Red velvet cake recipe with photo

Wedding cake

We always wish all newlyweds a life as sweet as a wedding cake. By the way, it is not at all necessary that the wedding cake be white and multi-tiered. For example, some newlyweds love to reflect on their hobbies or dreams. Come to our social networks to see such examples.

Children’s cake

We are happy to help parents translate baby’s sweet dreams. That’s why it’s childhood to indulge your children in this period. When they still feel the most beloved, desired and spoiled :)

Thematic cake

We love themed holidays and parties. "Varina Mom" ​​will help you brightly beat the occasion to please the hero of the day with congratulations, to reflect any hobbies and hobbies!

Creative cake

We love unusual orders. When you want to surprise, and the standard type of cake is no longer impressive – order a creative cake from Varina Mom. Give your masterpiece to a loved one and look at his reaction. WOW – the effect is provided.

The filling is important – it decides what your cake will taste like! By the way, it does not affect its price;)

Choose any stuffing:

Vanilla and chocolate sponge cake with sour cream, pineapple and walnuts. Homemade delicious and juicy cake! Suitable for middle and upper tier cake.

Chocolate sponge cake with Prague chocolate cream and a thin layer of apricot jam. Wonderful classic! Suitable for multi-tiered cake.

Milk girl

Thin cakes on condensed milk with mascarpone cream and fruit – pineapples, peaches. Very delicate cake! Not suitable for multi-tiered cake and for cream cakes with large figures and details on skewers.

Vanilla and chocolate biscuits with mascarpone cream and cherries, chocolate cream and nuts. It is from this cake that we recommend to start exploring our pastry shop! Suitable for multi-tiered cake.

Chocolate sponge cake with caramel, peanuts and delicate cream. It is especially popular with men and children! Suitable for multi-tiered cake.

Vanilla sponge cake with creamy curd cream, strawberry confiture and peaches. Delicate cake with cottage cheese flavor. Will appeal to children and many adults. Suitable for multi-tiered cake.

Red velvet

Biscuit with a light chocolate note, soaked in raspberry confiture and a delicate cream cheese. Very bright and gentle! Suitable for multi-tiered cake.

+ dozens of new flavors:

Poppy with strawberries, Currant, Nut, Drunk cherry, Napoleon, Blueberry, Carrot, Raffaello, Oreo, Chocolate, Homemade Tiramisu, Pear-Dorblu, etc.

with photo printing, lettering and berries!

A cupcake is a juicy cupcake with a filling and a cream hat. Let’s make in any subject and with the most delicious fillings: raspberry, strawberry, currant, cherry, caramel, chocolate and others.

For small and adult sweet teeth custom-made from a family pastry "Varina Mom"

For a big company, a celebration, a birthday and just for those who want to truly surprise the guests.

Every day work for you confectioners, decorators, sculptors, barista, sales managers, couriers, and many other creative people.

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We are always glad to see you in our two spacious and cozy pastry shops in Voronezh:

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The recipe for a wonderful mood from "Varina mom"

1. put on something new and bright, take your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend and come to us.

2. Select the snacks from the shop window, order a coffee or a cocktail from our barista and create your photo workshop in our cozy photo zone.

We work with happiness

happy buyers and guests are our main reward

Although we have others :)

Contest Winners "The best cake Voronezh 2017"

Winners of the WEDDING AWARDS Award – Black Earth 2017 in the nomination "The best wedding pastry chef"

Once again I want to thank you for such a cake with three types of toppings, which is still being spoken about, despite the fact that just over five months have passed since our wedding! You try, you make tasty, you make beautiful, you make mood!

Red velvet cake recipe with photo

I tried this delicious caramel filling for the first time in my life. My daughter is very pleased; guests have eaten all at once, even in the morning there is nothing to prolong the pleasure. Thank. Only to you next time!

I want to say a big thank you to Varina mom! We ordered three boxes of birthday cupcakes. Very nicely decorated, it was a pity to eat such beauty, and very tasty, all with different fillings. My husband and I decided to order on weekends sometimes just for no reason to please myself. Thanks guys.

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From 1,200 rubles / kg. The cost depends on the complexity of decorating the cake and does not depend on the filling. For example, a cake with berries – 1,300 rubles / kg. The minimum weight of the cake is 2 kg.

Special offer from Varina mom:

Cakes with meringue and photo printing – from

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