Proper nutrition for constipation

This winter fruit of summer color is an excellent way to lift the mood, get rid of colds and beriberi. Persimmon will keep your heart healthy and your slim figure!

China is considered the birthplace of persimmon, and it gained worldwide popularity around the middle of the 19th century. Today it is grown in different parts of our planet, including in the south of Russia.

Like any useful product, persimmon has received many beautiful names: “plum of the gods”, “sunny fruit”, “heart berry”. By the way, persimmon is just a berry, not a fruit.

For most Europeans, persimmon is associated with a sense of viscosity in the mouth. This is peculiar to unripe persimmon, which is imported to our stores in order to maintain an attractive presentation.

Knits persimmon as a result of the presence of tannin in it, the content of which decreases markedly in the process of ripening. Ripe persimmon does not knit in your mouth.

What is useful persimmon?

Persimmon prevents the formation of malignant cells. As part of persimmon contains a large amount of beta-carotene, as well as vitamin A – these antioxidants prevent the oxidation of free radicals, which are the cause of cancer. Therefore, regular consumption of persimmon is a significant contribution to the prevention of cancer.

Ripe persimmon improves the motility of the digestive system due to fiber and pectin, so it is very useful for constipation. But the "green" persimmon produces the opposite effect.

Known useful properties of persimmon and for the nervous system. To make the nerves difficult to damage, they are protected by the myelin sheath. Each free radical considers it his duty to damage it, and beta-carotene strengthens the shell and thereby neutralizes the harmful effects.

Proper nutrition for constipation

It is useful to include persimmon in the diet for diseases of the cardiovascular system, because it contains potassium and has a diuretic effect. A daily consumption of 1-2 berries will significantly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

For colds, you can use persimmon juice to rinse your throat. From one medium fruit squeeze the juice and dilute it with 4 tablespoons of warm water.

What else is useful persimmon?

Due to its magnesium content, persimmon reduces the likelihood of kidney stones.

Vitamins B2 and E, which are also quite a few in the orange fruit, improve vision.

Persimmon – a tasty remedy for depression.

The persimmon seeds have a tonic effect. They need to be dried, and then grind and brew like coffee.

Harm persimmon

All that is written above refers primarily to ripe persimmon. The main difference between an immature fetus is a high concentration of tannin. This substance has astringent properties and is not at all useful for digestive disorders.

Proper nutrition for constipationOur digestive system tries to split the food that has fallen into it, and tannin, on the contrary, binds everything together. Something like flour. It follows that "green" persimmon is harmful in the presence of gastrointestinal diseases, and especially with constipation.

The result is that the beneficial properties of persimmon far outweigh its harm. So with the onset of cold weather, be sure to include ripe persimmon in your diet! But if you still get the one that knits in your mouth, do not despair, but read this article

A long time ago there was a culinary program with Alla Budnitskaya. She used to cook salad, rings of persimmon, red onion, spread it on a dish and water it with a mixture. oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. served as a side dish. All I want to try, but forever in all these products at the same time in the refrigerator there. in general, the persimmon does not linger here! =) for whom the stomach does not work very well, they say that it is necessary to clean the skin, since it

The use of large quantities of persimmon fruits is also considered to be one of the most common causes of the formation of bezoars, which further lead to intestinal obstruction. It is also important to remember that persimmon fruits cannot be combined with milk and cold water.

Well, actually, persimmon has tannic properties! Therefore, it basically fixes, but does not weaken))) This is probably the peculiarities of your body in such a reaction to persimmon)) I remember the age of 13 I was recommended by the doctor when there was a lingering bowel disorder …

I could not stand her before, but recently my husband bought one, as if she was crushed or something, and it turns out that it was the same thing that she tried, well, just like jam, now I eat each other every day))))))))) )))

Persimmon is very healthy and tasty. And by the way, low calorie. It contains only 53 kcal per 100 grams. Excluding the cap and bones in the middle persimmon, a gram of 200-250 will be typed, that is, a little more than 100 kcal. You can even, probably, do fasting days on a persimmon. The only thing you need to remember is that the fruit is the strongest allergen, and, for example, people who are prone to food allergies and young mothers when breastfeeding it is better not to use it. In addition, he has another "side" effect: persimmon crepes, so that if you abuse, you risk getting irritable bowel syndrome. It is better to choose solid varieties of persimmon, such as "Kinglet" for food and soft – for masks. And there is, by the way, dried persimmon. This is a delicacy yet! Very nutritious, helpful and, by the way, hypoallergenic and does not cause constipation. Only here it is difficult to find it (

I know for sure that persimmon is good for the intestines. I was recommended to eat it very much. This is a low-calorie product, if you look at the calorie plate then 100 grams of the product contains about fifty-three calories. I recommend eating

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