Raw Food List

In what cases are the food products withdrawn from the sale and is there an opportunity to return the seized goods back into circulation? Such questions are often asked by entrepreneurs whose activities are related to the sale of food products.

For clarification, we turned to Pavel Ivanovich Sieve, head of the department of food hygiene of the Kharkiv city sanitary-epidemiological station.

What products can not be traded

The main document that regulates the requirements for food safety and quality is Law of Ukraine "On the safety and quality of food" from

Thus, Article 36 of the above Law are prohibited the turnover of food at facilities that do not meet the requirements of sanitary measures, the sale of home-made food products, the turnover of unprocessed food products of animal origin, including animal carcasses, directly on which (or on the packaging) there is no mark on fitness.

In addition, foodstuffs are not allowed to circulate:

– unsuitable for consumption;

Raw Food List

– not registered or approved in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 771 or containing food additives, flavors that are not registered in accordance with Law No. 771;

– not relevant technical regulations;

Raw Food List

– smuggled into the territory of Ukraine;

– expired.

TO dangerous products Nutrition includes those that, when eaten, can adversely affect human health.

TO poor quality include food that does not correspond to the indicators that are set in the regulatory and technological documentation, in accordance with which the product is produced.

Such products are subject to withdrawal from circulation,

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