Soup with dumplings

Bagatom from the Childhood Vkomiy Smak soup with dumplings. Ale on a new year’s day without a hint of his topicality. It is always worth it to clean the dish just and get ready, before that, with the supreme gusto and aroma. You will be overwhelmed by the dumplings themselves, and in the regions, they are also called dumplings. The stench are the stars of the dough on the egg base. In a word, Sitniy i ipvoreniy roki soup miraculously fit in your ratsion. Proponumo you offensive option.

Іngredієnti for preparing soup with dumplings:

For dumplings, we will need:

  1. Egg kuryachee – 1 pc.
  2. Milk (be-yako fatty) – 50 ml
  3. Boroshno Wheat vishchy variety – 6 tbsp. spoons

For the soup we will need:

Soup with dumplings

  1. Yalovichin – 500 gr. (you can rickorovuvati tako trigger, pork and that. Meat)
  2. Kartoplya – 5 pcs.
  3. Bulgarian pepper – 4 pcs.
  4. Tsibula r_pchasta – 2 pcs.
  5. Morkva – 2 pcs.
  6. Bay leaf – 3 pcs.
  7. Roslinna oliya – 5 tbsp. spoons
  8. Parsley – 1 bunch
  9. Sil and pepper – for gusto
  1. Final processing
  2. Kitchen knife
  3. A bowl
  4. Tarry
  5. Middle grater
  6. Spoon
  7. Kastrulya (in a chore of not less than 4 lіtrіv)
  8. Frying pan (abo saucepan)
  9. Sieve
  10. Tureen
  11. Glibokі portsіyni tarіlki

Preparing soup with dumplings.

Croc 1: Production preparation Іngredієntіv.

The map, the picture of the Morkwu must be cleaned and locked in water. Dare to draw a small bottle of small cubes. In order for the schob not to wake up very quickly, to complete the knife-cutting process with cold water. Morkva podrіbnyumo for additional mid grater, and bulby cartoons narіmaєmo on 4-6 parts in zalezhnosti vіd її Rozmіru. Pissya Putting the map into a bowl with water before power, schob vіn not potemnіv. Bulgarian pepper rozrіzaєmo navpіl, vityagєmo znogo nasіnnєve bought and fruit, after the chervimimo halves pertsіv usih sides. Make a straw of yours. Vibrane meyazo for the necessary rozmorozhumo, retrotelivo at water, cleansing yogy vyd above all fat and fluid. Yakcho vikoristovute sirloin meat, stuffed with dice. Once you have taken the mesyo on the cross, then rozati yogy on the shmatochka will be completed in the vigilant one.

Croc 2: Pochamo gotowati soup.

In Castrule, the trophies are more typed than half and put by the middle in the fire. If you boil it, until it is near the water of the myaso and vario yogy before the ready. The deposit is in the territory of a м yasa, at the price of a period of time. For example, the trigger govatysya 20 to 30 hvilin, that hour yak yalovichina go to work to a year. Periodichno do not forget to tidy pіnu on top of the boutique.

In a frying pan or a saucepan in a small number of olives, it is up to the golden color of a colourer, when it is given to a morkwu, pee out of it and ready to go 2-3 hvini, per_odichno pom_huyuchi vm_st frying pan. If ki m’yaso is ready, I will dig into the bouillon cartoons that must be poured into water in front of me. Through 10 hilin Even Bulgarian pepper and cooked soup 5 hilin. When it comes to this date, it is obscured by sea, and is uniquely rosmishuyno іngredієnti.

Croc 3: Preparing a pebble.

In glibokіy tarіltsі zbivaєmo egg, troch prisiviv yogo. Come before milk and earlier promises, because active rukhami perem_u masmo, schob not uvorilasya breast. Tisto for dumplings is caused by consistency of yak thick sour cream. If you have Masa viishla zadkoyu, then write it in just another way.

Come on half teaspoon test masi і zanuryumo її in boiling broth. When s_tknennі tisto v_drazu otlifnet vіd spoons. І so timid to quietly, leaving all this will not be stained. The first hour of the warrior galushka is different, it’s not hard for them to be great. Give me a bay leaf, salt and pepper soup. Gotuєmo yogo in this viglyadі 5-7 hvilin.

Croc 4: Served with soup.

When vimknennya vgnu, bazhano nakriti kastrul kriska i infuse 5-10 chillin dish. Before that, for an hour, ohogol and trophy in Iuja. It is not necessary for the soup to be filled with opolonik into the tureen and served by the stead of vodra zapovnyumo soup portsіynі tarіlki. Posipamo top dish with minced parsley.

Take care of your appetit!

– If you want to eat soup, you can prepare them with different kinds of meat for your choice and taste, and also for bouillon. If there are no reasons why you don’t implant my own product in žu, then Denmark can be called a switch. Relish stavi vіd tsogo zovsіm not postrazhdaє.

– If you want to take a Bulgarian pepper from a plate (for example, chervonia, herbs and zhovti), then the dish is appetizing, beautiful and appetizing homemade wine.

– For filling the soup in the soup can be done before the melting of the sun and in the water in a boiling pot. At such a dish, a dish is placed on a screen in the top of the psljasmak.

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