Raw vegetable diet

A plant-based diet is a nutritional method based on products of plant origin: they best contribute to the elimination of fat deposits and weight loss.

Raw vegetable diet

What is the essence of the vegetable diet for weight loss and cleansing

The essence of the diet on plant foods comes down to the fact that all products, whether fruits or vegetables, must be consumed only fresh. This is because when boiling or baking, high temperatures destroy most of the vitamins and nutrients.

Advantages and disadvantages

This technique is considered to be very useful, since its menu contains products containing fiber, vitamins and trace elements, which act in the following positive way:

  • Normalize digestion, increase the protective functions of the immune system;
  • Enhance metabolism, lead blood sugar levels to normal;
  • Accelerate fat burning, thereby reducing weight.

Raw vegetable diet

Advantages of a vegetable diet:

  • Availability: Products can be purchased at any store for a small price;
  • Efficiency;
  • Minimum contraindications.

You can not use it only in childhood or old age, as well as in vegetative-vascular dystonia.

How much can you reset

It is worth noting that too sharp weight loss on this diet can not be achieved, so for a week it turns out to lose up to 7 kg.

Daily calorie diet does not exceed 1100-1200 Kcal, regardless of the specific menu, as it is allowed to use only non-fat foods:

  • Dairy products and milk;
  • Boiled eggs;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Greenery.

Raw vegetable diet

Which products are subject to limitation or exclusion:

  • Low-fat fish or meat – limited;
  • Forbidden: sweets, flour dishes, smoked meats, fried and fatty.

What rules must be followed in order to maximize the effectiveness of the vegetable diet for weight loss:

  • Since water contributes to the speedy cleansing of the body, you need to drink daily at least
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