Quince jam how to cook

Jam made from apples and pears is a unique source of vitamins, trace elements and acids. With all this, the product is low in calories (273 kcal), which allows you to "indulge" in such jam, even with a strict diet.

The beneficial properties of apples and (especially) pears have a healing effect on the human body. Products from them are allowed (shown) to young children, diabetics, patients to speed up the healing process, as well as for preventive purposes.

Starting from August and up to October, apples and pears are available to all comers and it is the holy duty of a self-respecting hostess to cook jam from them. Let’s look at some simple and not very recipes for jam from apples and pears.

The basic rules of cooking jam

Before cooking, you must follow some rules and then the jam will turn out well – to taste, color and healing properties. Here are the rules:

  1. Fruits are carefully selected (we are only interested in ripe pears and apples).
  2. Pretty wash
  3. We clean the skin, remove the stalk, seed boxes, cut out the damaged parts.
  4. Cut slices of the same size.
  5. Immerse them in salted cold water and incubate for an hour (this procedure will not allow to oxidize and darken the cut fruit).
  6. To save soft varieties of apples from cooking, before cooking the jam for about 5 minutes, we keep sliced ​​slices in a 2% solution of baking soda.
  7. We strictly observe the proportion of fruits and sugar, if you wish, you can add cinnamon, citrus fruits, cloves (who loves what).

Jam of apples and pears for the winter – step by step photo recipe

Even similar sweets such as French confiture, Ukrainian jam or English jam cannot compete with the taste and useful properties of homemade jam from apples and pears. There is no analogue to an old Russian dish in the world! The proposed recipe for delicious pear and apple jam serves as an excellent confirmation of this.

To ensure the quality and best taste of the finished product, we select only whole and intact fruits with dense pulp. Pears will provide a very delicate texture to the jam, while the apples will fill the product with a wonderful aroma.


  • Apples and Pears: 1 kg (in equal proportion)
  • Granulated sugar: 1 kg
  • Shelled Nuts: 200 g
  • Lemon: half
  • Vanillin: optional

Cooking instruction

Many pastry chefs prefer to use fruit in peeled form. We will go our own way – we will leave the fruits in their natural "dress". The preserved peel will help the slices to remain intact after hot processing, and the finished jam will acquire a darker and more saturated color.

Quince jam how to cook

We wash the sorted apples and pears well, lay them on a clean cloth, or wipe them with napkins so that extra drops of water are drained.

Remove the fruit from the heart, cut each fruit into small slices. Pieces of pears are punctured with a wooden stick or fork.

Processed products, as well as halves of nuts, fold layers into a basin for making jam, each new row is poured with sugar.

When all the products have taken their place, several times in a circular motion, slightly shake the pelvis. This technique will allow white crystals to be evenly distributed throughout the fruit composition.

Quince jam how to cook

We leave the jam for five hours – let the pieces of the fruit soak up the sugar and pour the juice. Do not forget to cover the container with a waffle or other linen cloth. This must be done, especially after the heat treatment of products. Evaporating steam will be absorbed into the fabric and not drained from the lid into the preparing jam. We do not need excess moisture!

Put the pelvis on a strong fire, heat the fruit. As soon as there are signs of boiling, we immediately reduce the intensity of the flame, continue to cook for 15 minutes, then remove the dishes to the side.

We take a break for 8–12 hours, after which we repeat the process of heat treatment of jam three times. At the end of cooking (with the last approach) add the desired amount of vanilla and lemon juice.

Put the jam in sterilized jars after it cools down. Tightly close the cylinders with lids, send a luxurious dessert in the winter cellar.

Our apple and pear preserves turned out so tasty that, I’m afraid, it is unlikely to remain intact until the end of the cold season. It’s okay, because we already know the recipe for a beautiful pear-apple jam, so to repeat this culinary action will be just a joy!

How to make apple and pear jam with slices

For this recipe for apple and pear preserves, harder varieties of fruit are ideal. Ideally, for apple trees, this is Antonovka, Chinese Gold and Slavyanka. You can even take pears wild, but it’s better if it is Autumn Bergamot, Lemongrass or Angouleme. If those varieties are not available – take those that are!

To make it easier to calculate the ratio of one fruit to another, as well as the optimal amount of granulated sugar, we prepare:

  • 1 kg of apples and pears;

Quince jam how to cook

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