten your back and slightly bend back, the gaze is fixed before itself;
  3. Inhaling, take one foot back, holding the position for a couple of seconds at the highest point;
  4. Exhaling to return to the starting position.

Detailed technique, see the video:

It is recommended to do the exercise at an accelerated pace of 20-30 times in 3-4 sets for each leg. You can complicate the exercise by changing the position and standing by the wall.

Attention! Kicking with feet is a great option for teenagers suffering from diseases of the knee joints and who are not allowed to attack or squat. In this case, it is better to ignore the pose on all fours, and perform the exercises standing or lying down.

2. Lunges forward.

With such attacks, the load is distributed to the front of the thigh, the buttocks and the front and back femoral surface. At first glance, an easy exercise, however wrong technique performance will have no effect and can cause injury.

Stretch on calf

  1. Stand up straight, feet together or set at a level of 5-8 cm;
  2. Shoulders deployed back is arched a little in the lower back, the rib cage is raised, the abdomen is tucked up, the knees are slightly bent, the gaze is looking forward;
  3. While breathing in, a long step is made forward, and keeping the body in an upright position, the squat is carried out with the center of gravity shifted to the front leg;
  4. On the exhale push off with your front foot and return to the starting position.

The position of the hands in the performance of this exercise is not important, they serve to maintain balance. Make 10 times in 3-4 approaches on each leg.

See the video for more details:

Caution! It is necessary to go down until the thigh of the involved leg is parallel to the floor. Touching the knee to the floor is a threat to the knee joint.

3. Running in place with your knees high

The exercise works well on all leg muscles: the quadriceps, the front and back of the thigh, as well as the internal and external. In addition, it is an alternative to regular running and actively burns cellulite in the legs. Exercise is not difficult, but in the presence of excess weight can cause certain difficulties.

  1. Take the starting position: legs at shoulder level, back straight;
  2. Raise one hand to the chest, lower the other along the leg;
  3. Push off the toe of one leg, bending it at the knee, and lift it to the waist line;
  4. In parallel with this, change the position of the hands: raise the opposite, raise the raised one;
  5. When the leg drops below the knee, push off the second leg and change hands.

You can replace such a run no less effective "walking on the platform."

Learn more from the video:

Repeat the exercise for one minute. Beginners better run without hands.

Other proven lower body loads

And, of course, we must not forget that there are many other movements, showed high efficiency:

  1. Especially effective for the muscles of the priests are "Bicycle" and "Scissors";
  2. A variety of squats – required for inclusion in your complex;
  3. You can finish the muscles with statics by completing our “Circular” complex, which includes such an effective exercise as “A chair by the wall”.
  4. At the end of the workout, do a stretching, for example, the asanas “Dog face down” and “Up”;
  5. "Walking on the buttocks" not only burns cellulite, but also has many useful properties for the pelvic region;
  6. Well and, of course, it is impossible to do without "Hyper-extensions" and "Stanovoy traction."

Other effective weight loss methods

It is very important for the growing body to adhere to the correct mode of food intake and get the necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

You can not allow "sitting" of a child on a strict diet., it is important to teach him to eat healthy food. And only in conjunction with a properly adjusted diet, the exercises will bring the desired results in losing weight on the hips and hips and developing muscle systems.

A diet for girls and belly for teens should be based on the consumption of the right amount squirrel, because it is the building material of a young developing organism.

The stock of natural protein are:

To draw carbohydrates should not from sweets and buns, and from useful porridges and dried fruits. The key to success in the acquisition of slender hips and lyashki – a complete rejection of all kinds of fast food, fatty and sweet food, as well as carbonated drinks.

Teen must eat about 5 times a day small portions and do not skip breakfast. It is recommended not to eat sandwiches with sausage, but with nuts, prunes or fruits.

An unusual method of dealing with fat on the hips and legs is massage. You can ask for help from qualified specialist, or carry out the procedure yourself, enlisting the improvised means in the form of vacuum jars or an anti-cellulite massager.

However, in the absence of physical exertion, these manipulations will bring little benefit.

Adolescent Weight Loss Tips

If a child refuses to attend a sports club, dancing can be an alternative. Help find meaningful arguments for adolescents to maintain an active lifestyle – the primary task of parents

Mom and Dad should be an example for a child, because if they are sitting all day long in front of the TV, then their children will not have the desire to play sports. Parents of full children should adopt some useful tips:

  1. To visit the swimming pool or tennis court more often with the whole family;
  2. Use rental bikes (or buy) and make trips to the park several times a week;
  3. Take the habit of roller skating, and in winter skating and skiing;
  4. Arrange hiking long distances, armed with tents and a thermos.

The system of exercises for teenagers contributes not only to weight loss in the field of hips and legs, but also normalizes internal mechanisms organism. The result is a harmonious and valuable work of the organs and their systems, as well as a powerful charge of energy for the day ahead.

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Stretch on calf

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