Recipe lecho for the winter of peppers and tomatoes

The vegetable season provides the rational hostesses with a huge amount of space for harvesting for the coming cold months. The same green pepper at this time is worth a penny, and you can make a lot of different goodies out of it, which will delight the family during the winter despondency. Many are limited to adding pepper to salads or canned tomatoes. On its own, it closes only in the form of lecho. Meanwhile, this is not the only way to roll up green pepper for the winter. Recipes for tasty and interesting snacks are offered below.

Winter harvesting: stuffed peppers

We will not describe how to cook the most primitive, for example, pickled vegetable. No special secrets process differs from marinating something else. We are interested in an unusual green pepper. Recipes, however, will require attention and effort, but the twist will turn out to be original and appetizing. A kilogram of peppers is washed and cleaned so that they remain intact, with a hole on top. A quarter kilo of onion crumbles into rings and browns. Slightly more carrots and one parsley root are cut into sticks and stewed to medium readiness. About 700 grams of peeled tomatoes are rubbed through a frequent colander or sieve, mashed potatoes are boiled, and after a quarter of an hour of cooking, two tablespoons of salt, the same vinegar, a spoon of sugar and a little peppercorns are added to it. Cooking continues for a dozen minutes; During this time, vegetables are combined, chopped parsley is added to them, and the minced meat is packed in peppers. They are arranged in one-liter cans, filled with hot mashed potatoes and sterilized for an hour, after which they are sealed.

Recipe lecho for the winter of peppers and tomatoes

Green pepper for the winter: recipes of the Hungarian people

The main vegetable here will be surrounded by a somewhat unusual company for us. One kilogram of green pepper is cut in thick strips along the pod. Celery root with parsley and cauliflower (approximately 150 grams) crumble in small pieces. All this unfolds, alternating, along the banks, on the bottom of which whole garlic cloves are poured. They are put on top, under the cover. Vegetables are poured with pepper and pressed down to give juice. The vessels are filled with hot marinade: one liter of water – half the amount of vinegar, lavrushka and two spoons of sugar and salt. After half a day, the marinade is drained, boiled and poured again. Tanks are sterilized for a third of an hour and rolled up.

Recipe lecho for the winter of peppers and tomatoes

Italian appetizer

For her, green pepper is cut with longitudinal strips of arbitrary size (but not too narrow), dried, laid out on a baking sheet, salted and sprinkled with olive oil. Baking billet for about 20 minutes (if you like with burns, then longer). Greens are washed – parsley, basil (at the rate of a couple of twigs per half-liter jar), mint (five leaves per container). Garlic slices are sliced ​​into strips, hot pepper. Half of the spices are placed on the bottom, rammed green pepper is rammed on top (without kneading), the rest of herbs and spices goes to the top. A quarter spoonful of sea salt is poured into each jar and half of the same apple cider vinegar is poured. Vessel poured olive oil. It can be replaced with non-deodorized sunflower. The workpiece is seven minutes sterilized, rolled, turned over and wrapped. After cooling, the banks are removed in the cool.

Recipe lecho for the winter of peppers and tomatoes

Korean Pepper

Vegetables according to the recipes of this country have long become popular among our people. You will surely enjoy Korean green peppers for the winter. First of all seasoning is prepared: salt is well mixed with sugar and chopped / crushed garlic (just take a glass). To this is added ground pepper, cilantro and cumin, taken in a teaspoon. You have enough weight for six kilos of pepper. Gutted pods are richly lubricated by it from the inside and left for 10 hours (if it is hot in the kitchen, put it in the fridge). Juice, which stands out during this time, diligently merges, and peppers tightly packed into sterilized jars. The juice is mixed with a liter of water and half a liter of vinegar and boiled. They are filled with containers, closed (you can just tight plastic lids) and cleaned in the basement. If you also strive for beauty, combine green peppers with red and yellow pods – it will turn out bright and bright.

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