Recipe for constipation

In August 1985, I managed to get my family under the cholera epidemic on the Azov Sea, in a boarding house near the town of Berdyansk. With water extract of pomegranate peels, I healed my family in 5 hours, my neighbors and opened the prescription of treatment to doctors. Within one or two days, the epidemic ended. But only in the pioneer camps with a temperature of 40 degrees and liquid stools 5,500 children lay 15-20 times a day, and medical drugs were ineffective. In addition, all the boarding houses were filled with children. The mutant of cholera vibrio “O-157 Bengal” (where the letter “O” means cholera) affected children under 18 years of age, and adults were sickly, but they could barely withstand. There were reasons to believe that this is a bacteriological weapon.

The Russkiy Vestnik newspaper, No. 17-18, 2007 published my article “How to get rid of HIV infection and AIDS and what it is.” It mentions the rapid cure of a dry extract of pomegranate fruit with a water extract:

Recipe for constipation

1. The cure in 5 hours of any strains of dysentery, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, acute appendicitis (the need for surgery is eliminated).

2. One week cure for the following diseases: gastric ulcer, intestinal ulcer (small intestine), colitis – inflammatory process in the large intestine, dysbacteriosis.

At the request of readers, I give a recipe for making water infusion of dry pomegranate peels and its application.

The approximate weight ratio of dry pomegranate peels to boiling water is 1:20. Put about 10-12 g of dry pomegranate peels into a pre-heated cup, glass or glass jar and pour 200 ml of boiling water over them (200 ml of raw water can be poured into this container, 10-12 g of pomegranate peels can be lowered and the electric kettle can be boiled, but do not boil). Cover with a saucer or paper, folded in 4 layers. Insist 25-30 minutes, and you can start drinking. Corky not throw away, insistence continues. As soon as the crusts were poured with boiling water – the treatment began, and these 25-30 minutes of infusion of the container with the crusts of pomegranate should be next to the person who is being treated.

Recipe for constipation

Preparation of water infusion of dry crusts of pomegranate fruit for the treatment of all these diseases is the same. Application is different.

I. For cure in 5 hours from 1) dysentery; 2) salmonellosis; 3) typhoid fever; 4) cholera; 5) acute appendicitis – use water infusion as follows:

1. After insisting 25-30 minutes drink about half the liquid (half a glass). Infusion does not filter, insisting continues. And again cover the saucer. If after 10 minutes you felt healthy, then it was a normal upset stomach (diarrhea) and it was completely cured. You can safely indulge in any travel, because you will not have diarrhea and constipation.

Recipe for constipation

2. If after 10 minutes you did not feel recovered, then you have either dysentery, or salmonellosis, or typhoid fever, or cholera. You need to stay at home and after 3 hours finish the remaining water infusion. The treatment process lasts 3 hours (insisting

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