Recipe adjika homemade

In general, this Asian dish came from the Uigurs and gave them a taste, something between Chinese and Uzbek cuisine. The Chinese began to make them first, and they were called baozi, a steamed meat pie made from yeast dough. For them, used minced pork with cabbage. In addition to meat in this Chinese food used products of plant origin. Then they changed the name and began to call Mantou – this is a simple steamed bun. That’s where the name went from the inhabitants of Asia.

Manty are mainly prepared from unleavened dough with the addition of different fillings. This may be potatoes, pumpkin or cabbage. And seasoning put on your taste. But still, no matter how they are made, if properly prepared, they are juicy and tasty.

Remember! Juicy and onion gives this dish juiciness and flavor. If you mix these ingredients properly, you will get the best food of Asian cuisine.

In this article I want to write to you how to sculpt and prepare mantias so that they have a good view.

How to make beautiful manti:

In order to want to eat well, you must first learn how to sculpt them correctly. There are general rules that concern the preparation of this dish.

1. The shape of a circle or square, depending on what beauty you want to do with them, should be 10 to 10 cm.

2. Prepare them from unleavened dough and roll out with a thickness of 1 – 2 mm, a special spindle-shaped rolling pin, which makes thin edges around the edges, and slightly thicker in the middle.

3. Meat for minced meat will be tastier and better if it is not twisted in a meat grinder, and finely chopped with a knife or chopped with a special hatchet.

4. In the cooked cake from dough, put no more than 1 tablespoon of minced meat.

5. Cooking manti is not in the water, like dumplings, but steamed in a double boiler or a mantovarka, although people have already learned how to do it in multi-cookers.

Option 1: an easy way to sculpt manty roses

I want to show you how easy and simple to make them with roses. It is done very quickly and, I think, you will like it.

1. First we need to make a dough, how to prepare it, see below, after the modeling options. From the finished dough, cut a small piece, fill it with flour, roll out the layer.

2. Cut into strips about 6 cm wide.

3. Put the stuffing and start to clamp the edges, as if in a straw.

4. Well, the last action: just spinning.

5. So we collect all the remaining manti.

Option 2: the classic way of modeling

Here I offer another opportunity to see an interesting recipe that almost everyone knows. There is nothing difficult in it. See and understand for yourself.

1. Roll out the dough as in the first version, only now we cut into small squares, approximately 10 by 10 cm.

2. Put on them mince one tablespoon.

3. We take opposite corners from each other and connect them together in the form of an envelope.

4. Stick the corners between each other.

It turned out quite decent manta.

Option 3: how to sculpt manti braid

Perhaps a pigtail is a way more common in Uzbek cuisine. Although this option was originally used Uygur cuisine.

1. From the test we tear off a small piece. Roll it with sausage and cut into pieces.

2. Each piece is covered with flour and rolled onto disks with a thickness of 1 – 2 mm. Put the stuffing on them.

3. Make a small hem on one side.

4. First pinch the right side. Put on the left, and then vice versa.

5. So we move until we finish.

That turned out beautiful manti.

Option 4: how to sculpt manty in the form of a flower

Well, by this method it will be nice to put your dish on the holiday table.

Recipe adjika homemade

1. Roll out the dough on a thin plate and cut it into even squares.

2. Put the mince and wrap the corners to the corners on the slant.

3. Next, each corner from the bottom and above the pinch.

4. Now connect the edges from other sides.

5. That’s the kind of beauty we got.

Option 5: sculpt roses, method 2

I want to show the second way how to sculpt a rose. It is not only beautiful, but also quite light.

1. Roll out the dough onto discs. We place them one on top of the other, with a thin stick we press them against each other so that they stick together among themselves, as shown in the photo.

2. Put the stuffing and cover one side with the other.

Recipe adjika homemade

3. Turn and start spinning.

4. Next, hands down the petals down and it turns out that’s such a rosette.

Option 6: how to blind manti

Now I will show how to sculpt the most correct and for me the best way. I always try to make this option, it is firstly easy, and secondly fast.

1. Make dough cakes about 10 by 10 cm and put minced meat on them.

2. First wrap the middle, not reaching the edges.

3. Clamp the side edges.

4. Well, then we join the edges to one another, which stick out. The dish is ready.

How to make the dough for manti, so that the manti were soft. The best recipe!

Of course, I already wrote in one of my articles how to make dough for manti. But I tried another recipe and it turned out very well.


  • Water – 400 gr.
  • Flour of the highest grade – 450 gr.
  • Flour from a firm grade, is called durum –450 gr.
  • Yolk – 3 pcs.
  • Salt –
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