Sponge cake on sour cream recipe

To be known as a skilled cake maker, a cook needs to learn how to bake the perfect base for cakes. Guess what you mean? Today we will make sponge cake on sour cream. I love to cook this pastry in the village. On hand, fresh eggs, homemade butter and sour cream. And no matter how many days we spend with grandparents, I can pamper my family with a wide variety of cakes just on the basis of this one recipe. Charlottes, pies with fresh or frozen berries, chocolate or vanilla cakes with fruit or sour cream creams or just cupcakes in tins. This recipe makes a great, dense, wet biscuit, which you can easily turn into something grand.

A simple recipe for biscuit sour cream

  • Chicken eggs – 4 pcs.
  • Sugar – 200 gr.
  • Vanilla sugar – 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Baking Powder – 1 tsp
  • Sour cream – 100 gr.
  • Flour – 250-270 gr.
  • Vanilla, additives to taste

The pieces of berries and fruits, added to taste, will make the cake more beautiful and tastier. You can safely use this option to diversify sour cream pastries.

How to cook:

In a spacious bowl in which it will be convenient for us to stir, break 4 eggs, add sugar (200 gr.), Vanilla sugar. With a whisk, stir until smooth.

All the ingredients for the biscuit will be perfectly connected, if you beforehand get the sour cream and eggs from the refrigerator.

Sour cream at room temperature (100 g) is added to the dough for sponge cake.

Sponge cake on sour cream recipe

The fat content of sour cream can be different, but it is recommended to use sour cream more fat (more than 20%).

Add baking powder (1 teaspoon) to the egg-sour cream mixture.

If you add to the dough 3 tbsp. spoons of cocoa powder, you get chocolate pastries on sour cream basis. But keep in mind that in this case you will probably need a smaller amount of flour (cocoa powder will partially replace it).

Sift flour (250 gr.) And add to the dough in parts.

Be sure to sift the flour – not to weed out the garbage (fortunately, now all the flour is clean), but to saturate it with air. Products made from sifted flour are always more lush and airy.

Biscuit baking mold is covered with parchment paper (if the paper is not checked, you can additionally grease it with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour).

Pour the dough into the form, leveled. Sent in the oven for 30-40 minutes to bake at a temperature of 180 C.

The readiness of the biscuit is determined using a wooden toothpick: you need to pierce the highest place of the biscuit, if the toothpick returns dry – the baking is ready.

The second option is to check the readiness of the biscuit – lightly push the biscuit with your finger, if the hole springs and the surface is flattened – then you can turn off the oven and take out the treat.

Sponge cake on sour cream recipe

Cool the biscuit for 10 minutes in the mold, then remove and leave to cool on a wire rack to room temperature.

If for some reason the pastry is not removed, you need to put the form with the biscuit on a wet towel and leave for 10 minutes. After this time, you can easily remove the pastry without damaging it.

Sponge cake on sour cream – a simple pastry for tea, which can be made every day. If you pick up a delicious cream, a sponge cake can serve as an excellent base for a cake. For example, I often make this cream:

Berry-banana cream for biscuit sour cream

To prepare the cream, we need:

  • Sour cream with 35% fat content –
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