Raw meat for dogs

It is proved that meat has a beneficial effect on the health and appearance of the animal. According to the observations of many dog ​​breeders, during the transition to natural feeding, including raw meat, the wool of the dogs became soft, acquiring a beautiful shine, skin problems disappeared, the animals became more energetic.

Meat is a source of protein and therefore must necessarily be present in the pet’s diet. Dog owners understand this, but not everyone is willing to spend money to buy expensive meat, choosing something cheaper, such as offal or cheaper types of meat, such as chicken.

What types of meat can dogs

Most often dog breeders prefer beef, which is used in the manufacture of most commercial feeds. It is better to feed animals with mature beef, because veal is less useful in terms of the content of vitamins, amino acids.

Young mutton – An excellent alternative to beef, too, is part of many dry foods.

horsemeat suitable for feeding dogs raw. Compared with beef, horse meat is easier to digest and does not cause allergies, but it is not recommended to give horse meat every day. Not all pets eat horse meat, some refuse it.

Raw meat for dogs

Venison considered healthy food, it is nutritious, less fatty than beef. Venison is the best meat for dogs, but is considered a delicacy and, therefore, the cost of venison is large enough. Therefore, few people will dare to pamper their pet with venison, of course if the owner of the dog is a hunter, then there will be no problems with the meat.

About pork There are endless disputes, but we can clearly say that an adult dog can be fed lean pork in certain situations, for example, in winter, to feed animals living on the street in order to increase the calorie content of food. You can give pork and healthy, active pets. Puppies can not be fed pork until they reach three months of age. It should be noted that the fattest part of the pork carcass is the brisket, and the lowest calorie part is the shoulder blade. Pork tenderloin without visible fat is permissible in the dog’s diet, but such meat is expensive. Pork is better to be given boiled or raw, but pre-frozen for three weeks. The fact is that pigs have their own characteristics, for example, they eat everything, do not sweat and thus retain toxins inside themselves, often suffer from parasites in the form of ascaris, therefore, raw pork eaten by animals can lead to infection by parasites. Fat pork is poorly digested, as a result, the pet may have an upset stomach, and with regular feeding, dogs may develop pancreatitis, especially in small-sized breeds that are predisposed to the disease.

Rabbit meat can be given to dogs in raw form, but it should be remembered that it may contain chain larvae. For the first time, a small amount of rabbit should be given to ensure that the pet is not allergic to the product.

Poultry meat, in particular turkeys, may be present in the dog’s diet. Duck, goose meat should be given without skin and only boiled. These types of meat are very fat, they should be given occasionally, preferably the chest part. Chicken should also be given in boiled form, because salmonella may be contained in raw chicken. In addition, chicken is not suitable for all dogs, because it is often the cause of allergies. Chicken bones, necks, heads should not be given, they rarely cause constipation.

Raw meat for dogs

Dogs can easily digest fresh, raw beef, lamb, goat, venison, rabbit, turkey and other meats. The main thing that the meat was not fat, then it will be to the benefit of the animal. You can give any meat without bones, such as tenderloin, diaphragm, drumstick, flank, hyoid portion, cheeks, tails, peritoneum.

In reality, the situation is such that the meat that is most accessible is present in the diet. For example, in the south, sheep are massively bred, therefore, pets are more often fed with lamb, and in the north they are fed deer, with fish. In areas where fishing is established for marine animals, dogs are fed with seal. Not a small number of people replace meat with offal or choose the cheapest species, but beef is the best option.

How to give meat

Meat can be given to dogs in boiled form, but it is recommended to feed animals with raw meat, which contains more protein. Their stomach is adapted to digest raw meat, while the gastric juice neutralizes the bacteria contained in it. The raw product requires less in quantity than boiled.

When boiled it is necessary to give chicken, duck, goose, as well as pork and meat, which does not cause complete confidence, for example, if there are doubts about its origin, as well as if it is meat of the dead from non-communicable animal diseases. However, it should be remembered that boiled meat is digested worse and brings little benefit. Inappropriateness lies in the fact that the cost of meat is quite high, and buying an expensive product, and then boil and give useless does not make sense.

Most dog breeders give their pets raw or cuddled meat.

Giving should be large pieces that contribute to the extension of food intake and saturation. In addition, the pet tears off the pieces by exerting efforts, crushing them and thereby cleaning the teeth. The pieces should be of such size that the animal was forced to chew them, and not swallow immediately. Raw meat begins to be given to puppies from 1-2 months twice a week in the form of minced meat or raw fish in a small amount. From 3 months, minced meat is replaced with finely chopped meat. Adult dogs can not be fed with minced meat, because it is poorly absorbed.

Recommendations for feeding dogs meat

In the diet of the dog should be 30-40% of the meat of the total amount of food per day. The activity, conditions and size of the animal should be taken into account. So for non-working dogs living in an apartment it’s enough to give 10-20 grams of meat per 1 kg of weight; workers, active pets need up to 30 grams of product per 1 kg of weight. This amount of product must be given in one feeding or divided into two feeding, along with the rest of the food.

Raw meat should not make up the entire diet of a pet, because when feeding only meat, the dog will look healthy and energetic, but other problems may develop, for example, bitches will not be able to give birth to live puppies, and there is also a high risk of protein poisoning. Therefore, it is important that the diet is balanced and contains not only proteins, but also carbohydrates.

Dogs can be fed meat every other day or every day, but usually a balanced diet includes fish, so meat can be alternated with fish, as well as with offal. Better to give in the afternoon.

When a new type of meat is introduced into the diet, it should be given in a small amount, following the reaction of the animal’s body, in particular, the stool, skin condition, paying attention to the pet’s appetite.

When feeding with raw meat products it is necessary to do regular de-worming, in order to avoid infection with parasites.

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