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Stuffing for profiteroles

In France, the name profiteroles comes from the word profitrole, meaning a small cash bonus or a valuable acquisition.

In such cases, it is customary to say: “Trifle, but nice …”

It’s hard to argue with that: small mouth-watering buns of choux pastry has long conquered the world.

There are various ways to serve profiteroles in many national cuisines.

In the role of dessert, they are stuffed with sweet cream, covered with icing.

But profitables are no less popular as a classic companion of transparent broths and a spectacular mini-snack, along with tartlets and canapes.

With broth profiteroles are served separately on a pie plate or put buns in a plate (only for profiteroles without filling) for first courses and pour broth, adding greens. In this case, profiteroles bake as small as possible.

Profitroles filling should be creamy and not too wet.

As a rule, it is convenient to fill the profiteroles with a sweet cream using a cooking syringe, making a puncture in the bottom of the bun.

Rice Balls with Cheese

Before you put salty stuffing inside the profiteroles, they are cut at the top, or the upper part of the bun is cut at all, and then the filling is covered.

I will give several options for filling profiter snacks.

1. “Garlic”: mix a few cloves of garlic with 400 g of melted cheese (4 pcs.), Add 4-5 hard-boiled eggs and dilute the products with mayonnaise to a creamy consistency. Add salt to taste. Decorated buns with greens.

2. "Herring": grind in a blender fillet of one herring, add about 1/2 of a pack of softened butter and 3-4 boiled eggs.

Another option: mix herring with any soft cheese, like Viola.

3. Avocado stuffing is made from the pulp of ripe avocado, two tablespoons of soft curd cheese, 1

4. “Egg” stuffing is prepared from several yolks of boiled eggs, which should be kneaded with a fork, add chopped olives, slightly grainy mustard and mayonnaise, as well as a spoon of soft curd cheese.

Rice Balls with Cheese

Season the mixture to taste with salt and chopped fresh herbs.

5. A rather thick pea-lemon dip will look great on a festive table inside mouth-watering rolls – profiteroles.

To prepare it, we first pour 100 g of freshly frozen green peas for a few minutes with boiling water or simply take fresh peas and mix (drain water) with 200 g of cream cheese, chopped parsley, zest and lemon juice in a blender bowl. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and mix with profiteroles.

6. Chicken liver pate, the recipe of which can be viewed here, can also be used as a filling for custard buns, decorated with each leaf of fresh basil.

Successful and tasty experiments!

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13 comments on “Stuffing for profitroli”

Surprisingly, one little bun, and how many types of stuffing can you stuff it. In my opinion, this variety can satisfy every taste.

Lena, you guessed right with the recipe for profiteroles, it’s for me to be.

Indeed, what a variety of options for toppings, profiteroles are simply indispensable at the buffet table.

Rice Balls with Cheese

Yes, you can fill profitos with different fillings! My favorite is whipped cream with condensed milk

smart idea. By the way, I love something to fill

Profiteroles rarely used name. Recently I bought eclairs: what kind of round do you think is round or long?

Usually, salty custard buns are called profiteroles, and sweet ones are more accustomed to be called eclairs or custard cakes.

And I bought, asked small eclairs, and they corrected me – “these are profiteroles”.

Rarely, when I came out of your blog, did not go to the kitchen for something to eat :))

Thank you, it’s always nice to hear)))

I did not know that eclairs are called differently.

Garlic need to try, for some reason they liked me the most

They are very easy to make, and the filling is sometimes called the “Spark” salad.

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