Proper Dinner Recipes

March 8 – International Women’s Day, World Women’s Day, which historically marked the achievements of women in the political, economic and social fields. The modern celebration of Women’s Day no longer has the goal of establishing equality, but is considered the day of spring, feminine beauty, tenderness, spiritual wisdom and attention to a woman. The holiday is celebrated by the United Nations, and in some countries – Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine – this day is a national holiday. The holiday is a holiday, so it’s the turn of men to delight their women with delicious dishes.

Grilled trout with lemon

The classic recipe for cooking trout in the places where it lives is as simple as all that is ingenious. If you have a choice of how to cook river trout, cook it that way.

Meat stew with prunes and tomatoes

The sour tomatoes and the sweetish taste of prunes are combined to form a complete and very regular duet, which serves as a magnificent framing for meat.

Proper Dinner Recipes

Chicken duck baked in honey mustard sauce

A duck well marinated and soaked with the aromas of fruit and honey with spices cannot but become an event, for example, a Friday or Sunday dinner.

Proper Dinner Recipes

Brownie Brownie Cake

If you are faced with something resembling a wet sponge cake, bitter chocolate ganache and sometimes crumbly cookies at the same time exuding the divine aroma of chocolate and fresh pastries. so be aware – these are brownies.

Fettuccine Alfredo

There are a lot of gossips around this dish and many are arguing about how to cook fettuccine Alfredo. The only thing that is reliably known is that the dish is still not Italian and is originally prepared quite simply – it is pasta with butter and parmesan.

Pork – harmonica baked with cheese and tomatoes

Slices of pork, interspersed with slices of tomato and cheese plastics. Meat turns out incredibly tasty, juicy and softest! And the appearance – and asks for a festive banquet!

Proper Dinner Recipes

Fried eggs in sweet pepper

Continuing to develop the theme of delicious and healthy breakfast, it turned out that there is such a huge variety of all kinds of fried eggs in the world, which is impossible to imagine. One of the most beautiful breakfast – scrambled eggs in sweet pepper. Not only beautiful, but also tasty and healthy.

Mini pizza puff pastry

Since this recipe uses already prepared puff pastry, the rest of the pizza cooking process will be easy for you :) Pizza reminds rose buds and perfectly decorates the festive table.

Apples in rose dough

These small roses of apple size 1-2 bite, of course, attract their beauty and simplicity. This is a wonderful dessert for all lovers of apple baking.

Ladybird sandwich with tomato and herbs

The idea is not new, but at the same time sandwiches with ladybirds are perceived every time by children, and adults, with a bang. Tasty, bright, festive, with a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day :)

We are sure that you also know many recipes for delicious dishes. Share with us? And we will prepare, take a photo and post it on the recipes with mention of your authorship. Your recipes can be left in the comments to any dish.

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