Recipe for thick pancakes with yeast

Lush thick pancakes from the air dough, hot and fragrant on your table will surely bring together the whole family, and along with the guests. What could be more delicious for breakfast than freshly baked pancakes? What could be more beautiful than butter, melted on their hot sides, sweet jam with berries or amber honey, light snow-white sour cream, and maybe even condensed milk or chocolate in the company of lush fried pancakes. Forgive me, people who are fasting or dieting, but it is better for breakfast to be and cannot, despite the high calorie content.

Recipe for thick pancakes with yeast

We can make pancakes or thin openwork pancakes, but I don’t advise you to give up thick lush pancakes.

When not like a week of carnival is worth a try. In my family, for example, there is a tradition to organize a pancake marathon for the whole Maslenitsa week with a big feast at the end. For the figure it is not very useful, but it is a real family holiday. We always get together and eat fresh pancakes, it may be breakfast or even dinner, but always everything together. Tradition.

Recipe for thick pancakes with yeast

But on any other day, thick pancakes are a real celebration of the belly!


Lush pancakes on dry yeast and milk

Thick pancakes have their undeniable advantages, you can get enough of 1-2 pieces. They are very nourishing and tasty, they are not as many as thin pancakes, and therefore they will spend less time on their cooking. But with this, the family is fed and contented. If desired, you can wrap the filling in thick pancakes, but it is still more convenient in thin ones. With fluffy pancakes, it is better to use those fillings that are put on top or are added immediately to the dough. I will tell you how to cook thick pancakes, but at the same time lush and even with holes.

It will take:

  • milk – 1 liter,
  • flour – from 2 glasses,
  • egg – 1 piece,
  • dry yeast – 1 sachet,
  • sugar – 2 tablespoons,
  • salt –
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